The FSC Reaches Yet Another Low

Apparently lots of pornchicks have been getting emails and phone calls from the fSC wanting to know if they would be willing to file a complaint against agencies for not pushing them to get the penicillin shot.  The idea being that not getting the shot places the talent in an “unsafe work environment” something that California Laws require agencies to be cognizant of.

More than one person has indicated that they thought the contact info came at least indirectly through APHSS which isnt supposed to contain anything of the sort.

I mean seriously people, is there anything that the FSC will not stoop to?

At what point are the people in this business going to say enough is enough and put Diane Duke back into the free market, and demand an overhaul of the thoroughly corrupt organization?

If you have gotten an email or a phone call from Diane or anyone at the FSC regarding this please let me know.

Thanks Y’all


65000cookie-checkThe FSC Reaches Yet Another Low

The FSC Reaches Yet Another Low

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