The FSC Announces They Have a “Vaccine” for Syphilis

Really? This is what they said:

“Syphilis is easily treated with antibiotics; therefore, as a preventive measure, APHSS’ network of medical specialists has recommended prophylactic syphilis treatment for all performers. Antibiotic shots have been ordered, and APHSS plans to announce locations where performers may receive vaccinations sometime on Tuesday. Information will be available at APHSS.

Performers may be cleared to work 10 days after inoculation, the APHSS statement said.”

This is not a vaccine or an inoculation you fucking morons, it is a preventative dose of penicillin and any real doctor will only recommend it if you think you have been exposed.  If you may have been exposed go to a doctor, get his/her recommendation and go from there.

This FSC has done some irresponsible shit but this takes the cake  a fucking vaccine for syphilis….

64360cookie-checkThe FSC Announces They Have a “Vaccine” for Syphilis

The FSC Announces They Have a “Vaccine” for Syphilis

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2 Responses

  1. May be good thing this event take place now for seeing all ugley short coming of FSC now instead. Heaven forbid this HV break out becuase one wonders how they handle that again after this mess. To people out side porn indusrty seeing this drama unfold special those vote on up come condom issue in Ca this mess does cast good image on porn indusrty at all. FSC all doing make people been fight with over this matter happy can be watch make custer fuck out syphilis event in porn indusrty.

  2. I went to college with a bunch of emergency rotation medical students – and they would pump up on antibiotics a few times a year and fly to Thailand for unprotected sex with hookers. Antibiotics weren’t a vaccination then, and they aren’t now. What they are is a way to MAYBE not catch an STD over the span of a few days, if you plan to expose yourself to STDs.

    Are performers planning to shoot up, then shoot unprotected while on antibiotics?

    Or is the FSC assuming that performers are going to do this?

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