Still Think PASS is Safe…Your real Name and Status are Displayed Even When You arent Searched For

Performers, you think you should use PASS?  Read this!

There’s a section where you can search for performers by real name. When you enter two or three letters into the search field, a drop down menu opens up with a list of performers who’s names begin with those letters and are in the database.

For instance, when I start to type “Mic” into the search field, it pulls up The full real name of every Michelle or Michael that’s in the database and whether or not they are cleared for work.

If I put “Jen” into the search field, it pulls up every Jen, Jenna, Jennifer, or Jenkins.

These are performers’ LEGAL NAMES and not stage names.

I find it particularly worrisome that anyone with access to PASS can access that information. I’m curious as to how other performers feel in regards to their legal names being accessible by just about anyone.

Remember the last time this happened?

For the record that doesn’t happen with the Talent Testing System

Wise up performers tell FSC and PASS to go fuck themselves.

84260cookie-checkStill Think PASS is Safe…Your real Name and Status are Displayed Even When You arent Searched For

Still Think PASS is Safe…Your real Name and Status are Displayed Even When You arent Searched For

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8 Responses

  1. You better if your porn star have phono company safe gaurding your personally information in one there phono books. Than have FSC Pass safe gaurd them.

  2. Just like AIM, the PASS passwords are routinely passed around like a joint at a Bob Marley concert. And the PASS system does NOT track which performers are accessed when any particular password is used.t(thats to cover the producers asses if and WHEN the lawsuits come, like the one that has a hearing on Oct. 3.)

  3. How many people know a performers real name. Fuck man you’re Really grasping at straws here. Seriously ‘

  4. What is available? IF I know a girl’s Real name I can see if she I available for work or not???? Lol. Seriously Mike, NOTHING else is given out!! No results. No positive no negative. No address. No phone number. Nothing!

  5. Do i have to explain that with your real name I can pretty much learn everything there is to know about you? and that using that system i can get everyones real names in very short order?

    Last time that happened was a disaster….I know Im one of the few that helped mop it up

  6. I wonder if Donkey Long reads this blog? He could do a lot of damage again if he were to get a password to PASS. As one of the people that cheered Mike South, Michael Whiteacre, TRPWL Sean and the others mopping up the PWL mess on I agree that this could be a disaster. Yes, the performers from between about 2000 and 2010’s legal names are already out but the new performers could be placed in the same danger from this. As I said last time, this is scary shit we are discussing here.

    In the irony department Diane Duke’s info is on PASS. I wonder what she and the FSC would do if someone pulled a Donkey and harassed her like Donkey and his scumbag friends did several performers in 2011. I bet it would be a lot more than they did in 2011 when they were no where to be found.

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