Sometimes Even I Cant Believe How Dumb The FSC Is


So yesterday they put out a press release the gist of which was that the way they figure it only 280 performers live full time in L.A. so AHF is spending all this money to pass Measure B on behalf of 280 people.

Now look I know that logic has long been defied by The Diane Duke Cabal but this seriously takes the cake.  I mean how dumb and mean really dumb would someone have to be to buy into this?

For starters if Measure B passes it will affect every single performer who shoots for an L.A. Based company regardless of where they live.

But this isn’t about performers at all, it is about the companies, it’s about Wicked and Vivid, Digital Playground and Zero Tolerance, LFP and…well you get the picture.  It is going to affect ALL of them, it is going to add cost to their bottom line and as a result they are against it.   That’s all this is about really, that and getting more donations into AHF.

If the FSC had a shred of common sense between them they could have defeated this but as it stands the combined IQ there doesn’t add up to that of the patrons of the Waffle House in Ball Ground, Georgia at 3 AM on Saturday night.

While you are pondering on this read the actual words on the ballot:

Now tell me something, When the good people of L.A. County read that and most will hear about it for the first time when they read it on the ballot, and decide to vote yes or no, which way do YOU think they are gonna vote?

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Sometimes Even I Cant Believe How Dumb The FSC Is

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  1. Wicked doesn’t have much to worry about unless they plan to go condom-optional in the near future. Everybody else in LA/Chatsworth porn will have a dilemma to ponder. I strongly believe that they will choose to move rather than spend the millions of dollars it would take to fight this law. San Francisco, anyone?

  2. There is one interesting little bit to this deal, something perhaps we have all ignored.

    “requiring adult producers to obtain a county health permit”.

    This cuts two ways, one way potentially good for producers, and the other way a potential method by which the county can effectively stop adult production by law.

    Basically, if the county does in fact start issuing permits to adult producers, it has stepped up another level in permitting adult performance and productions. When put up against a federal obscenity charge, producers can say “the county knew what we were doing and issued a permit”, which creates another legal hole to go play in.

    The other side is the county could decide to make the rules regarding such a permit very difficult to meet. Can you imagine the costs required to have an on site physician during shooting, or ambulance on site, or to force the sterilization of any surface area where someone’s nude parts might touch on the set, performed by a licensed and certified contractor?

    Just like with zoning laws and adult stores, they could make it very difficult (but still just barely legal) to do business.

    They could also just deny licenses outright, declare a process by which permit standards would be created, schedule a series of public meetings, reviews, and so on, taking 12-24 months to craft rules for a permit, and in the mean time forbid shooting for lack of said permit. Someone might want to fight it in court, but it could get costly and the result not clear.

  3. I didn’t think about that. Since this condom charade is the LA authorities way of running porn out of town they could do just as you say, Alex. That would sign the death warrant for porn filming in LA County. As I have said many times even if the county issues permits to condom productions after this law passes 90 per cent of porn production will likely move to San Francisco anyway but the stonewalling on permits would force even Wicked to move out of LA County. Either way, Mayor Ed Lee and the SF City tax administration must be licking their chops at the porn producers that will be moving into their fair city (and the tax revenue that they will produce). San Francisco/Marin rents and house prices (already extremely high) will go through the roof with all the new people looking for housing. I think LA County just fucked up allowing the condom initiative to even go on the ballot (there were a number of ways they could have kept it off the ballot, one being constitutionality of the proposed law).

  4. Just fucking wow.

    James Lee’s press release yesterday was *ridiculous* claiming only 280 performers live in Los Angeles County “year round.” The APHSS database has been around for what….little over a year now? I must assume they’ve kept detailed records of where performers live since the system was started? And how the hell do they determine “year round?”

    Who compiled this list? Joane Cachapero? James Lee? Who had access to go through a year’s worth of a performer’s records to determine where and when they lived in a certain area?

    From APHSS’s FAQ:
    Does the database contain my medical records?
    [No. The database contains only information needed to verify performers’ availability, which is updated when you are tested at an participating testing facility.]

    Is the database secure?
    [Yes. The database has been built with several layers of security features, but no system is foolproof. In the event of a breach, the data contained does not include personal records. The system was designed this way to protect user’s privacy.]

    So a performers address, and history of where they live are not personal records?

    I knew when Measure B was announced the biggest enemy to the business would be itself. Why FSC has crawled into bed with so many assholes (or maybe they forced themselves into bed?) is just absolutely beyond me.

  5. Anyone that knows anything about California state politics knows that it is just about impossible to get anything through the legislature there unless it is a life or death situation. I can say with almost certainty that a porn condom mandate would not even make it to the floor to be voted on.

    Weinfuck’s other option would be a state-wide signature initiative. That would require at least nine million signatures which would be impossible to get even for the well-funded Weinfuck AHF. So moving to SF would be viable and almost certainly would insulate them from further attempts to run the industry out of town.

  6. Here question where money afford this measure come from?? California is broke as joke the citys round file for bankruptcy protection. State now spend money on stupid high speed train line between La and San Francisco that gone cost billion dallors can barley afford to pay for. California been so bussy laying off cops teacher fireman who could inforce this measure if happens??? There other facts I realize might take away from this measure being pass one is state California is disaster right now voters know it. With high cost gas high one highiest unemployment rates in counrty voters have more on there mind if porn stars are useing condoms or not in porn indusrty.

  7. Yeah, its going to pass, The FSC is full of shit for one, Micheal Whiteacre is a snibbling, media harrasing,crybaby and has to always fuck with the editors of the newspapers and of weekly editorals and that not cool. They see that and its like, Fuck the Porn Industry, you harrass and bully the women around in that industry and maybe you do need to have condoms enforced.

    Mr. Whiteacre needs to back off and stop fucking with people and making the Fucking Stupid Clowns look more and more like idiots.
    by the way, Richard, that bullet train would come in handy for running pornstars and porn equipment back and forth to frisco if need be.

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