Prices for FSC Testing Leaked


From an insider


The pricing has been set for the FSC APHSS it will be as follows:

$150 per test

$50 a year per performer

$250 a month per producer

150 a test?  SERIOUSLY?  Theres a fail for you.

50.00 a year dues for performers and 250.00 for producers?  What have you done to even consider asking for this money?

Talent testing is way cheaper for the same tests with the same database, why would anyone pay more and have to join a union to do it?

Who is dreaming up this cock-a-maimy stuff?

50670cookie-checkPrices for FSC Testing Leaked

Prices for FSC Testing Leaked

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8 Responses

  1. The producer fees are MONTHLY not annual. $250/month for non-FSC members, $150/month for members.

    As long as the cost per test is more than the $110 that Talent Testing currently charges it’s game over before they even get this off the ground. Even the most clueless performer still understands that $110 is less than $150.

  2. To be specific:

    Producers that are members of FSC and wish to access the test database are expected to pay $150 per month. Non-FSC members would pay $250 per month.

    Talent that wants to be listed in this FSC run database is charged $50 per year.

    Other than the “FSC Member” discount, none of these prices have a thing to do with FSC membership.

    And as to the accuracy of your informant, the actual prices given for testing at these three named clinics FSC says they are thinking about promoting are:
    Unilab, $130 in LA and $195 outside LA
    Advance Medical Testing Center, $149.50
    Primex, $130

    But get this – Unilab and Advanced can take up to FIVE days to get tests back!

    Why TTS is not even listed is beyond me. Not only is TTS already providing the database for FREE, but they cost less for the tests and and have a fast turn around. But of course, that wasn’t a meeting about health and safety, it was a time-share-sales-pitch that FSC thinks is going to raise enough money to keep paying them to do nothing much.

    Oh, I have much more I could say. . . But overall, it makes me ill to repeat some of the BS that we all listened to yesterday.

    I cant beleive that YOU have missed this.

    What will be the policy when a known straight industry perfomrer suddenly tests positive for HIV?

  4. I think this is a money grab from the producers. Unfortunately, just enough talent to make the producers have to pay (in order to use that talent pool) will use the FSC service. Most talent will continue to use Talent Testing, but there is always that ten per cent that will use the FSC service. I personally would not use a service that has a five-day turnaround if I were talent, that is five days a month that a talent person could not work. Heck, my own doctor can do this PCR by DNA test if I needed it (in-house lab) and I am not even in a porn-producing state.

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