NEVER EVER EVER Allow APHSS to have your test results, Here is why.

This is a transcript of a text chat between and a reporter, who will remain unnamed any info that would identify the reporter has been redacted.

Hopefully I don’t have to tell you all the problems with this system.

but note these…

APHSS would almost certainly know your test result before you would. and I don’t just mean your availability to work I mean your positive status.

Your results are sent to you and APHSS AT THE SAME TIME

They will refer you to a doctor in your area, not have a doctor call you with the results.

Your results are sent via email (that is not SECURE at ALL)

Chat Window

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with ‘Stephanie’

Your Tssue ID for this chat is XXXXXXXXX

Stephanie: Welcome to How may I assist you?

you: Thank you, this is a very nice feature, thank you for answering my questions yesterday, I have a few more that I hope you can help me with.

Stephanie: Sure. How may I help you?

you: Who owns and what is the name of the doctor whose name goes on the request slip sent to Labcorp?

Stephanie: I do not have that information. We have physicians nationwide. One is selected when the order is placed.

Stephanie: Would you like to place an order?

you: Also, I asked yesterday about notfying APHSS of a positive HIV result, and you said yes and that the person would be referred to a local physician for follow up care. Would APHSS be notified before the person amkes contact with the physician you refer him to, or if they choose to go to their own doctor does do any followup with the patient? I assume that the physician selected is based on the geopraphical location of the patient?

Stephanie: That is correct. APHSS will be notified of the results before you speak to the physician, we will not be releasing any information to anyone other than APHSS and the patient.

you: And again, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, there is just so much confusion in the adult industry right now and so little information coming from FSC and APHSS.

Stephanie: As soon as results are finalized they are automatically emailed to the patient & updated in APHSS system.

you: Thanks, but couldn’t it be possible if this is how it’s done that APHSS would get the results before the patient. What if someone doesn’t check email for a day or two?

Stephanie: That is possible.

you: WOW, thanks again, have a nice evening.

Stephanie: You are very welcome.

63780cookie-checkNEVER EVER EVER Allow APHSS to have your test results, Here is why.

NEVER EVER EVER Allow APHSS to have your test results, Here is why.

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