To the FSC “Tell Your Story Walking Christian.”

Today I have something of a dilemma.

I got a long email from Christian Mann that he clearly wants me to run here, usually I encourage this sort of thing but the problem is its filled with all the same press release bullshit that The FSC has been pumping out from day one, a lot of stuf is not true (like The FSC doesnt control CET) blah blah blah.

I have chosen NOT to run it for that reason.  I wouldn’t allow them to buy an ad on this site so why should I allow them to get a press release run…They could send that to AVN and XBiz and they will run it but I am sure that Christian knows that they lack the credibility that I have.

What it made apparent to me was that The FSC is running scared,  I touched a nerve yesterday, maybe it was asking people to cut off the money flow  he certainly seemed afraid of performers going back to using TTS instead of PASS for verification.

By the way I was told by TTS that their superior verification system is still in place and that many people still use it….I applaud them for that and I hope many more start to use it  talent should be telling The FSC and PASS and CET to go fuck themselves.

Im sure The FSC will try to counter elsewhere but I have decided not to give them a voice here, I mean why would I give them a voice for free when they are so corrupt that I would not take money to  run an ad for them?

Tell your story walkin Christian.

83990cookie-checkTo the FSC “Tell Your Story Walking Christian.”

To the FSC “Tell Your Story Walking Christian.”

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15 Responses

  1. Xander Corvus’ description of what happened on the Kink shoot with Cameron Bay told on Avn buy him has FSC run scared. It game change event that FSC can not spin way out of. It clearly show porn indusrty has no safty protocol for dealing with event like that happen. This is from hole wall company in porn indusrty from big well fond porn company boot. This may be nail FSC coffen that close them off from rest porn forever. Change there name is gone safe them this time.

  2. Lets be clear I have known john stagliano for many years he values truth over all else when john made the statement he did not get the viral load DIRECTLY from Dr Miao that spoke VOLUMES to anyone who knows John….They know that the word DIRECTLY is key. One thing you can bet your ass on…If Cameron Bay sues and subpeonas John, you will find out that he in fact got those results from CET plain and simple. Cameron isnt lying about that I know that for sure.

    Aditionally The FSC may not own CET on paper but when you dictate policy to CET you OWN them plain and simple.

  3. @jw –
    I am taking my information directly from Cameron Bay since she is the one claiming Stagliano called her with the results.

    I would love to hear Stagliano’s view on this subject, but of course he’s hiding somewhere refusing to come forward to actually make his case.

    I’ve done my homework. I know all about Dr. Maio. He seems like a very well-respected doctor. But, that doesn’t mean he is some kind of saint who could do no wrong. It’s like you’re saying “Well, he’s a great doctor so it’s impossible for him to do anything wrong.”

    From what I’ve gathered so far it seems he is possibly paid by the FSC, but as usual they won’t address that issue either.

    So, since you seem to be so well informed about this issue then who actually OWNS CET? And, do they get any sort of funding from the FSC?

  4. You know Lacey two nights ago Cameron Bay was on eyewitness news she said her agent told her, John Stagliano was never brought up, she doesn’t seem to remember her lies.

  5. You know Lacey at first Cameron said Dr Miao called her to inform her of her status, then it was John Stagliano then the other night on eyewitness new ut was her agent so which one is it? Now as for who owns CET, there a Dr. office so I’m sure Dr. Miao owns it. He also has another Dr’s office next door from CET it says infectious disease Peter Miao MD. so I’m sure the dr owns CET also. With that being said I have a regular dr away from porn and my dr owns it. You asked if CET gets funding from FSC I thought only non profits orginations get funding perhaps you might want to call CET and ask. Everyone’s so concerned about Dr. Miao why don’t you check on the other Dr’s. associated with FSC.

  6. Kate I really feel sorry for you in more ways then one. Have a great life and you really should get away from Rob. Well maybe not, you two deserve each other.

  7. Mike South has already confirmed that the Kate that is posting here is NOT Rob Black’s girlfriend/lap puppy. Please give that line up, JW. I am sorry I ever brought up that issue even though I did not intentionally lead people to believe that this Kate and Rob’s lap puppy were one and the same. Sorry, Kate.

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