Man who took PrEP gets HIV

For months now the Free Speech Coalition has been singing the praises of taking PrEP and how if we do that, then we can have sex with anyone we want without fear. In fact, here’s what the head of the FSC had to say ….

Eric Paul Leue FSC Free Speech Coalition

Despite all those arguments to the contrary, the FSC wants you to believe that if you’ll just take PrEP you’ll be fine.

On Friday however, news broke that a man was diagnosed with HIV, despite the fact that he was diligently taking PrEP for years.

Steven Spencer, who lives in Sydney received his diagnosis in December. Doctors believe he contracted HIV while using PrEP because of a strain resistant to the anti-viral medication.

He’s one of a handful of people who have contracted HIV, despite taking PrEP (aka Truvada) to prevent HIV infection.

In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control say daily PrEP reduces the risk of getting HIV by more than 90%.

I mean sure that still leaves you with an almost 10% chance of getting it, but hey, if you believe the FSC, that’s an acceptable risk.

Their mantra is science over stigma.

And that’s the very thing we are trying to point out – SCIENCE tells us that you are far more likely to get HIV by having sex with someone who is HIV+, than you are by having sex with someone who isn’t HIV+.

If someone doesn’t have HIV then they can’t give it to you. It’s just a fact – you can’t give HIV to someone if you don’t have it.

However, if you are HIV+ then there is always that risk – no matter how small, the risk is still there. It doesn’t matter if that risk is 10%, 1% or 0.0000001%. The risk still exists and I don’t know about you but I’m not willing to put myself at risk if I don’t have to.

So why in the world would you want adult performers to do it?

I’m sorry but once you get HIV+ you need to find another line of work. It’s just like once you go blind or have eye problems of any kind, you can no longer fly an airplane. It sucks, but those people have to find a new line of work.









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Man who took PrEP gets HIV

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6 Responses

  1. I agree. Once someone is HIV positive that person can (in many states) legally only fuck those that share having the disease unless he/she reveals that he/she is HIV positive and the HIV negative partner agrees to be stupid as hell and have sex with him/her. Morally, that person should never have sex with an HIV negative person ever again.

    As for the FSC’s recent attempt to force performers to have sex on-set with an HIV positive performer in order to work in this industry, Eric LePew (excuse me, Leue) needs to have his dick and balls cut off and shoved down his flamboyantly homosexual throat! If he really had unprotected sex with an HIV positive person he is as dumb as a whole warehouse full of hammers! I do support serosorting where HIV positive performers would be allowed to work with other HIV positive people but they should never be allowed to work with HIV negative performers on an adult film industry set!

  2. I still think the FSC would rather all performers be HIV+ and be done with the controversy.

  3. performers have the right to know whether someone is HIV+ before working with them. they agree to work with someone under the pretenses that they are negative, i feel if they knew they weren’t a lot of performers might change their mind on performing w such individual who is pos.

  4. I’m very happy to hear that TTS stood up for our performers, going against the FSC to offer the new test. Of course, now the FSC is attacking them for anything and everything they can. Sad really.

  5. Unlike the earth, where pictures exist of it’s roundness. Show evidence like that that an undetectable virus can’t be transmitted and then give HIV to a new person.
    It’s still there, you just can’t detect it. I am failing to understand why an entire work force should be forced to possible exposure. And yes it is forced.
    Infected worker works with Star A. Star’s B,C,D And F don’t want to, star E doesn’t care. however now star ‘A’ and ‘E’ is on the no list for B, C D And F.
    Subsequently, any one that A or E works with will be added to the list. This policy places the work experience of the few over the many.

    You are infected? Fine you can only work with other infected stars.
    You are a negative cross over, that’s informed consent, but the above scenario, imo, will play out. And anyone who speaks out about it will be labeled and hated for self preservation.

    August Ames. Never Forget.

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