Just When you Think XBiz Can’t Embarrass Themselves Any Further

They come along and name Diane Duke “Woman of the year”.  Are ya serious?  Other than suckling the drying up teat of porn what exactly did Diane Duke accomplish this year?

Did they even consider people like Dark Lady or Samantha Lewis? Hell Shelly Lubben would have been a better choice, at least you can point to Lubben and say she is actually doing something.

And people in this biz wonder why it’s in the toilet….we don’t award mediocrity we award ineptitude.


56570cookie-checkJust When you Think XBiz Can’t Embarrass Themselves Any Further

Just When you Think XBiz Can’t Embarrass Themselves Any Further

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  1. Diane may be a nice lady (don’t know her personally) but I think there are more appropriate women for Woman of the Year as well. How about Bobbi Starr — in the past 12 months she has earned a contract to direct and green-light movies at Evil Angel and also started directing scenes for Kink.com full time (while continuing with Evil Angel if I recall correctly as that contract isn’t full-time but for only one or two movies a month). I am sure others will have different preferences for this award but Diane Duke probably won’t come to mind for most. I also think if Kayden Kross branches out into directing and producing she could be a viable contender for Woman of the Year next year at this time — she certainly has the brains to pull it off (and is very cute as well). Once Lorelei Lee completes her master’s degree (if she continues in porn) she will also be a contender for a future Woman of the Year award — she has dabbled in directing and producing as well during her summers away from university life.

  2. Richard, as long as Man of the Year isn’t Donkey Long, Jules Jordan or Michael Tierney I will be reasonably content considering the weird shit going on in the adult industry nowadays.

  3. I would be suprise if they did just that. Dirty Bob have got time want or desire translate my opion to you or care to do so . Enough said good day sir. Sad part mharris weird shit as say happening in porn this days far from being play out in adult industry. Those support turd fest become Xbiz awards prove how retard they are buy support award show hand out awards very people that have done nothing fight issues plague adult industry rewarding them award well ingor those who have take part in fight on those issues insult people that have done some thing figth issues plague porn. I know those disagree with my opion very same people in adult industry that plague with issue faces care not about your opion smear attacks that use on my opion or name call above childish porn attacks meaning nothing to me.

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