How Much Did The FSC Spend To Send Diane Duke To London?

Diane Duke in London
This is from a webmaster convention a couple weeks ago. Wanna bet that was first class? Wanna bet they spent way more to get her there than her presence generated? Wanna bet it was just an all expense paid vacation? I’d like to know what exactly she accomplished there.

Why don’t you people demand accountability for how they spend your money? do you really care that little?

85730cookie-checkHow Much Did The FSC Spend To Send Diane Duke To London?

How Much Did The FSC Spend To Send Diane Duke To London?

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  1. Hey that’s the LiveJasmin guy…they must be talking about all the piracy sites they keep in business as affiliates.

  2. The FSC was never a performer organization. They represent the interests of producers. This is why their participation in any testing program for performers is a blatant conflict of interest. And this is the basis of the complaing filed against them, for being what can be seen as a “regulatory” function.

    There is an old saying about dogs and fleas, but in the case of the FSC I think rotten meat and maggots would be a better analogy.

  3. I’m sure she had an amazing time. Thats whats important right? The FSC has never heard of things like “goto meeting”.

  4. “Why don’t you people demand accountability for how they spend your money? do you really care that little?” Maybe Rob Black’s United Adult Workers of America should be demanding accountability? They’re a large and powerful group within the adult biz, aren’t they?

  5. That Live Jasmine guy should be taken out back and shot. You can’t look at just about anything porn related and NOT get those annoying red screen popups.

  6. The funniest thing about this story is that someone is even questioning the amoung ot money spent on this trip. The porn industry has been telling the world that they are worth more than major league baseball, football, and basketball combined, but spending a few thousand dollars to send someone on a business junkett is a big deal. These other industries have multiple players worth multi millions, and owners worth billions, what does the porn industry have?
    Is there any performer these days who make a million a year, dancing, escorting(tricking), and doing porn?

  7. Jilted: You’d be right if porn made what it gets reported as making. Besides, for the most part, it hasn’t been the porn industry claiming it earns the kind of money mainstream media regularly reports that it earns. (Unless you count AVN as the industry.) The kind of money mainstream claims the porn industry earns is a fucking joke and always has been. Even porn’s biggest players don’t come close to earning the kind of money they should/would be earning if reported annual earnings (by the entire industry) were even close to being rooted in reality. One of it’s biggest players, Larry Flynt, makes big bucks but it doesn’t all come from porn. In fact, I’m not sure his profit margins for porn are very impressive if they’re much profitable at all. These days, Larry probably makes his biggest money from gambling.

  8. I wonder how much Diane’s first class airline tickets, limo rides and lesbian hooker bills were while she was there. Also I wonder how much of these bills the FSC was on the hook for. We already can figure out that when she is in this country the FSC is responsible for her $1000 a day cocaine habit, her hooker bills, her lesbian partner’s hooker bills and cocaine, her luxury apartment rent, her Cadillac payment with no deductible car insurance with a $100 million liability cap and $150K a year in spending cash. I think that adds up to a cool million dollars a year or more. This is even with part of her hookers being female adult talent fucking her for free on the orders of the production company owners “association” (which is why she was found on PASS recently with an up to date test).

    I say we should send Diane back to where she came from — Planned Parenthood. Let her perform abortions for a living rather than fleecing the porn industry and living high off the hog.

  9. @mharris,
    Condisering that the total amount of money the FSC brings in every year is just around $550,000.00, I highly doubt that Dianne Dukes total compensation, salary, insurance, expenses, etc. is a million dollars.

    We all know the FSC is corrupt, but making unsubstataited bullshit comments like this does nothing to shine any truth on the matter. when you are in the right you dont need to spew bullshit to make your point.

  10. OK, I will back off a bit. I think you get my point, though — the FSC is run by and for Diane Duke, not the industry producers or performers. Also, I was unaware that the FSC produced so little revenue. With PASS (I don’t believe for a minute that the FSC administers this just out of the goodness of their hearts),’s donations and other ventures I had guessed that the FSC produced at least two to three million a year in income.

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