FSC/PASS Accusing Talent Testing of Being Misleading Is A laugh

Back Story:

Talent testing did a press release earlier today outlining their testing procedure and (rightly) pointing out that performers are using other clinics to get listed in the PASS System thus circumventing the system and being listed as available when they shouldn’t be.  TTS suggest that ONLY the clinic who marks them as unavailable should be able to change that status.

The FSC countered with the following statement:

“As far as the concern expressed in the press release that performers “shopping around” might evade the protections offered by PASS, we did develop a policy when TTS offered Hepatitis testing prior to it being added to the test panel. If a testing facility has a medical issue with a performer with which they were concerned, the doctor associated with that facility would contact PASS and we would contact the physicians from the other testing facilities and ask them to red-flag that performer until he or she had resolved the issue with the doctor from the original facility. TTS was made aware of this policy as was its doctor.”

The FSC knows full well that if a doctor contacts PASS in such a manner that is a direct HIPPA violation. Remember back when Diane Duke claimed that PASS (then APHSS) would not know anything about the performer…only that they either were or were not available?  You knew that that was a lie but if there was ever any doubt it’s gone now.

Funny how quickly The FSC reacts to this but they have remained DEADLY silent on the Rod daily Issue.

Kinda shows you what they really consider to be important doesn’t it?


82160cookie-checkFSC/PASS Accusing Talent Testing of Being Misleading Is A laugh

FSC/PASS Accusing Talent Testing of Being Misleading Is A laugh

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  1. He is seeing a lawyer right now. Or he is in hiding and will appear with the AHF like Butts did.

  2. Waddaya think, sachertorte? Finish this statement… Diane Duke is a total… Come on, answer my questions!!!! Is she a tool? How about Mark Kernes (hazmat suit man!!!)? Is he a tool? Where’d ya go, chocolate cake?

  3. @Nick: if you checked the other threads, you’d see that I’ve already answered those questions. I have come to the conclusion that you’re simply being aggressively obnoxious, and in a schoolyard-taunting manner at that. Therefore i am choosing not to engage with your obvious baiting henceforth. Go find another hobby.

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