FSC to Disperse ‘Emergency Funds’ to Aid Adult Industry Workers During #Coronavirus Shutdown

Due to the production hold associated with coronavirus, Free Speech Coalition is activating emergency funds to help talent and crew with their living expenses while they are unable to work. As a member-based trade association, our mission is to protect the rights and freedoms of the adult industry so that we all continue to prosper.

Talent and crew are the foundation of the adult industry—for the industry to emerge intact from this, we’re asking those who are able to work and generate revenue during this time to help those who aren’t. FSC’s relief plan will distribute donations from companies and individuals to talent and crew who are out of work.

What’s the plan?

There is currently $30,000 in the FSC Emergency Fund, which we will begin to distribute to eligible talent and crew in need by April 1.

The FSC Emergency Fund is separate from the Performer Subsidy Fund (PSF), which is used to reimburse a portion of testing costs for talent who test through FSC PASS. We will pay out the next round of PSF reimbursements on schedule, for tests from January 1 through March 17, the day the voluntary production hold was called.

All PSF contributions from March and the immediate future will be diverted to the FSC Emergency Fund and will be used to provide financial relief to talent and crew.

We have already started raising additional funds through our members to increase the size of the FSC Emergency Fund, and the amount that we can pay out.

How much money will be distributed?

It depends on how much we are able to raise. We would like to eventually be able to distribute funds to each qualified worker. We know this won’t solve all problems, but we hope it will make a meaningful difference.

Am I eligible to apply and how much will I receive?

You are eligible to apply if you are:

• Talent who has tested at a PASS-certified lab and had your results sent to PASS
• Crew who has worked on PASS-regulated sets.
• Talent and crew who have worked on gay and trans productions for FSC member companies that used alternate testing protocols or employed other safer sex practices.

For each verified application, the FSC Emergency Fund can pay up to $300 toward your living expenses, like rent or mortgage, phone, internet, utilities, loan payments, groceries, gas, child care, prescriptions, and medical expenses. All reasonable expenses are eligible.

We know the need in the adult entertainment community is great, and that not all talent and crew work with PASS-regulated productions or FSC member companies. If we are able to raise significantly more funds, we may be able to expand the eligibility of the program to include others.

Can I apply more than once?

Yes. Eligible applicants can apply once per each $30,000 disbursement period. However, priority will be given to those who have not yet received a disbursement from the FSC Emergency Fund.

What do I do now?

If you would like to apply for up to $300 from the FSC Emergency Fund, please fill out this application.

If you would like to contribute to the FSC Emergency Fund, please visit the donation page at https://www.freespeechcoalition.com/donations/emergency-fund/

If you would like to donate your Jan/Feb/Mar PSF reimbursement to this effort instead of it being sent to you, please email [email protected].

For all other questions concerning emergency funds, please email [email protected].

563180cookie-checkFSC to Disperse ‘Emergency Funds’ to Aid Adult Industry Workers During #Coronavirus Shutdown

FSC to Disperse ‘Emergency Funds’ to Aid Adult Industry Workers During #Coronavirus Shutdown

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  1. Of course if the talent had saved some of their money for a rainy day or a retirement slush fund they would be ok. Most porn talent is horrible when it comes to fiscal management.

    They should be taught how to manage their money and get health and life insurance instead of buying their suitcase pimp $60,000 to $200,000 cars,

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