FSC Stumbles, Schedules Luncheon With A Convicted Child Sexual offender

Monica Foster broke the story and of course the Kazoo is blowing it way out of proportion but it does raise some troubling questions.

Kurt Brackob has been showing up at FSC luncheons and fundraisers this year, Kurt Brackob has been convicted and sentenced to seven years in prrison in Romania for “sexual relations with minors”..

One would think that Diane Duke and the FSC would be more careful about whom they choose to invite to their functions, it wouldn’t have taken much to turn up this guys past.

There is no indication that Julie meadows or Marc Randazza would or could have known anything about him and despite the noise coming out of the Kazoo marc Randazza has no affiliation with the FSC, he is not a board member, nor is Julie, Julie is a part of the FSC puppet org called APC4C or something like that.

But it is never good for this biz to have any association with anyone who has ever been convicted of sexual crimes against children.


87600cookie-checkFSC Stumbles, Schedules Luncheon With A Convicted Child Sexual offender

FSC Stumbles, Schedules Luncheon With A Convicted Child Sexual offender

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  1. How is this no big deal Mike??? You have owner followers claim well Rob Black scum bag yet have real scum bag attend FSC working with them??? Mike care explain why no big deal convicted child sexual offender give opion at FSC allow work with FSC??? Care explain why no big deal no one fact check who guy was at FSC??? Wow Mike where now find out why ever one needs question question these people who are give there opion in porn indusrty becuase Monica Foster just found one of them now convicted child sexual offender. Which fact checker like you missed Mike. Mike when did become such not big deal have convicted child sexual offender attending all FSC meetings??? Explain to world why is such big deaL have child sexual offender attend FSC meeting???

  2. An organization, or should I say disorganization, like the FSC should certainly pay more attention to those they affiliate themselves with. This is just another example of the incompetence of the FSC leadership.
    The real question is how much MONEY has the FSC accepted from this guy? There is no way he is getting this access without opening his checkbook.

    You are judged by the company you keep.

  3. This was a bit more than an “invite” Mike. I updated my post on this news item on pornnewstoday.com with Brackob / Treptow’s “Liberty and Prosperity Now” expense report. It is documented that he paid for the event. The amount of $1,251.38 is recorded for the expense of the convention center and another amount of $1,157.04 is recorded – both for the date of 4/29/2013 which was 2 days after the Free Speech Coalition event.

  4. Here thing seem real bad about this Jilted Monica Foster seem be only person care enough fact check out this creep in question. How many more people are in porn indusrty that like this creep in question are pull strings behind seens in indusrty becusea no ones fact checking who these people are. Where fact checking on guy from here after all Monica Foster not writer for this blog site?? So great Mike South even missed out on this guy becuase he did fact check who guy was becuase he was attend lunch meeting in Las Vegas.

  5. I would think it might be difficult to know everybody’s criminal background but Monica researched this and came up with this shocking information. I do not know the guy at all and don’t want to know him but with that said, I agree that having somebody with such a horrible crime on their record and one so sensitive to our industry, attend any professional function or have any role or association concerning our industry is not a wise decision. If this info is true and this is the same person, then it best to immediately cut all ties regardless of current circumstances. No exceptions should be made in my humble opinion.

  6. I well agree with you jeffmulllen this guy she be gone from porn indusrty any body else like him.

  7. How many more people are like this in porn indusrty nobody knows about becuase no one checking for them in porn indusrty jilted???

  8. To Jilted,
    I have always had a concern about lawyers who defend clients that appear to be guilty as hell but I suppose that is what makes our system balanced. Everyone has a right to a fair trial. I would hate to be a defense lawyer going to work everyday fighting for somebody who I know is guilty as sin as I would feel totally useless and unfulfilled in life. However, that is our process in this country and people have a right to a defense no matter how guilty they are. So no, I would not banish the attorney as that is simply his job.

  9. Interesting link Jilted. So Lou Sirkin, a Free Speech Coalition attorney challenged the Child Pornography law as being “over-broad” and achieved a victory. The SAME MAN goes on to defend a real Child Pornographer and child porn network.
    Cut to present day: the Free Speech Coalition is attending discussion panels hosted and funded by a convicted sex offender who was found to have been with a 13 year old girl – a sex offender who openly tweets about supporting the move to overturn the 2257 record keeping laws which help pornographers not hire minors.

    At least Axel Braun was strong enough to take a stand and state he will only work with talent over the age of 21.

    I’ve had a problem for a long time with the depiction of minors in adult films. It’s gross and does cater to (and attract) those who are into pedophilia (as this Kurt Brackob situation proves in my view). I think the Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition case needs to be re-opened and/or re addressed.

    That 2257 law can not be overturned. You DO NOT hurt children and you do not support others who hurt children. Seems to me that there are a bunch of pedophiles (and people who support pedophiles) in the Los Angeles porn industry who are attempting to wrap one of the worst crimes imaginable up in the guise of “Free Speech” and “Liberty”.

    FYI – Lou Sirkin was Rob Black’s attorney. Kink.com who has contributed $20K according to 2257donate.com has produced material far worse than what Rob Black has… ironic isn’t it.

  10. He could have declined the job Jeff, however your reply is expected being that Lou Sirkin’s legal work on Ashcroft vs. Free Speech Coalition enabled you to dress certain characters like little girls in your movies (pig tails, baby doll dresses, white tights, etc)

    Just take a look at “Rudy” in Not The Cosbys XXX 1 and 2 – that little girl look is what she’s rockin’ – to top it all off her sex scene began with her sitting on a little girl’s rocking horse.

    I bet Brackob LOVES that scene Jeff.

  11. Any lawyer picks and chooses his clients. Yes, every person is entitled to a defense, but that does not mean that every lawyer has to take every case. Sirkin decided to take this case, and as an adult industry lawyer I think it was a mistake. How can the adult industry claim to be against this when their attorneys defend it. Sirkin was even quoted as saying, “The photos are open to interpetation.”

    Jeff, would you hire this guy to defend you if you were ever charged with anything regarding your material.(for the record, I do not think anything you have ever produced rises to the level of obscentiy)

    But cant you see how this doesnt look good for the ADULT entertainment industry lawyers to defend child pornography? Would you give the FSC a pass if they decided to defend this?

    I would think the industry would distance themselves, not defend, something so sensative to the industry. Fortunately these peices of garbage are all in jail.

  12. Yes I agree with much of what you guys are writing. No I wouldn’t hire that attorney and it never even entered my mind that yes, the attorney can turn down a case (unless I suppose he is a public defender- not sure how that works). I would have turned down the case even if I was penniless. And to Monica, I have gone on record to say that if I could do some of those older parodies over like Not the Cosbys XXX, I would have gone in a different direction but in our quest to ‘get the look just right’ we dressed ’em up just like the TV show. We really didn’t think of the possible ramifications at the time because it never entered our minds. Times change and people evolve but to continually get whipped over and over is a bit unfair in late 2013. I understand and hear your points but the past is in the past and I am merely commenting my disdain for this guy.

  13. Ahhh, I needed a good chuckle…It’s funny because Monica corners you and you say funny things. Your excuse is tantamount to saying “I know I punched her in the face but looking back I wish I would of kicked her in the knee…I really didn’t think of the consequences back then but hey…I have evolved…I would definitely kick her in the knee today! Seriously Mr…. This is probably the wrong post for you to be chiming in on. Sane people really do despise anyone who banks on the backs of kids…now or then. It is good to know though that you now (conveniently) dislike the very people you marketed to. Awesome!

  14. Jeff, as far as I am concerned dressing up adult women to look like they are 15 (which was done for several directors parodies, not just yours) and actually using 15 year old girls are two very different things both legally and morally (the former being legal and the latter not being legal). I don’t see anything wrong with dressing up adults to look like little children while producing a Not The Cosby’s XXX using all adults (which IIRC Monica was in as talent). Of course for the sake of art you would have to use barely legal women and dress them up like little girls, I don’t see any other way the movie could have been made and attract viewers and I would have done likewise. No minors were used in that movie and I wish Monica would get that through her head. Whether adults dressed up like children turn a viewer on or not is not mine or Monica’s concern. I agree that Monica constantly (essentially) calling you a child molester because you made the Cosby’s movie (in 2007 — isn’t there a statute of limitations on her bullshit) is beyond ridiculous and needs to cease immediately. Can it, Monica! Remember Monica, libel is actionable in a civil courtroom (as Jeff is a private citizen and not a public figure) and if your untrue and libelous remarks continue Jeff has cause to sue you into bankruptcy court.

  15. @jilted
    I want to be clear. I am not defending Sirkin.

    There is a difference between an adult attorney and a 1st Amendment attorney. A 1st Amendment attorney would defend a case like this. I have heard arguments that seem absurd to me like how people should be able to view said material in their homes, but not be able to buy it or sell it. The argument falls into the rights of privacy in our homes. The point is to bust those who buy it or sell it making it impossible for those who want it to purchase it. Not exactly the best plan, but the lawyers say if we let the government control what we watch in our homes then what else will they be able to do?

    I can see the point, but I’m not a lawyer and I am unsure as to how that would hold up in court. At times it seems to happen. I can see their argument, but I personally cannot bring myself to defend that behavior at all.

    I don’t see how someone could be a lawyer like that. I could not bring my mind to those places to be able to defend a client being charged. I just couldn’t do it.

    Sirkin is a 1st Amendment attorney that works with adult cases. He isn’t an adult attorney by definition, is he? He’s a 1st Amendment attorney that the adult industry uses from time to time.

    As a result, there is going to be a lot of much involved.

    Personally, I would just stick to one or the other because if you are involved in adult it just seems like you track dirt into every home you step into. Sirkin has some really dirty shoes and they may leave more dirt on the carpets of those in adult.

  16. I want to be clear that I mean that sites or movies that may show underage are not part of the adult industry. If a lawyer were to defend those cases then they shouldn’t be a lawyer of the mainstream adult industry. They are two totally different things.

  17. So what your saying is you like to see, and let me quote so you don’t sue me (chuckle chuckle), movies “dressing up adults to look like little children” so you can fantasize about little kids getting fucked? Or maybe you think it’s OK for others to get off on that? I’m just trying to clarify here because any reasonable person would certainly come to that conclusion.

  18. Where did common cents go from opions that used be post here. You have people that not in porn indusrty saying some stupid thing here one can read of. Match with people state thing like well just becuase we dress adult look like kids in are adult movies it must be ok than have convicted child molester pay for lunch meeting FSC had. I have agree BrookeTyler on her agrument on this.

  19. After that remark mharris127 – I think I’ll go forward with some additional articles on pornnewstoday I hadn’t planned on posting, but definitely will now. Jeff is indeed a public figure – if he feels the need to sue me and finds just cause to do so – so be it. There’s not one thing I’ve ever stated about him that is not true.
    Ass far as me needing to “can it” – LOL – I’m a woman, not a little girl Kink.com has beat into submission that you can control and/or silence (but then again that’s the problem isn’t it mharris127, which is exactly why you fantasize about minors, have adults emulate minors and evidently socialize with convicted pedophiles – mature WOMEN scare the hell out of you).

  20. I have thank monicaf for posting out guy . I have thank her for point out who are the creeps who are hide round porn indusrty no one seem be checking out who they are. I have thank Monicaf for have balls come here defend her self from people who attack her on story. I have thank BrookeTyler for have common cents say wow where common cents in opion being writen here on this blog. What I have been waiting for happen to well know porn inusdrty people know in porn indusrty that issue effects have give common cent opion on subject effects them. Thanks monicaf and BrookeTyler for bring back commom cent opion from porn indusrty back here.

  21. Frankly Monica I prefer not to have girls dressed up as minors in my porn. However, I was attempting to explain that porn is an art form and sometimes you need to do so in order to pull the movie off. There is one hell of a big difference between minors and adults dressed as minors. As far as I am concerned Jeff has the right to use whatever character he needs to in order to pull off his art as long as no actual children are used.

  22. As far as Kink.com, people that do that kind of porn are into it and enjoy it. Most even do BDSM in their private lives. Being into BDSM myself (as a dom nowadays but I have subbed in the past) I wish I could explain the feeling a person gets from bondage and corporal that makes for a much more enjoyable experience but that feeling is impossible to explain. Trust me, those doing a scene for Kink are really into it and get more enjoyment out of it than you ever will out of missionary and doggie style.

  23. I agree with Richard and Brooke that actual child molesters should not be socializing at official events with FSC executives. However, Jeff is not a child molester and would never even dream of doing so.

  24. @mharris127 –
    It takes a seriously open mind for regular people to give BDSM a chance without automatically writing it off as abusive. You’re right though, there isn’t an easy way to explain it because the psychological aspects that go along with it are beyond complex and it takes a certain level of maturity to even be able to process it in any way below the surface much less try to explain it….

    My main problem with BDSM today is that EVERY SINGLE SEX ACT other than “normal” vanilla sex is thrown in as acceptable under the guise of BDSM.

    BDSM is not some kind of theory where anything and everything on earth revolving unconventional sex acts is accepted.

    Shoving someone’s head in a toilet and making them eat shit while choking them out is not BDSM. It’s absolutely amazing how many people today don’t understand that????

  25. I agree that forcing someone to eat shit (or drink piss for that matter) and slamming someone’s head into a toilet bowl are both gross and unappetizing. If someone really gets off on that who am I to stop them but as far as I am concerned such activity is not BDSM and I would guess that 99.9% of people practicing BDSM (including myself) do not partake in shit eating or having their heads forced into a toilet. Frankly the thought of these things makes me want to upchuck my supper in my trash can.

  26. @mharris

    There is a difference between minors and adults dressed as children. However, in an industry like adult common sense tells you to stay away from it. Yeah, you can have a right to do it, but you don’t need to. You can do another parody in that instance.

    A lot of us have seen Romper Room. We haven’t seen The Official Romper Room XXX Parody. (What makes some of these parodies “offical”? Who rules on that?) Should we make it? Should we encourage people that would want to see that in adult film? Of course not! *Grabs you and shakes you by the shoulders*

    You can have a girl act a little younger because being naive isn’t age-limited, but when you limit it to an age that is either stated or known like the girl in the Cosby’s then you have kinda crossed the line.

    Remember, parodies take existing characters and “parody” them which means they made what the public viewed as a young girl screw. One can say that the character is 18+, but they aren’t. They are the age they were in the show or movie to the public.

  27. @mharris
    I’ve been involved with the bdsm community for a long time and own a venue that hosts events for them on a regular basis. I can look at all who attend and they look nothing like the men and women in kink.com shoots.

    Picture a younger George Wendt with a Roseanne Barr in a lot of cases in large numbers jammed into a room.

    Does the armory have a prison where these porn star kink people are bred and raised? Or do they just find pornstars wanting money and beat them and coax them through scenes with cocaine? Think about it.

    I have worked with BDSM groups through 4 states and all of the supermodel porn people must be out shooting bdsm porn instead of attending events. Think about it.

    Being into BDSM yourself I’m sure you know about consent and everything involved in that such as stopping when the person “reds out”. What happens if you “red out” and lose money as a result. Think about it.

    You can probably fake it with performers that can truly act and make a much better product.

  28. @Lacey

    Everything that doesn’t fall under the definition of BDSM is considered “kink” and it appears that the BDSM community had the kinksters roll in on them over the years. I remember advertising my businesses on yahoo groups back before this occurred. (Remember those?) The diaper people were always blocked back then.

    They are now grouped into all one bunch called the “Kink Community”. Some groups get rather militant about what they allow in their groups. Their groups wind up being smaller and don’t have the funding to throw events so they just somewhat exist. (Their size dictates what events they will throw)

    For me to see a Furry or a guy dressed as a baby isn’t uncommon for BDSM events now. The gays keep their distance though. I hoped that they would have mingled, but it appears as though the gay BDSM scene detests the straight one when given the choice of social settings.

  29. I agree with you there mharris127 ever body opion should be focus on real issue is why god name is FSC working with pedophile???? Next question why is any one demand answer from FSC on this issue??? Why does FSC need be fond buy pedophile??? How does look rest world that pedophile is fond FSC event??? Next time porn debate I am sure if Shelle Lubben attending it this one question gone be brought right up. Again this really lead ugley question of who are people pulling the strings unseen in porn indusrty??? How much trouble is porn indusrty in that have pedophile fond it events??? More question asked ugleyer this gone get more shady characters just this guy where gone find out in porn indusrty right now. Question be ask how no one fact check who these people where how come people should know about them did not. It really look bad for porn inusdrty have porn star out guy has had work indusrty with STD for 250 movies and now political wing FSC being fond buy pedophile. How high does stinky shit have be before some people in porn indusrty say enough enough this crap??? We have porn that had been called class room porn babesiter porn teenage porn which porn star pretend be under age teenage girls in all there porn series have sex with older men. I am amzase that people here want defend this kind porn suggesting teenage girls are sluts well sleep with there step fathers and father friends teachers mother freinds sister. How many times have had school girl porn where porn star play school girl high school age girl. Only thing I am say when did become ok have adult porn stars pretend be act like high school age girls sluty to old men that twice there age???

  30. A couple of years ago I heard a story of a man here in America who simply cut and pasted the faces of underage celebrities onto naked models who actually WERE of age! I think he got TEN YEARS in jail, or thereabouts. He didn’t sell the pictures either. They were in his private home! Any comments on that case?

  31. Not being anywhere near as attractive to women as James Deen myself I understand most people into BDSM aren’t as attractive as many of Kink’s performers. I have noticed that the quality of looks at Kink and Intersec have been dropping off lately, however. I won’t mention names but let’s just say the number of jail house type tats on some BDSM porn performers has been skyrocketing lately.

    Regarding tapping out of a scene, I think in order to perform in heavy scenes someone would have to be into what is going on or they wouldn’t do it for what Kink pays (between $500 and $1300 a scene or $4000 for a Training of O week, Intersec scenes are more hardcore in their BDSM content and therefore likely pay a bit more). People do tap out of parts of a scene at Kink and Intersec but usually (at least at Kink) whatever is overly onerous is slightly changed and the scene then continues. From what I have seen Intersec doesn’t attract too many of the softer girls so tapping out probably happens less often (but they likely have more trouble finding girls to perform as well and tend to recycle the same 40 or so performers). Intersec also has four of their regular performers on staff so if a scene doesn’t work out they can press one of their staff into a scene and get something for their day’s work, Kink is down to one current regular performer on staff (Mz. Berlin). At one time Kink had several regular performers on staff as well. You could throw Lorelei Lee in there as usually available at Kink, she is no longer on staff but is local so they could call her if they were in a bind.

  32. Do not be suprise if no comment on your post Nick East. The porn indusrty gone in complete denial mode of pedophile fond FSC event. If monicaf had broken story no would know there was pedophile fund raising for FSC. I guess pro condom people not such nut cases when ant condom people got pedophile supporting funding them. See Nick victory gone come becuase people are asking questions about those push agenda in porn indusrty not safe answers there question are starting to turn in some very ugley truths. When FSC offer up no comment and people support FSC not comment uglet truth to event you know shit hit fan over this with FSC.

  33. @mharris…….sorry mharris I read your first comment here yesterday and its still bothering me….
    “I don’t see anything wrong with dressing up adults to look like little children while producing a Not The Cosby’s XXX using all adults (which IIRC Monica was in as talent). Of course for the sake of art you would have to use barely legal women and dress them up like little girls, I don’t see any other way the movie could have been made and attract viewers and I would have done likewise.”
    The “little children” part and then later the “little girls” part….has left the worst taste in my mouth…..you understand that a parody should not even be made if either of those two descriptions are used…. for any sake!….. I understand that you are defending your friend, but even he seems to have come around to this being inappropriate (if im understanding correctly)….. you go on to say, “Whether adults dressed up like children turn a viewer on or not is not mine or Monica’s concern. “………..uuuhhhh yes it is…… it’s our concern as a society anytime words to describe a porn character are “little children” or “little girls”…..

  34. Plot thickens as they say. Now know Kurt Brackob guy keeps popping up everywhere. He was on a panel at XBIZ 360 last year entitled “Sex and Politics” that was moderated by Free Speech Coalition director Diane Duke. That means as far back as a year ago he was affiliated with FSC. So now boys girls we have pedophile been associated with FSC for some time. Truth go get ugley it geting be so on this subject.

  35. If you put “Kurt Brackob” into a Google search it shows pages of links that out this guy as a convicted pedophile. It took less than one second to learn about this guy.
    One intersting thing though, on page 3 of the google search there was a link to a interview by Lydia Lee, aka Julie Meadows, an FSC spokeshole and supporter.(Lydia,Julie, is featured in the photos with Dianne Duke and the pedophile). But when you click on the link it takes you to Juliemeadows.com, but that article has been removed from the site.
    Julie, we all know you read this site. Do you have any explination for this, and will you call on the FSC to return every penny that this convicted pedophile gave to the FSC, or refund any money this guy paid for FSC events? Also, will you write anything to explain your feelings about this guy, and how the FSC could possibly not know of this guys past, like I said, it took one second on a google search to learn about this creep. Or Julie, will you, as I predict will happen, just keep silent. (Ac

  36. Actually, Julie probably will respond but will not even mention the FSC and his connection to her, and the FSC.
    PS., Julei, thats a lovely smile you have on your face with your arm around the convicted pedophile.

  37. I agree jilted this not good for any one associate with convicted pedophile in question. The whole board directors of FSC gone have alot explaining why they took fonding from convicted pedophile. It takes FSC creditable put in toilet over this matter. All those say Rob Black was bad becuase he was convicted criminal well people you had convicted pedophile fonding FSC political wing porn indusrty. Think about this remember when ex porn star Jewel De’Nyle step father Larry Schwarz who was Colorado legislator was found be child molester. Larry Schwarz than working in porn indusrty with people like Rob Black who hire him direct porn movies than went off work for Jewel De’Nyle owen porn companys. Does one remember when FBI got clue to what Larry Schwarz was than went right after any body even Jewel De’Nyle get evidence on her step father Larry Schwarz. Jewel De’Nyle defend her step father right point she found he molste her sister FBI found he useing her porn company to traffic kiddy porn. So moral story if mess mix porn indusrty with pedophile gone destroy indusrty becuase no one likes pedophile for ever reason that they are. If asked Jewel Denyle how she felt about her step father these day she tell put rope neck than hang from biggiest tree she could find hang from. Special sent she no longer in porn is mother raising her owen daughter.

  38. It appears the Kazoo did a quick google search and has uncovered more dirt on this slimebag. Including an article that suggests this guy was a CIA operative. I figure it wont thak the Kazoo long to put 2 and 2 together and come to the conclusion that this guy has been working undercover and reporting to the FBI or Interpol.

    This guy is dirt. And any organization like the FSC should fully vette the people they associate with. If the Kazoo can do a quick google search and come up with this information, then so can the FSC. To think that the Kazoo figured this out and the FSC couldnt is truely frightening, that the FSC is not even as smart as the Kazoo. But lets not forget, Monica Foster is the person who broke this story.

  39. Jilted what just bad is XBIZ had this creep on a panel entitled “Sex and Politics” that was moderated by Free Speech Coalition director Diane Duke. Not only did FSC not do home work XBIZ did care enough do home work find out who creeps was st all. Here big question very one knows who pedophile is deal with FSC what porn indusrty gone do about it??? So far no from FSC come out said gone stop dealing pedophile in question. Nothing from Xbiz come out said where bad where sorry never happen again all they have said we did know becuase to lazy research it. Porn indusrty has real ugley issues happening right now there not catching people with sexually transmitted deases way after fact there now back room deals between FSC and pedophile . No one come out in porn indusrty other than Rob Black few other that this wrong let fix this. I agree jilted where all those passion people come speak mind here gone???

  40. As of 2 days ago, RawStory.com has posted an article in regards to the Libertarian Party of Nevada which includes elements about Brackob / Treptow: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/11/24/chairman-claims-nevada-libertarian-party-infested-with-idiots/

    I find it interesting that the LPN can make a statement to the press in regards to Brackob, but the political face of the porn industry (which is also a lobbying group) has failed to.

    Deleting an interview (of which has already been archived) doesn’t help – if anything it harms and shows lack of courage and integrity (but why should I or anyone else be surprised really).

  41. Libertarian party of NV having power struggles too?

    FSC didn’t exclude this guy because..he has something they want…cash or access to people who will bring the cash. He was treasurer of NV Lib party..you don’t get on exec board of any party or large non-profit without bringing something to the table…usually a lot of cash or big players.

  42. @jilted

    Even scum deserves representation and fair punishment. Too often mere suspicion or being charged leads to police and or prosecutorial misconduct to make it stick…that crosses a line too, doesn’t matter who or what was done. Sometimes in the zeal to make charges stick they wind up actually creating the loophole for him to get off completely.

    With that said ..child abusers deserve their own kind of hell…I hate that they get off using the same law that protect the innocent…still wouldn’t give up those protections.

  43. Kate: It has been 14 days since PornNewsToday reported the Brackob / Treptow findings. The FSC is aware of this issue but has continued to fail to make a statement. Marc Randazza has been contacted through his website as of this afternoon and a statement has been requested in regards to his association / affiliation with Brackob / Treptow.
    Rob Black discussed Randazza on his webcast tonight as well.
    Romanian media as of December 3rd has begun to report on Brackob / Treptow’s affiliation with the FSC and the United States porn industry.

  44. monicaf: Yep. The FSC has continued to fail to make a statement In regards to Kurt Treptow, a convicted child sexual predator! Who bankrolled and organized a FSC event in Vegas! A Guy who has been raising money for the industry and has had close ties to important people in the industry for over a year!

    Let me get this straight… The industry finds out that Treptow is a convicted child pornographer and a child rapist!
    NOBODY talks about it!!!!
    NOBODY apologizes for it!!!!
    NOBODY disavows it!!!!

    Yet , The Romanian Media has begun to talk about it??

    The industry’s silence on this issue… speaks volumes to people who live in “The Real World!”

    You’re telling them…..YOU DON”T GIVE A SHIT!!!

  45. It was a good story but it isnt a two week long story….and the bottom line is you tried to put the pressure on the wrong people….you tried to make the story too broad. Holding the FSC accountable is absolutely in order, dragging Randazza and Julie Meadows into it diluted it massively, most people think like i do in that they had no real reason why they should know his background, The FSC absolutely should but lets say I was invited to a luncheon with this guy and Christian mann, would I have accepted…probably, if for no other reason than to ask questions, would I have dug into this guys background…maybe and maybe not specially if Mann had told me her was affiliated with the Libertarian Party in Nevada Would hI have been pissed to find out he had child molestation conviction…hell yes. would i feel the need to answer to Rob Black Hell no…

    When you get a story like that you are better served with a sniper approach than a shotgun approach choose your targets carefully and take direct aim.

    Just my 2 cents

  46. Mike here’s a comment made on this very post, by jilted.. regarding Julie Meadows.. and how easy it is to find out Treptow is a convicted pedophile!

    “If you put “Kurt Brackob” into a Google search it shows pages of links that out this guy as a convicted pedophile. It took less than one second to learn about this guy.
    One intersting thing though, on page 3 of the google search there was a link to a interview by Lydia Lee, aka Julie Meadows, an FSC spokeshole and supporter.(Lydia,Julie, is featured in the photos with Dianne Duke and the pedophile). But when you click on the link it takes you to Juliemeadows.com, but that article has been removed from the site.
    Julie, we all know you read this site. Do you have any explination for this, and will you call on the FSC to return every penny that this convicted pedophile gave to the FSC, or refund any money this guy paid for FSC events? Also, will you write anything to explain your feelings about this guy, and how the FSC could possibly not know of this guys past, like I said, it took one second on a google search to learn about this creep. Or Julie, will you, as I predict will happen, just keep silent”

    Julie conducted an interview with Treptow and removed it from her site..
    Doesn’t sound like the actions of an innocent person to me!

    Maybe people In the industry don’t care about this issue but the Romanian media appears too! and people in the real world who are against pedophiles!

    And Mike don’t you think Randazza and Meadows should speak for themselves? If they didn’t know anything than issue a statement.. Say something!!

    Like everyone else .. You are entitled to your own opinion, Mike.
    But,I disagree with you.
    This is my 2 cents.

  47. “you tried to make the story too broad. Holding the FSC accountable is absolutely in order, dragging Randazza and Julie Meadows into it diluted it massively, most people think like i do in that they had no real reason why they should know his background,”

    Mike? How can you make this statement?? are you the spokesperson for “most people?” How do you know what ” most people” think?
    Did you do a survey or something?

  48. The point isnt that it was easy the point is could they reasonably be expected to search for info on him and the answer is certainly not…do you do a google search on everyone you have had lunch/dinner/coffee/whatever with? particularly when invited by someone you know?

    To try to demonize people for not knowing something when they would have no reason to know simply doesnt fly thats why this story didnt get the legs they wanted it to get

    like I said you are better served taking targeted shots

  49. and hell no if i am Randazza or julie i wouldnt answer this nonsense either he tried to get me to answer and I wont play that game its stupid and childish

    the FSC should answer for sure

  50. Simple answer…its a two week old story that never got the legs it should have…my gut reaction was the same…why the hell are they dragging people into this that had no reason to know? i have been doing this a LONG time thats my experience speaking. so i preface it with In my opinion most people think….its the same end result

  51. mike? What are you getting all worked up about?
    Julie and Randazza certainly do need to respond! We are talking about them associating with a pedophile here! They need to say something… By not responding they are telling the world ..it’s no biggie!

  52. Look Mike…I know you don’t like Rob Black…I get that.. Yeah I know..he’s a mess… But he is right on most issues… And he is definitely right on this one! Give rob some credit for doing the right thing and demanding answers from these people in the industry who have been doing business with a pedophile! Him and Monica are the only two people talking about it… Everyone else is silent… Speaks volumes!

  53. Yes “beating a dead horse” does sound familiar to me , Mike.
    That’s what you also said in regards to the Derek Hay / Alex Gonz story.
    Another issue we disagree on!

  54. ” it’s a two week old story that never got the legs it should have”
    Mike? That’s because NO ONE is talking about this issue except Rob and Monica! And now the media in Romania IS talking about it!
    everyone else is talking about nonsense! The industry doesn’t want anyone to talk about this issue! They want it to go away… For obvious reasons!

  55. C’mon, Mike! If Julie Meadows did an interview on the guy, at the very least she’d have to google him beforehand so she would know what to ask him!!! Otherwise, she wouldn’t be doing her job as a good interviewer, is that not correct? What you seem to be saying, by default, is that Julie didn’t bother to google a prospective interviewee? And then she takes the interview off her site to try and distance herself from the story without ANY explanation???? Really?

  56. @FSC: Will you be returning every penny that this convicted, lowlife, piece of garbage pedophile, Kurt Treptow gave to you???

  57. Anyone here ever been a panelist before? Been asked to be the main speaker at an event?

    Reality…funding for the event is a separate office from those getting people to present the proposed panel discussions.

    When you are asked by an organization to be a panelist…they don’t tell you ALL the other panels that will occur..they don’t give you advance notice of the participants or even the funding methods they are working on and may not have nailed down at the time they ask you to be a speaker or presenter.

    They do tell you what they are looking for, and may even ask you to limit scope of presentation to a very narrow niche you have experience in…

    Black needs to stop shooting himself in foot by talking about everything and everybody if he wants main points to be heard.

    This trepnow guy is bad news, is he the first? Is he only one..that’s the stuff black needed to put legs on this..otherwise it’s just one more shameful event in the life of porn. Show the pattern…not the event.

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