FSC Lifts Moratorium Effective Tomorrow

LOL I knew when I posted the plans they would change them.

If you trust Diane Duke with your life go back to shooting non condom right now

If not I strongly advise you to use condoms.

89200cookie-checkFSC Lifts Moratorium Effective Tomorrow

FSC Lifts Moratorium Effective Tomorrow

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  1. The lifting of the non existant moratorium is based on Diann Dukes complete misunderstanding of the capabilities of the APTIMA RNA test. 9-11 day window period, BULLSHIT!!!!
    I have sent Mike the details of this bullshit claim. I know Mike has been busy today so I will give him some time to post it, if he cant get around to it I will pput it in the comments here.

    Long story short, APTIMA has NEVER made the 9-11 day claim,,this is anecdotal evidence and best case scenario outcomes.

    PERFORMERS< there is no 9-11 day window for this test, and if you are relying on this to ensure your safety you are making a HUGE mistake, not only with your own life, but the lives of everyone you have contact with.

  2. And since it was an FSC/PASS affiliated testing center, CET, that outed the fact that there was no moratorium to begin with, the FSC had no choice but to end the moratorium, that way nobody is defying the moratorium.

  3. Is xbiz editing Or writing FSC press releases? Dec 5th moratorium called on xbiz is corrected to Dec 6th on FSC/Pass site…

  4. Shouldn’t it be if you trust yourself? If anyone feels uncomfortable, then don’t shoot. No one is telling people to shoot. They are stating they think you now CAN shoot. Don’t do anything you don’t want to, whether its Duke, AHF or Mike south. Think for yourself, if find the risk too great, don’t do it.

  5. Just to be clear this does seem like a very quick lift of the moratorium. My point was performers should make personal decisions. Certainly don’t take anyone’s words as gospel.

  6. Yes, there was Lacey (I think her remark was rhetorical in nature but it makes a good sound off to what I have to say). Of course once Porno Dan made his announcement that he was defying it (later changed to making such announcement to essentially make the FSC look like assholes when he at the last minute right before the scene was scheduled to start announced that he would honor the moratorium) everyone else decided they would defy it as well. Diane Duke makes Sharon MItchell look like professor of the year in comparison. Although I disagree with many here in saying that condoms are unnecessary and more danger than help in many cases I do agree that we need a better testing administrator than Diane Duke and the FSC. We used to laugh at AIM but now that would be an improvement over the FSC. I bet even Sixto Pacheco at TTS could administer the moratoriums better than Diane Duke!

  7. @mharris
    “Although I disagree with many here in saying that condoms are unnecessary and more danger than help in many cases I do agree that we need a better testing administrator than Diane Duke and the FSC.”

    If a girl does anal and there is blood will condoms make it more likely for the girl to contract HIV?

    When Lexington Steele puts his large penis inside of a petite woman she is more likely to catch HIV wearing a condom, right?

    Where do you go mentally to rationalize your above statement? I don’t see how you can come to that conclusion unless you think condoms cause HIV transmission.

  8. If LATATA really wanted to make a power play against the FSC they would announce that they are extending the moratoruim for their talent for another week.

  9. @jilted

    If I understand it correctly, the test could pick up…once the body shows the virus has begun reproducing itself….the problem is that the human body doesn’t respond on a set schedule to this virus.

    If I’m messed up in that understanding can you use layman’s terms to help me get a better grasp?

  10. @Lurk,
    Thats a pretty good explination Lurk. The test CAN detect that early, it doesnt mean it WILL detect that early. The Aptima company has NEVER claimed the 9-11 day window period. There has never been a study done with samples of known early detections, the 9-11 day window is just the earliest they have found in induvidual cases.

  11. A system that requires honor and trust in order to work, will never be successful when even a tiny fraction of those participating are neither trustworthy or honorable. And when a large portion of the participants are the exact opposite of trustworthy and honorable, well, your system is doomed.

  12. CP, it depends on how long Lexington Steele is fucking that woman. If the lovemaking ends at ten minutes or less per orifice than condoms are a great option for preventing VD. Unfortunately at 15 minutes a vagina will start to abrade from contact with the thrusting foreign object (condom). At or before 20 minutes the condom usually breaks and with the condom burn (abrasions which are hundreds of small micro-tears in the vaginal wall) present the risk of VD is hundreds of times higher than without a condom. Infection with a virus or bacteria is also a risk with attempting to use condoms for what they weren’t intended for — a half-hour or more of contact per orifice at a time. Even if the condom is changed every ten minutes, the abrasions can become infected as a cut or scrape on a knee might. The vagina is also a much “healthier” environment for bacteria than a knee as the vagina is moist and warm which fosters bacterial growth.

    To sum up, it isn’t that the condom directly causes VDs (which includes HIV along with the other main venereal diseases) but that the improper use of a condom can increase the risk. Condoms are just not made for use beyond 5-10 minutes per orifice and changing the condom won’t prevent condom burn.

    If a girl starts bleeding during anal sex a condom may protect a male partner (most men don’t get condom burn like women do). However if the bleeding is caused by too long or improper condom use and the condom then breaks that woman better damn well hope the guy that fucked her doesn’t have HIV because if he does and any cum was present (including pre-cum) she likely just got HIV. More than likely if the guy had dispensed with the condom she would not have torn her skin (causing the bleeding you referenced) and would not be nearly as likely to catch HIV or any other VD. I just saw a chart from a study today. IIRC the chance of a woman getting HIV from a man during no condom anal sex was 9/10,000. Sharing a syringe needle was 67/10,000. A blood transfusion was infective in about 9,000/10,000 times. I would place the chance of causing HIV with a condom that then broke somewhere between sharing a syringe needle and a blood transfusion.

    Let me clarify — the condom doesn’t directly cause disease transmission, they even reduce VD in most cases when used properly. How they would be used in porn is far from the recommended usage.

    Before the rumor mill starts about this discussion, as far as I know Lexington Steele DOES NOT have any VDs!!!!!!!!!! Two people fucking also cannot give each other what one of the don’t already have. Also, even if he did the risk of the theoretical placement of his XXXXXXXXXXXL thrusting penis into a 4′ 11″ 90 pound chick is more likely to cause her pelvis to break than a VD.

  13. Ok with all that send and done, Good point ,Mharris.
    I think the straight male talent we have will have to up the annie, so speak. They are claiming the Bisexual Male talent are better performers because they take caverjack and risk the chance of disease transmission. We will not use condoms and will not work with infected female talent. I use PASS to check out the females I will work with and other info and data,plus I do genital exams and yes I am probabably the only one who does that in the Industry as Male talent because I learned that from Lexington Steele and other O.G Male talent.

    If its burning, and red I am gone or get somebody else, to perform with the chick. I am not going to for this industry jeopardize my health or the health of others for a 300-500 shoot. Besides, I know you cannot get HIV from a female, Hiv comes from men-men booty banging and its not through hetrosexual sex and not caught on the set. Diseases are coming in from the escorts both male and female hustlers,

    I don’t have to do that. Thanks goodness I have a pension and can make my needs and got other stuff coming up. Remember, profits aren’t first and safety isn’t last. You got to use your head and not the one between your legs. Have a good Sunday and be safe ya all.

  14. Let’s build those websites and have shoots for the crossovers and the talent that wants to work with them and escort. That will not only bring down the potential for outbreaks and reduce industry liability. The talent can rent themselves out too sugardaddys and of course, sign a release to free any Producer, agent, and or Director from being sued if you come to work and spread the love and diseases and then claim to ” hit” the super lotto and or powerball and think you going to get paid.
    Look those guys make more that then girls and what the fuck do they really want to with the help of Viagra and Caverjack want to perform with a female for? Let the girls keep this side of the Industry for them and you guys jump on the Bisexual, TG/TS and dog, cats and what ever you want to do websites and productions with horses and burros and work that side and escort. Hell if its even that bad, I know a new producer in Hollywood that will send you out to dance for Rich, guys and you can make $3,000 a night. That on you guys! Just do us all a favor think if you fuck outside the Industry with a Condom or get into a solid relationship with a a Nurse or a Doctor, and or somebody that doesn’t run around the West Hollywood circuit. We are depending on you to make ,hopefully the right decisions. And attend those Industry meetings, please! I hate being the only one sitting by myself with a room of Agents and Directors and Producers and nobody from the Talent side gives a shit. Its like going to a Theater for a play and the only one in the audience is my self and one cricket and a cockroach, it makes me look like I am the only one who cares from the Talent side and I do. Thanks

  15. So now Mr. Fuk has went from being an Asiana airline pilot (Re: Fox SF’s all too real announcement that Sum Ting Wong, Ho Lee Fuk, Bang Ding Ow and Wi Tu Lo were flew that plane into the ground) to announcing when porn moratoria are cancelled. What a drop for him career-wise. 🙂 Next for Mr. Fuk and his friends — digging ditches for Caltrans.

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