The FSC calls a Preliminary Hold on Production

Today the FSC issued an official statement letting people know that there is a temporary hold on all production. A person has tested positive but as we learned last year, the first test could be a false positive, so the person will be tested again and then re-tested. If their next set of tests come back negative, the hold will be lifted on Wednesday.

Until then it is important you are extra careful because we don’t know who the person is and who they might have been with. While the FSC has stated they had not been on any “adult set” during the window of transmission, that doesn’t mean they haven’t had sex with an active performer off set, on a content trade or for what the FSC doesn’t consider an official “adult set”, such as website shoots and those Clips4Sale type websites.


Do not have unprotected sex during this time, even in your personal life. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

The Free Speech Coalition is calling for a precautionary production hold after a possible positive test for HIV by an adult performer listed in the PASS database. The performer had not worked on an adult set during the window of transmission and had not participated in any fluid exchange shoots since their last negative test.

The test has not yet been confirmed, and we will know whether or not it is a false positive in the next several days. If it is a false positive, the hold will be lifted on Wednesday.

Out of an abundance of precaution, we are asking that producers stop filming until we are able to confirm all facts. We will also proactively begin partner notification and retest anyone who might have had contact with the performer since their last clear test.

The Free Speech Coalition periodically calls production holds if there is a possible HIV exposure within the adult film community. Production holds are an important part of the safety protocols in adult film but does not signal an actual on-set transmission, nor a confirmed positive test. The adult film industry has not seen an on-set transmission of HIV on a PASS-regulated set in over a decade.

Eric Paul Leue
Executive Director
Free Speech Coalition


160040cookie-checkThe FSC calls a Preliminary Hold on Production

The FSC calls a Preliminary Hold on Production

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  1. I don’t wish to jump to conclusions about a preliminary HIV positive test within the industry so I won’t go further on that directly. However, you (an author is not listed, just “porn news”) bring up a glaring problem that even Mike South himself didn’t bring up in any of his numerous posts regarding VD testing protocol in the US straight/lesbian adult video industry. You mention that the prelim positive performer hadn’t (knowingly to PASS, the testing clinic or FSC) “. . . been on any adult set. . .” that the qualifier “. . . that doesn’t mean they haven’t had sex with an active performer offset, on a content trade or for what the FSC doesn’t consider an official “adult film set”, such as website shoots and Clips4Sale type sites” has been added. That is a hole in the system big enough to drive a jumbo jet with the whole state of California sitting on top of it. Theoretically that could mean this person has done scenes for tens of websites such as Brazzers, Kink, Bang Bros, Reality Kings, etc. and Eric’s “assurance” that this person has not been on an official “adult film set” would still be true. I don’t know if it is Leue’s poor choice of words or if an idiot is running VD testing and monitoring over there but IMO this is something you or Kelli should jump on and get to the bottom of. If the latter is true this is very concerning. This is supposed to be a VD testing and monitoring program for an at least theoretically higher risk occupation, not Pepe LePew’s VD testing, Slurpee supply, hot dog and pretzel stand, cocaine supplier, handcuff supply, gay porn studio and Twinks-R-Us Truvada, Cock Ring and Blow Job emporium. Let’s get it together, Leue, Q and Co and do this right — include medium to large websites (sites other than maybe Clips 4 Sale, Only Fans and the like that cater to individual, low-production clients). Bang Bros, Muffia, Brazzers, Kink, Reality Kings and Intersec/Insex (the last of which I include because I am sure from his past comments Matt Williams would cooperate with PASS on this) are all examples of companies that should be included in talent lists for VD transmission checks . Give me a fucking break with this one, Eric Leue.

  2. I wonder if official “adult film set” also means privates, bachelor parties, or whatever buzz word is being used to describe escorting.

  3. Welcome back, Hop. Just because I don’t support mandatory condoms (we have had this conversation before here on Mike South) doesn’t mean I support lackadaisical information on possible HIV infections out of the VD testing organizations in the industry. Saying that a performer hasn’t been “on an adult set” during the testing period and then qualifying that statement to exclude half of all adult industry sets is next to useless. Anyone doing such a poor job on a term paper for me would have had a big, red “F” written on it. If I had done such a poor job on a term paper, dissertation or exam when I was in college I would have received it back with that big, red “F” on it as well. The FSC’s job here (assuming the article was written properly) deserves that big, red “F” on it along with the cum from a 50 man bukkake and a steaming pile of dog shit.

    BTW, Kelli Roberts (a guest writer here on Mike South) had an article on her site expounding on the “rumor” that is going around the industry. Most of the time her articles are right on the money in times like these. I will allow the new owners of this site to decide how far they want to go down that road but assuming the article is still pertinent a re-print on this site might be a reasonable thing to do.

  4. I could be wrong, but I don’t think they are referring to marquee web sites, but rather small personal sites that could be part of content trades. It still a hole, but not jumbo jet-sized.

  5. As we have learned over the years, the FSC has one goal in mind and that is to be able to maintain that there have been “no on-set transmissions”, so they have to have a very narrow definition of what an adult set actually means. As we’ve learned over the years, when it comes to the FSC always read between the lines and never take anything they say at face value.

  6. BTW I think the article refers to personal websites, clips4sale type websites and porn star’s official websites, not major production sites such as Brazzers, Kink, etc.

  7. I hope you are correct, Kelli. That is not how Eric’s statement reads but your interpretation would make more sense. I did allow for the possibility that Eric’s comment was poorly written but with the Fucking Shithead Coalition we never know.

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