Douglas Declares Bankruptcy

One thing I left out of the previous post is that Douglas declared bankruptcy and defaulted on about 100K in debt,  yet another reason to ask why The FSC keeps him around?   Nothing illegal about filing bankruptcy or anything but it does demonstrate a lack of responsibility.


Im startng to get some tips on all of this  the most credible of which is VERY interesting.



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Douglas Declares Bankruptcy

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  1. Why keep any of them around? The producers all think they are FULL of shit and keep allowing content to be stolen and put of tubesites and EVERYBODY know’s most of the produers particulary in
    porn valley have given up and don’t give a shit anymore.
    Days of the FSC are numbered and Whinestein is gearing up for
    more action on another condom bill. He’s got bank to do that.

  2. I will combine my comments on both posts here. I don’t give a damn what his personal finances look like as long as they don’t affect his job performance. However, his job performance is lackluster at best. If I recall correctly Jeffrey has been at the FSC for a number of years now so likely (this is my take on it anyway) either he has something on some board members and/or Diane Duke or he convinced either current or previous administrations (his tenure at FSC pre-dates Diane and the current board of directors) to give him a contract that is difficult for them to get out of and Jeffrey has taken advantage of this (and the FSC can’t afford to buy him out).

    Does anyone know what state Jeffrey’s bar card (the document that allows an attorney to practice law) is/was out of? I am curious to see if he has lost his bar card for something.

  3. According to free, publicly availabe 1099 tax filings of the FSC, Douglas has been paid a salary, or wages of exactly ZERO dollars by FSC for the past three years for which the documents are available.

    @Mharris, how much does it cost to buy someone out of a ZERO dollar contract?

  4. He doesnt get paid in wages or salary he bills Diane and she pays it m I have a TON of interesting info pouring in on this…..this could get really interesting

  5. Re questions about his Bar Card…it is in California and in good standing. The CA appellate court appoints him for indigent defendants as well.

    Big question between personal bankruptcy and FSC financials would be if he was in any way related to the reported to IRS fiscal mismanagement by officers over the years. Not saying he is ..only that if he were it would be a pattern

  6. I can’t wait.

    Apologies to Jilted for not explaining appropriately. An attorney is not necessarily paid via salary, he could be billing the FSC (probably at an insane hourly rate) with a minimum charge as a retainer.

  7. I feel sorry for anyone getting assigned to Dr. Douglas as their attorney. I certainly hope he is more competent at criminal law than he is at advising Diane and the board at FSC.

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