Diane Duke Doesn’t Answer Because She Can’t Lie

A reader and long time adult industry company owner answered why Diane Duke never answers me.   he is probably right.  it is because if it is AVN or XBiz she can and will lie to them, they will take it and run it even when they know she is lying, they will not challenge her because both publications are a part of the FSC, AVN via Mark Kernes and XBiz via Alec Helmy.

Diane knows that when she lies to me she will get called on it.

Simple answer Diane won’t answer me because she knows she can’t lie to me.


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Diane Duke Doesn’t Answer Because She Can’t Lie

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  1. Liar ! Liar ! Pants on fire ! Maybe I should “hack” into her email accounts and other personal data and stalk her family, huh?
    I sure love Mike South. You make me a little traffic on my shitty site that
    nobody reads and I have to do all the “fake” comments to myself.

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