Diane Duke and The FSC Should be Prosecuted

I held off on this story until I got the all clear from Clover on his retest for Syphilis.  There was enough confusion at the time as it was and the situation was under control, none of the exposures were working, they knew that despite what Diane Duke said in her press release that they were not yet clear.

Here is what happened :

When Clover came forward and LATATA got the information out Diane Duke was intentionally cut out of the information flow, many times in the past she has done underhanded things to circumvent the proper flow of information to performers and to try to make herself and the FSC look powerful.  LATATA thought that a better job could be done with these situations and indeed it was.

Now here’s where you have to follow me a bit  Clover originally tested on Friday Before last at CET and got the positive, the same blood draw was again tested with a more sensitive test and got the inconclusive.  Talent testing Services tested Clover again with a new draw, but said that Clover should wait a week and retest to be sure… That test was done yesterday.

Last week when Diane Duke did her press release stating that it was a false positive she had instructed CET to retest Clovers Original blood draw two Fridays ago, so she was testing a 5 day old draw, but more importantly she did NOT  I repeat  Did NOT have any permission from Clover to retest that blood.  She then had CET release the results to her and she included those results in her press release with NO PERMISSION from Clover to do that.

What Diane Duke did is the height of irresponsibility and unprofessional behavior and it may even be criminal.  What if Clover had turned up positive on yesterdays test?  Fortunately everyone involved was following the recommendations of TTS so it wouldn’t have been an issue but Diane Duke showed a reckless disregard for everything decent when she chose to do that and she should immediately resign in disgrace (She wont but she should)

When her press release came out I immediately started asking the questions that AVN and XBiz failed to ask, because they have their noses so far up Dianes ass that they take what she says as Gospel even though she has lied repeatedly about other things as well.  How did Diane Duke get a blood test when it was common knowledge that she was being left out of the loop?  Where did she get the blood? how did she get the results when Clover was not cooperating with her?  This shit should have been a red flag for XBiz and for AVN but no….nobody over there gave enough of a fuck to ask simple and obvious questions.

Lets see how they handle this one….

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Diane Duke and The FSC Should be Prosecuted

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12 Responses

  1. If it is true that CET, at the request of Dianne Dike, repeated the tests and sent the results to Dianne, without permission from Clover(legal written permision) then they violated several federal laws. ONLY Clover can do anything about this, and he has a slam dunk case.

    Performing any medical test without the authoriation of the patient is highly illegal, as is sending those test results to a third party withoug explicit written consent.

    But I feel we have not heard the last of this, There is still something very fishy about the LATATA press release that says Clover is cleared to work, It doesnt say all the tests were negative, because as we know, once you are positive for syphilis you will always be positive on the initial screen, but after you are treated you will be negative on the confirmatory test.

    There is still something fishy here, and that is why I doubt that Clover will take any legal action, because if he does the WHOLE THRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH will come out.

  2. Confirmatory syphilis tests have a number as a result, not negative or positive. It is a ratio,2:1 or 4:1 etc. Based on these nubers you come to a conclusion, postive, negative or inconclusive. “Inconclusive” is not a test result, it is an interpetation of the actual result.

    The more they try to explain themselves the deeper they are digging. This is not the whole story, nor is it the end of the story. Lies, when faced with the facts, are hard to keep straight, and there is a whole lot of lying going on here, a whole lot!!!!!!!

  3. Just hope type 9 and
    Lataticotaco and Fsc don’t
    Try to fuck him out of the
    Money he could come into!

    Real slime balk cocksucker in LA!

  4. The potential HIPAA violation is appalling, but what concerns me more is that CET jumps when Diane Duke says frog. What other information is CET sending to FSC that they should not be?

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