Diane Duke and the FSC Cover Their Asses

Very interesting press release from Diane Duke and The FSC recently:

Dear PASS Participants,
AMTC and STD Status will no longer be PASS providers as of Friday June 13th.  AMTC and STD Status will provide tests results to anyone who has tested up to and on the 13th and enter availability into the PASS system for participating performers.  Both Cutting Edge Testing and Talent Testing provide nationwide service and can accommodate performers who currently test with AMTC or STD Status.
Feel free to contact us at
[email protected] or 818-348-9373 if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Diane Duke, CEO
Free Speech Coalition

Now if AMTC and STDStatus look familiar to you that is because those two companies are connected to Dr  David Kulbersh from Irmo, SC.  We knew there was dirty shit going on and even provided the info on how The FSC is making  money from those two businesses.  Now barely a month later The FSC is divesting itself of the connections, with no reason given…makes one wonder doesn’t it?   Makes me wonder if Kulbersh is still on the PASS Medical Advisory Board.
StdStatus had ties to Fiyazz Pirani as well as Kulbersh but AMTC appears to only be tied to Dr David Kulbersh.
It looks like We got a little too close to the truth for the comfort of Diane Duke and The FSC. but rest assured that they are not cleaning up their act, simply looking for new ways to scam you and stay one step ahead of the IRS and the law.
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Diane Duke and the FSC Cover Their Asses

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26 Responses

  1. I contacted both Diane Duke and the FSC for a response, they chose not to respond, not even to why did you terminate these relationships. That speaks volumes to me.

  2. You don’t believe them no matter what they say, so why would they respond? I’ll tell you that on a personal level, it’s really frustrating. You take the old Rumsfeldian line “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.” I think the Fiyazz Pirani you mention above is one of the best examples — if I remember correctly, you were somehow sure that FSC was making money off of an affiliate link. However, when it turned up that no such linking code existed, you decided it had been changed, or was masked, or something else. It’s like dealing with birthers. No matter what evidence is put in front of you, you come up with an alternate hypothesis, no matter how stretched, to support your point. Everything else is couched in this disingenuous “just asking” that’s no batter than Nancy Grace’s “allegedlys.”

    It’s too bad, really, because I think the one point where we do agree is that the reporting on adult could be better. There are questions that could be asked, there are answers that could be gotten. But instead of getting facts, you just rely on rumor and innuendo. My sense is that you don’t actually want answers, you just want villains.

  3. Oh they were making money off of that bet on it…absence of an affiliate link means nothing there are way better ways to track sales specially if you want to keep it hidden. and for the record I will absolutely post their response word for word just as I said I would but they know that I have more cards than I have played and they dont want to be caught .

  4. Again, Rumsfeld for the win. Or perhaps The Donald. You don’t have any evidence, not even circumstantial, but you’re still sure it’s there because, well, evildoers.

  5. The real question is why is the FSC dictating to performers where they can be tested? Why are they taking choice away from performers. These places use the same technology and run the exact same tests, they even use the same lab, so whats the problem.

    @Mikestbile,,,why is the FSC telling performers where they can and cant get an acceptable test? PASS is a system for the benefit of PRODUCERS, not talent.

    Where is APAC,,,,what do they think about the FSC telling them where they can and cant test? What ever happened to CHOICE for performers?

    Something here stinks to high heaven. And its dupes like Stabile here who will always questions the motives of industry foes, but will never question the motives of the industry itself, in particular the FSC.

    To all the ADULT performers, isnt it nice to have mommy(FSC) make this decision for you about YOUR health and safety?

  6. NOW is the time to just getrid of PASS. It is unnecessary. The TTS verification system is better, and provides even more legal protection than PASS. It allows the performer themselves to verify actual test results, and eliminates any third party transfer of information.

    Performers can choose to make this happen. The Harm Reduction program that the industry relies on is too fragmented right now. What made AIM successful, and the HR program successful was that it was all under one roof. That is crucial to an HR program.

  7. I’m not entirely familiar with it, but my sense would be that by using the PASS system you’re able to readily and quickly call a moratorium, and do a viral genealogy. If someone is testing at a non-PASS approved testing facility, there’s no alert if that person were to test positive. They could just disappear, and the threat to the performer pool wouldn’t be recognized. There’s good reason to have it centralized.

  8. THe PASS system does NOT,,,repeat DOES NOT do the geneologies after someone tests postive!!!!!! The doctor who ordered the tests does that.

    MikeS,,,hasnt PASS been telling everyone that they dont get actual results,,,just a checkmark,,,hasnt PASS been telling everyone that they dont even get notified as to who tested positive. What a fucking joke, ,,,,,did you actually think that PASS does the patient tracking,,are you that misinformed?

    you dont even know how your own system works. Even if someone tests at a PASS facility they can recind the illegal waiver they signed, as happened at AIM on several occasions. What a fucking joke, even the people who speak our for the industry dont even know how their ownsystem works. ONLY IN PORN

  9. “you don’t even know how your own system works.”

    Out of all of the issues within the industry, and there are plenty, this is the one that drives me absolutely fucking insane.

    How are there so many people within an industry who rely on a single testing system yet don’t even know exactly how the system works?
    It’s like “No condoms! Our testing system works! But…. we have no fucking idea exactly how the system works???” It makes no sense?

    Oh, and moratoriums are rather pointless & not even enforceable.

  10. @mikestabile

    Do you really want to get out front for FSC saying they didn’t and don’t make affiliate income off testing and other program related services that they don’t report? The smart thing to do is distance yourself real quick from that shit…

    In 2011 FSC reported 630k as contributions (membership fees) and not one fucking red cent in program services yet we both know that the are charging producers for access to PASS on top of a reduced fee for APAP with FSC membership and how about ASACP more likely than not picking up the tab for travel when Duke and Douglas trot around stumping for it?

    2012 didn’t get better…544k contributions (membership) no program services and don’t tell me that Joanne Cachepero is pulling in 125k a year…but she is only listed employee besides Duke to make up that 285k salary reported.

    Now before you bring up PASS and APAP as separate entities…show me the fucking proof. Maybe they went the way of FREE SPEECH ALLIANCE another little revenue stream for Duke?

  11. @jilted

    AIM being under one roof is exactly what caused its demise…more folks wanted a slice of the performer paid pie.

    NRA not the guns the National Restaurant Association has quietly yet very effectively lobbied to have adequate self regulated harm reduction programs made into law…that’s why it’s the exception not the rule to get or even be exposed to food poisoning every time you buy a prepared meal.

    FSC is too busy hiding money and saying porn is exempt from the rules to move forward with any kind of effective or adequate harm reduction plan.

  12. Financial shenanigans is what caused AIMs demise. Not AHF, not OSHA, not any lawsuits. Just look at the official bankruptcy papers. The Harm Reduction program worked exactly as designed
    The only entities making any real money off the testing are the labs.
    The farther and wider spread a harm reduction program gets the less effective it is.

    regarding the slice of the pie, to be fair, I, that is ME, am the only person whoever took anything close to a large slice of the pie, and I didnt share with anybody. With the testing now spread out over several places the slices are even smaller now.
    Performer comes in and pays cash at the clinic,,,now the clinic has to ,,,1. Pay the lab, which is more than 60% right off the top of the money paid by the performer,,,,2, Pay the clinic employees, including insurance, WC, everything else that goes with having emplyees,,,3, Pay rent, utilities,licensing, phone bills. 4, Then the doctor pays himself, after all these are private for profit businesses here. Now tel me how much is left over to payoff the FSC or whoever else you want to claim is getting a kickback,,,,,,the numbers just dont ad up that there is any money left for these alleged kickbacks.

  13. Porn industry tips for arguing the industry’s talking points,,,,,,
    1. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, and has feathers like a duck, NEVER, EVER admit its a duck. Call it a dog, a cat, or a unicorn, but do not call it a duck.

    2. NEVER under any circumstances give a direct anwer to a direct question, most important, NEVER reveal what our own industry testing program has shown for years.

    3. When presented with scientific data, and surveys done with known and accepted scientific methods, simply say they are flawed and move on. Arguing against these surveys not only makes the individual look stupid, it reflects on the entire industry.

    3. If Pete Ackworth offers you a job, ask his assistant if they will be providing the cocaine.

  14. @jilted

    Didn’t say that pie was based on kick backs…did and do say those financial shenanigans started long before AIM was created. From early days AIM ran into problems paying their lab fees and employees, and this didn’t change when they raised prices and limited the number of unpaid services they provided.

    AIM litigation and bankruptcy documents tell a similar story to numerous individual bankruptcy documents by folks like Jeffrey Douglas who claimed his wife own their house, then settled with 30k compromise that paid 1/3 of billed bankruptcy litigation costs leaving about five grand to pay less than 6% of his 92k federal tax debt and not one thin dime for his consumer debt.

  15. @jilted

    Lol #3 …think he’d let me play with his guns? It’s a pain in the ass going to the range or trekking out to the woods for target practice. 😉

  16. mentioned Free Speech Alliance to Mike Stabile 😉 should I have brought up PAWS the AIM predecessor?

  17. I wonder if Peter would loan me Madeline, a barrel of lube, some rope, handcuffs and the basement of his Armory. I don’t mix bondage and gun play and also don’t mix bondage and cocaine so won’t need either of those things. 🙂

    Seriously, I think the FSC needs to be disbanded and an organization created that people in the adult industry actually respect and support. Certainly Diane Duke should be sent back to Planned Parenthood where she came from.

  18. @mharris

    Lol Planned Parenthood doesn’t want her back…besides they really pissed her off when they stood up in support of AB1576 at labor committee

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