APHSS/PASS To Clear Hep C Positives To Work, They Knew About Alex Gonz as Far Back As 2010

OK so many of you know that Diane Duke and one of her lap dogs, Christian Mann held a super secret, no press allowed, invite only producers meeting last Friday.  I guess they figured I wouldn’t get wind of it.

They were wrong, I knew the results before Dukes lying sorry ass was in her car to go home.

The purpose of the meeting was clearly to shore up support for APHSS, now being called PASS, as though changing the name would solve the problems.  They knew that it wasn’t being used much because they know how often its used simply by looking at the stats.  They knew they needed to try and do something.

One of the things they did was ask for a show of hands of people who do not use PASS.  most people like my sources didn’t want to draw attention to themselves so they just remained quiet in the background. David Lord had raised his hand and when asked why he didn’t use it he said something to the effect of he didn’t know anything about it but the real showstopper was retard Porno Dan, when asked why he told Diane Duke “Because I don’t trust you”….Porno fucking Dan actually said that  when Porno Dan is the smartest guy in the room you know that it is full of morons.

For the most part everyone was going along until Duke and Mann were backed into a corner and had to admit that APHSS/PASS was going to clear HEP C positive performers to work.  Yes you read that right. At that point you could tell even these producers were more against them than they knew.

Another thing that came out of this was in quietly talking to people it came out that Alex Gonz had first tested positive for Hep C back in 2010 at an industry approved  clinic in Florida and that The FSC knew about it but never told anyone.

No wonder he disappeared quickly.

Anyway word has it that now The FSC is planning a meeting with talent next, can’t mix the two ya know because they have to tell talent a whole different set of lies.

For the life of me I can’t understand why anyone WOULD trust these people, they are total scum.



81610cookie-checkAPHSS/PASS To Clear Hep C Positives To Work, They Knew About Alex Gonz as Far Back As 2010

APHSS/PASS To Clear Hep C Positives To Work, They Knew About Alex Gonz as Far Back As 2010

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  1. So now the industry is gonna treat Hep C like herpes? I thought it was much more serious. If Hep C positive performers are allowed to work, then why the heck did anyone test for the disease in the first place? It’ll be interesting to hear what the Hep C negative performers think about this decision.

  2. On a side note, Dan is pretty smart.. He would like for you to think he’s silly and dumb.. lets face it, he is making money, showing up to all of these meetings, going to courtrooms..and has no problem with voicing his opinions and saying the truth, to peoples faces. In my opinion that is the smartest thing that I’ve seen happening. It’s quite simple to explain really “Actions are louder than words.” but in some peoples cases “The pen is mightier than the sword.” I don’t think one is smarter than the other, or that anyone should compare themselves or anyone else in the industry to Dan or anyone else.. it’s that kind of thinking that leads us to there being absolutely no way for anyone to make any difference at all. I would also like to make it clear that I don’t think that porn “makes a difference” to anything really that important in the world.

  3. 1) Porno Dan’s actual comment was “I have trust issues with it”, when asked why he doesnt use it. He went on to explain that he prefers to go online directly with either TTS or CET. He did not attack Diane personally.
    2) Its misleading to say that that Christian and Diane ” had to admit that APHSS/PASS was going to clear HEP C positive performers to work”. In actuality, they said there are rare instances where Hepatitis C can be cured, and in those cases they would clear the performers to work. (See http://www.webmd.com/hepatitis/news/20070521/hepatitis-c-cures-now-common). Many of the producers in the room raised objections to this, so Christian said that they would take it back to the Medical Review Board and discuss/debate it again.
    3. The meeting was not a secret. It was kept to a small group so that there would be plenty of time for discussion, but no one that I know was told this was a secret meeting or that we werent to discuss the meeting. The discussion during the meeting was mostly positive and thoughtful. Everyone there agreed that we all want to do what’s in the best interest of the performers. The purpose of the meeting was to explain to everyone how/when to use the PASS (formerly APHSS) system so that producers will stop accepting forgeable paper tests. Many producers spoke up with suggestions and feedback and it was all received well. After the meeting, a number of producers were talking about using condoms, at least maybe in the short run.

  4. Hasn’t it been rumored for a while that many performers have Hep–including Nacho Vidal?

  5. So Mike, is AdultFYI helping your traffic go through the roof. Pretty much everything I read over there is about you. You know the old saying about no such thing as bad publicity. If nothing else, his readers probably want to read your posts to see what all the fuss is about.

    I can’t think of another news outlet that spends most of its time reporting on its competitors news.

  6. Oh swell !
    What a way to start the Monday Morning.
    So word is that they are going to let Hep C positive performer’s
    work in the industry and that ins’t going to go well with the Talent right

    You already have a really fucked up testing and online check test service, along with crossovers and tranny fuckers and escorts all over
    the fucking place now. More Mainstream Media news in the making for the Fucked Up straight porn scene.
    Why don’t they just drop another Atom Bomb on the whole shitter and
    just nuke the motherfucker. Craigslist is jumping with production companies and agents looking really hard for STUPID talent out there
    to replace the ones leaving. How many more Female and male talent
    throwing in the towel this week? Retirement? I doubt that, Just fucking leave. Its not worth it anymore..

    Guarnteed, They will be scouring all over the place for replacement talent. Look it at it this way too, you got Brandon Iron to come back and he is MORE than willing to Work.

  7. Nobody938 the success of curing Hepatitis C depends on the genotype of the virus you have. Also, the anti viral treatments for Hep C can take up to a year and the side affects are very, very harsh.

  8. @nobody938,
    You seem to have an inside track as to what happened at this meeting. Did you actually attend the meeting.

    Questions, do you know who is on this alleged Medical Advisory Board? Do you think the talent has the right to know who is making Whythese decisions that have a direct affact on their health and safety? Why has APHSS?PASS never told the performers who is making these decisions on their behalf? Nobody, do you even know if there even exists a Medical Adviso Board? Many suspect that the existence of this unnamed board is just another FSC, Dianne Duke lie.

    Any comments on this anonymous medial board Nobody938?

  9. Not to mention the astronomical cost of this treatment, NOT covered by medical insurance, as if most performers have insurance anyway.

    Hey, didnt Dianne Duke say something over a year ago about a health plan for performers? Yes she did, but of course it was ALL talk, and no action, typical of Dianne and the FSC.

  10. Can you imagine the conversation between an insurance salesman and a porn actor.

    Insurance agent: What do you do for a living.

    Actor: I have unprotected sex several times a month with partners who have unprotected sex with multiple people every month. I also work for an escort agency and do several complete strangers in random hotel rooms several time a month too.

    Insurance agent: Based on this alone I will have to put you in the highest risk category, and we will need to do a drug test too.

    Actor: Will you pay for a slew of std tests every month?

    Insurance agent: No, Our best policy allow for one physical per year with a limited number of std tests. And based on you personal risk level I will have to go to the roof of the highest high rise in this city to set your rate.

    Acor: But Dianne Duke said insurance would be affordable.

    Insurance Agent: Dianne Duke lied to you. There is no way in hell any porn performer and escort would be listed as anything other than the highest risk possible.

    Actor: So basicly I am screwed?

    Insurance : Yes, literally and figuratively.

    Actor: But what if I lie to you about what I do for a living?

    Insurance agent: You could do that, but WHEN we find out we will sue you for every penny you got, and file criminal charges.

    Actor: But we’re in the porn industry and we get to do what ever we want!

    Insurance agent: But now you’re stepping into the real world sweetheart, and thats not how its done in the real business world.

  11. I think people are finally starting to realize that this is getting pretty serious. Alex Gonz tested Positive for Hep C in 2010. Do you know how many girls he worked with between 2010-2013? A lot. I would venture to say most of them. This is not good. I have also noticed a lot of the male talent completely disappearing since this whole Hep C testing became mandatory.

  12. Sorry y’all I have been out today riding…I needed a break from all this….anyway I was NOT at that meeting I’m quite certain that had I showed up I would have been shown the door quickly. In all fairness to Porno Dan he is an easy target but I have to agree with Sean that he is certainly showing more intelligence these days than people credit him for. As to curing Hep C it is possible in limited cases that is true but Do you really trust the FSC to be the arbiter of this? They have acted irresponsibly time and time again, I see no indication that they have any intention of any meaningful change in policies….despite a name change.

  13. Oh and as for them increasing my traffic yes they probably do but the vast majority of my traffic is what we call organic meaning people type it in….I also get a good amount of search engine traffic.

  14. “They are total scum.” Right you are Mike, and that goes double for LATATA, who have been booking Hep C positive performers for YEARS, and not notifying the other talent, who most of the time are repped by other members of LATATA.

    Got to call you out on this one Mike. Why is LATATA getting a pass on the booking of Hep C performers, and booking 50 man anal creampies? Do you not see a problem with 50 man anal creampies?

  15. As far as Porno Dan, its hilarious to see Rob Black clalling Dan a retard. So lets get this straight, Dan is a retard, and yet he is making money in the pon industry. Rob, on the other hand, is a broke joke, without a pot to piss in, who is making zero money in the industry. Now, who is the retard? And Rob is still calling the UAWA a union, and claims he will provide free testing, and will negotiate for group health care coverage. Wonder what the Department of Labor is going to have to say about this? hmmmm? http://uawa.org/

    What a joke! Free montly testing. Really, the UAW

  16. Really, the UAWA will be coming up with about $80,000.00 every month for testing? That will cover about 500 performers for all of the tests listed on the UAWA site, and they left out HPV, Herpes, Trichomonis, PID, etc. Rob, whatever you’re smoking maybe you can start selling it. Or are those new UAWA condoms going to cover all these costs? Swamp property for sale in Florida.

  17. Rob could already be using an existing method. I can get tested for free every month thanks to the county health department in my area. The only fee is that the results are used anonymously in statistics. That’s the only catch.

  18. There is no County clinic that is going to do for free all of the tests that Rob says he will provide, let alone PCR tests for HIV. If Robs plan is to have the taxpayers of Los Angeles provide the testing for the industry he will be in for a rude awakening, but I highly that is his plan. he is constantly talking about one centralized testing clinic, and no taxpayer funded County clinic is going to be part of any scheme like this It just aint gonna happen. And no County taxpayer funded clinic is going to verify test results for porn producers.

    Which reminds me, every single person or company that ever had an AIM password is going to be sued, and the intetionally destroyed records are not going to be sued, and they will lose. I wonder if Rob’s company ever had a password? hmmmmm

  19. I can get tested for HIV, Hep, trich, herpes, pap smears, and all that for free. If I use my insurance and my doctor to do it monthly I could lose the insurance for being considered high risk.

    The AHF will probably just extend the resources already given to the male population they already test. However, to get it for free you would have to be in the UAWA. That way the government can have STD statistics among adult workers.

  20. Cpan, did you notice that the link you provided was for AHF clinics, and cater specifically to men, and trnasgenered persons. What about the females in the industry. Bunt again, NO taxpayer funded clinic is going to provied free monthly testing on the scale that Rob says, let alone for people who make anywhere from 300 to over 1000 dollars a day.

  21. Except Cpan, the UAWA is not a real union, and they have no legal right to negotiate any collective bargaining agreement for their “members.” Rob also says the UAWA will be providing insurance for its members too, again, they have no right to negotiate any insurance policy on behalf of its “members” because they are NOT a union.

    Rob is still stuck in the old mindset that the porn industry can do what ever they want and get away with it. Rob is no different than any of the people he rails about, just as ignorant, and just as naive to think that he can do all of these things without being a real union. The Department of Labor does not stand for ‘phony unions’ trying to negotiate on behalf of their ‘members.’ This is the real world, real politics,real enforcement of laws, not the porn industry.

  22. Forget that it isn’t a union. Look to it as the government telling you that to work in porn you have to go through the UAWA. If they say that then what Rob calls it doesn’t matter.

    As it now stands the porn industry is doing whatever it wants. Rob is going to give them the industry. Rob calls himself president of the adult industry? Guess what? He’s probably going to be.

    I already pointed out that the AHF will just extend the services to the adult industry. You think Weinstein is going to deny them based on gender when people in porn are contracting HIV? That would look bad on the AHF. I’m sure he would love to have the press conference where he announces the AHF will be extending their services to protect the adult workers to help stomp out HIV transmissions among workers. It is already easier for women to get free STD testing as opposed to men. That is why the AHF set that up for men.

    Union or not Rob is going to do what the government says has to be done. You think he is bartering with them? No. They wouldn’t barter with Rob. They are telling him what he has to do.

    Monthly testing and 6 month physicals is easy. Anyone can already get that.

  23. Really, Cpan. Exactly which government agency is going to tell any individual that if you want to work in porn you have to go through the UAWA? The Department of Labor, which is also the same agency that enforces the union LAWS? And you think the government is goint to tell anybody that they must get an HIV test from a specific clinic.

    It is ILLEGAL in california to require an HIV test as a condition of employment.

    There is no such thing as FREE testing. Somebody pays for it, whether it be a private organization, or the government. It might be no charge to the person getting tested, but somebody is going to pay for it, and there is no legal way in hell the taxpayers are going to pay for montthy screening of adult workers in order to comply with an industry voluntary program.

    You CANNOT just ‘forget’ that is isnt a union when they claim to be doing collective barganing on behalf of the membership.

    And again, what government agency is going to be doing this? Really, a government agency is going to tell the performers you must go through the UAWA. What do you think any goverment official that Rob might be talking to will do when he gets sent copies of Robs shows. D

  24. Rob also says that performers will be licensed? Again, what governmet agency is going to issue this license? All of these things that Rob is talking about will require the State of California to pass legislation to make it happen, and no bills regarding any of this have been introduced, and none will.

    What state agencies are we talking about here??
    Cpan, we agree on alot of things, but I just dont see these things happening, especially with Rob Black at the helm.

    OSHA cannot make testing a requirment, especially pre-employment testing. They do not have the authority to do that.

  25. Is it entirely legal to have the terms of your employment require one to take a load in the arse? Is it legal to require someone to have sex willing or not as a condition of employment? CALOSHA probably doesn’t think so, but they are letting things slide. For now…

    If the manager of an independently-owned diner wrote that blowjobs are to be given to him on the first and 16th of the month in the job description he would be in deep shit regardless of if those he hired agreed to it. Porn can do that though. Hmmm.

    If people are getting deadly diseases while at work anything can happen. Including making the shooting of pornography illegal. That’s where it is headed. It happened before. They made it legal. People are dying. We are talking about things that result in death.

    So, because of his language they’ll just turn him down? Look what the government did when they ordered 5 of Rob’s films. What is happening in the industry is far worse than any of those films, Evil Angel’s, JM Productions, Max Hardcore, and maybe Ira’s.

    Now the government has a chance to clean shit up. Are you saying they won’t do it?

  26. From UAWA.org

    “Negotiating and enforcing contracts with employers so that each worker will be treated with dignity and respect.”

    Really, this “not a real union” is going to be allowed to negotiate and enforce contracts? Lets see how fast this disappears from the UAWA website. And what government agency is going to allow this?

  27. I am saying that to do the things they should be doing will need LEGISLATION. Without laws on the books the government cant just declare something illegal. OSHA can only act after the fact, and they have, and every single time they have acted their actions have been upheld.

    The most negligent group here is the California Legislature. There is a LEGAL sex industry in california, but not one single LAW regarding any health and , safety requirements for this industry,other than OSHA, which can only act after the fact.

    And again, what government agency is going to do these things,,,make you go through the UAWA, make you get tested?. No agency has the right to do any of this right now. Only until there is legislation will anything change.

  28. Why do you think Rob is going to Sacramento? To play Scrabble?

    I don’t think Rob would be sleeping in an office so he can pay his bills to keep his show on the air as he crosses his fingers hoping that somehow he can get people to join him in his Honeycomb Hideout.

    As it now stands the adult biz is going way against CALOSHA. CALOSHA can do a cartwheel, drink a margarita, and shut everyone down. Basically, freedom of expression is the only leg this biz can stand on. The government has shown us over and over again that if people are put in danger then freedom of expression means nothing. If I yell “fire” in a movie theater are people getting HIV?

    As of now the government is being really nice by letting the biz stay open. Like, really fucking nice. Rob’s capitalizing on that.

  29. I think the Performers do need a UNION. The problem is you can’t and should not have a “convicted” felon running it or as they say be a Union Officer. Tom Byron should be in their as such.

    This would be the perfect line up.
    Tom Byron as the Prez.
    Tommy Gunn (the Short one) as Vice President.
    Kayden Kross as another one and
    That Girl for the life of me can’t remember her name, She’s with Wicked
    as a female performer and very vocal.
    Maybe Ron Jeremy too if you can keep him out of the refrigrator.
    But performers that have been around for awhile.
    Hell, I can go for the free benifits and the free testing too and
    5 star meals on the sets too!

  30. Just read over on that Alcholic Vodka drinker’s site that the
    Prince Yashura is in need of Donations and needs to get another
    operation on his Broken dick.

    So they are holding a “fundraiser”. Now doesn’t these guys have
    companies and do endorsement for products and other so call functions? Everybody that suppose to have all that shit going on
    don’t have Insurance. And they want to work bare back.
    I think they are all nuts. Too much Crack and Cocaine and high-thc
    smoking going on can lead to suicidal thoughts and the Porn industry
    is full of people with severe Mental problems and drug issues.

    We as taxpayer’s don’t want you bullshit liberal give me, give me
    welfare and sucking the taxpayers cock for everything. That’s why California is such a shithole state. Too Many Fruitcake liberals that
    beg all the time for shit. Get off you asses and go back to school and learn a trade and get a real job and work for your Insurance and food, house and other things you want.

    Fuck Democrats and Liberals. I am saying that and I do belong to a UNION.

  31. I imagine over time Rob would employ ex or even current workers that had fame in the UAWA. He’s trying to get that now.

    On his show today he said that funding is coming. Let’s ask ourselves what that means. Funding by who? Discuss.

    What Rob is saying isn’t wrong. It is colorful, but he would be considered an “entertainer”. I’m sure the pompous government folk didn’t like Elvis and his hips either. The fact that it wasn’t regulated before is why the situation is where it is at. Why isn’t there a tube site that will show me every sitcom, TV drama, movie, documentary or any other thing produced by the mainstream media? The only abilities we have now are copyright takedowns and tube-bombing where you flood the site with short clips advertising your own site making people leave it to avoid adverts.

    Rob stated today that it is not a “union”, but a union of workers where they come together for a greater good. Rob admits it isn’t a union like a teachers union. It is a union in the sense of bringing everyone together. Community/Organization may be the proper term because there is obviously a lot of confusion about “union” when used in this instance.

    Rob has mentioned catering before on his show. What about 5-star meals? Is there money for that? Women don’t want to eat potato chips, lukewarm chicken fingers, remnants of a b-day cake made out to some guy named Roy, and no ice so the Mountain Dew was about 10 degrees above piss. (True story)

  32. Cpan,
    rob can saywhatever he wants. He says,”Its not a union” but then he says that the UAWA will negotiate and enforce contracts. Then he says the UAWA will negotiate for group insurance, then he says the UAWA will provide a one stop clearing house for talent, no more agents.

    If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, its usually a duck.There are very stricy laws regarding what unions can do, and what they cant do. rob is talking about doing things with his little group, that rquire union status. Rob cant just declare,”We’re not a union” and then try to do the things unions do without proper licensing. And then there’s that peskiy little law that says a convicted felon cant hhold office in a union.(LMRD rule 504) Just because Rob says something doesnt make it so.

    Rob is right about alot of things, I would say I agree with him about 85% of the time. He just needs to learn how to work in the real world. He tells the talent how stupid they are, yeah, thats a good way to get people to join your ‘union.’ If people despise the messanger they aint going to listen to the messag was\. If Rob was truely serious he would hand the reigns over to someone that people in the industry actually respect, but in the end, its all about Rob, and Robs big ‘get even’ with the industry that abondon him. Rob the martyr.

    I would love to be able to support the c

  33. I would love to support the concept of the UAWA, but with Rob as the leader its doomed. Just like politics, I am a requblican, but no way was I voting for McCain.

  34. Rob Black’s ego is way too big for him to hand over the reins to someone who actually commands respect from the industry, and yes, agree that the main reason is that he wants to carry out his personal vendetta himself. Nothing he says or does really has a thing to do with the well-being of others (yeah, the health of his performers was a HUGE concern for him with Extreme Associates- NOT), it’s COMPLETELY about him……

  35. Rob, we know you read this. Why were the lawyers names, listed under the “Leadership” link on the UAWA site removed?

  36. Rob, we know you read this. Why were the lawyers names, listed under the “Leadership” link on the UAWA site removed?

  37. From UAWA..org
    The UAWA represents all men and women who work in the adult entertainment business.///Wrong, You represent people who join your organization. And then it lists everybody, actors, actresses, directors, camera operators, still photogrophers, script writers, production assistants, lighting technicians, make up artists, and now get this, caterers. Yes, I am sure all those caterers consider themselves to be part of the adult entertainment industry. And since when is providing a 12 pack of Taco Bell considered catering. I can see all the food truck operators now saying, “We have to join the UAWA” This just gets funnier and funnier with every passing moment.

  38. Glad I made you laugh Nick. Nick, are you a member of the UAWA? Do you know why the lawyers names were removed from the UAWA website?

  39. Looks like he will do what Hall states he will do.

    If he is doing something that he can’t then wait until it forms and then sue him.

    As of now we have nothing more than conjecture. Rob keeps saying the UAWA is coming. I’m pretty sure that it is and I don’t think the folks in porn valley are going to have much of a choice.

    Let’s put our feet up and see what happens. You bring up a lot of good points. If Rob actually develops an organization that properly protects the workers would you support it? Or, will you just deny it because it is run by Rob?

    As it now stands the alternatives being given are rather daft because huge chunks of common sense are left out. What do you think would work? The same thing Rob is saying without Rob?

    If people are in such opposition to him then why not do the same thing he is doing? Rob getting his way isn’t the matter at hand. Protecting the workers is what is important.

    Just remember, if people try to outdo Rob he will make sure they go down if they do one thing wrong. The same goes for him though. It is not a one-way street.

  40. I would like nothing more than to see a real organization that does everything Rob is saying he will do. There’s just one huge problem. Rob cant do what he says he will do. Why cant he do it? Because the people he needs to joing his organization are the same people that he is calling retards and morons. The talent will not rally behind Rob Black. The government will not hitch their wagon to the Rob Black cart. Rob lost me when he called Cameron Bay a cunt, and when he continues to say that Clover had syphilis, which he NEVER did.

    Robs message is a good one, he just doesnt know how to get that message across in a way that makes people want to rally around him. This is heavy duty politics being played here, and in this game Rob is pure amature hour material. Just being right isnt good enough. This is real world politics, and the messanger is just as important as the message. Rob himself has even acknowledged this himself several times,, he often says that “you all know I am right but you just wont support Rob Black saying it”(paraphrasing Rob) And this is true, and that is exactly the reason that he should turn the reigns over to someone the talent does trust, like Lisa Ann. Rob is the one who will ultimately be the reason for the failure of UAWA, because he will not do what is necessary to make it succeed, which is to step aside and let someone the talent trust to take over.

  41. I actually question the Clover situation based on what I heard. He came out and said he tested positive and then we were told he didn’t. If I was the FSC doing shady shit I would have him take meds after the first test and then test negative and say he was negative all along. Who is stopping them from doing that? No one.

    Rob said that 75% of the industry is going to be taken down. I don’t think he intends those who he calls names to rally around him. I think he is going to take them down. Therefore, he has no worries. Look what he is doing to Stagliano? Katie Summers is somehow involved with Rob. In the end, that’s his lawsuit against Stagliano done through someone else. Kink supposedly burned Katie Summers. Look at what Rob is doing to them. Then think about everyone else that has wronged him…

    I’m close friends with people Rob has made fun of and I’ve noticed that those who aren’t self-absorbed laugh it off and agree with him. Those who are self-absorbed take it as though he committed a heinous sin. If you are in porn and still have shame then see a therapist.

    Being right is good enough in this instance because last time I checked Rob is the only one putting everything he has into protecting people. If he talked like the performers who have radio shows then I wouldn’t take the time to listen because it would be boring as fuck.

    If the porn industry doesn’t want Rob running them then get together your best people and copy what Rob is doing. This business copies each other all the time. It is their M.O. Why isn’t it in this case?

  42. Lawers names were removed to “protect” the innocent.
    Bullshit. Removed because:
    A) Not getting any money
    B) Not getting any money
    C) Not getting any money.

    A man’s got to eat.
    Maybe nobody as performer’s really give a shit and YOU can’t say they
    are making money. With the slow down of productions and the “I” don’t give a fuck about anybody but ME…attitude. Fuck’ em let them all eat shit and die. People will have to grow the fuck up and put that
    fucking crack pipe down and get off that EGO horse and take care of

    I would if I was one of you stupid ass porn people elect:

    Tom Byron as President
    Jessica Drake as Vice President.
    Tommy Gunn as…we’ll Tommy Gunn (midget) not the blond hair married at the same time gay looking guy.
    And Ron “refrigrator” Jeremy as the secretary(MALE) one.
    Yurzarain Beltran as treasury. She is among the high educated ones and or Kim (Kayden Kross)she really smart.

    Clean up and start taking care of YOUR industry ladies! Its yours!
    Not the old ,creepy PornGood Pedo. YOUR INDUSTRY and We love you!

  43. By the way, that guy with blond dyed hair who posted on here.
    He looks like a child molestor(Pedophillia Dude) get rid of him too.
    Too Old and phony and a real asskisser sell out.

  44. Listening to Rob’s show now and he stated “If they aren’t part of the UAWA they are illegal.”

    Yup. I was right. We have no choice. He is the Desert Fox.

    If Rob has a thing against you make amends. Quickly.

  45. Hang on, jilted. Insurance is going to be mandatory for all individuals next year. The amount they pay for premiums cannot exceed a certain percentage–depending on their income.

    This article here says that Gonz tested at an industry clinic in FLORIDA back in 2010. Wouldnt that be TTS? tangled web indeed. IF he tested at AIM why wouldnt it say he tested at AIM?

    Nobody here sasys that Dianne Duke said that “There are rare instances where Hep C and be cured, and in those cases they would clear the performer to work.”

    Kind of sounds like they were setting the stage for what will become knows as “The Gonz Defense.”

  48. Only problem is Gonz was never treated. I would really like to see Gonz give his doctors permission to talk about his case, and whether they feel its safe for him to work in the porn biz, unprotected hard pounding anal sex.

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