And The Plot Sickens

I just got word that the Free Speech Coalition has a press conference planned with the male actor believed to have faked his tests and started the syphilis outbreak, the press conference will happen sometime Monday but the date and time aren’t yet firm.

They are going to try to paint a grey area around this in an effort to cover it up and protect the guy.

Don’t you people dare let them get away with that if they do it.

Is there any level of scumbaggery that they will not stoop to?  lets hope this is it.  they should be having him arrested.

64110cookie-checkAnd The Plot Sickens

And The Plot Sickens

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3 Responses

  1. How stupid does FSC need be not hang guy out dry for what he did. Any one with common cents gone look what gone say about guy think well FSC real does stand for they say there mission statment is any more. Than next time FSC stand in front of Cal Osha porn safty meeting explain in front Shelle Lubben rest Cal Osha that doing best make porn indusrty safe can no one gone beleave word of it. What FSC stand for this days f@#king stupid clowns.

  2. Let me guess, he was given a donation from someone (for treatment of course) to go in front of the industry, say he is sorry, and suggest that everyone uses APHSS and this would have never happened if Talent Testing submitted to the APHSS data base.

    Wagers anyone?

  3. DWB I would not dare wager with you on this becuase I got feeling there no doubt gone win this wager.

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