A Former Kink.com Employee Writes

From a former Kink.com Employee

Who’s paying for Kink’s talent testing?

 While it’s common practice for adult film performer’s to pay for their own testing out of pocket, that is not the case for some performers working with Kink. Talent testing through Kink is actually paid for by a third party based in South Carolina. When a performer shooting for Kink tests through a PASS-approved testing facility and they are cleared for work on the PASS database, they will receive an email saying so along with their lab results. The lab results include the account the tests were billed to along with the physician responsible for the testing. The physician listed on these lab results is always the same – Dr. Le Thu. The account listed is something called KHS in Columbia, SC. The phone number for KHS rings up Kulbersh Health Screening Services in nearby Irmo, SC.


 The website for Kulbersh Health Screening Services credits a certain Dr. David L Kulbersh as it’s medical director and founder. “Dr. Kulbersh is board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and a fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He has been in the active practice of obstetrics and gynecology in Columbia, SC for over 29 years.” The website goes on to state that Dr. Kulbersh also operates the Kulbersh Womens Center. A Google search pulls up several favorable reviews of the good doctor including a 2011 Patients’ Choice Award. Evidence would suggest not only is Dr. Kulbersh a real person, but also a very well-respected physician.

 Now here’s where it gets interesting…

 The PASS database lists thousands of adult performers, but it also includes several behind the scenes players. Diane Duke and Joanne Cachapero of the Free Speech Coalition are on there, as is Kink CEO Peter Acworth. One interesting name that pops up though is a certain David L Kulbersh. Hmm… That’s pretty interesting.


Let that sink in for a minute and then let’s review.

 Okay. So a David L Kulbersh is listed as a performer on a porn star database. Coincidentally (or not) a Dr. David L Kulbersh operates Kulbersh Health Screening Services which is the same organization that is paying for Kink’s talent testing. That should raise two very good questions: A). What’s a good doctor from the conservative state of South Carolina doing mixed up with a fetish porn company? and B). Ladies, wouldn’t you like to know if your gynecologist was listed on some porn performer database? I’m sure the State of South Carolina might even be interested in those answers as well.

 Dr. David Kulbersh has a well established internet presence including a public Facebook profile that includes links to Free Speech Coalition press releases. He also appears to be married. I’d imagine his wife may have as many question as the rest of us about the good doctor’s business arrangements with Kink and the Free Speech Coalition.

91980cookie-checkA Former Kink.com Employee Writes

A Former Kink.com Employee Writes

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81 Responses

  1. “Ladies, wouldn’t you like to know if your gynecologist was listed on some porn performer database?”

    No. I don’t care what my doctors do in their personal lives as long as they offer quality service.

    Frankly I’m surprised that this question is being asked on a blog about the porn industry. Readers here are certainly more sensitive than the general populace about the issue of keeping their professional and personal lives separate.

  2. MS. Pegwell, this isnt about someones personal life. This is about a doctors business relationship with the porn industry. There is a reason that people other than performers, like directors, studio owners, and now maybe even the doctors who provide services to members of the adult industry get tested throught the INDUSTRY system. That is because they need the test in order FUCK performers. Need I even go into the list of things that are wrong with this.

    Perhaps the question should be. Ladies wouldnt you like to know if your gynecologist is fucking his patients?

  3. I could care less what my doc does in his private life…this is a different story altogether…and yes the parallels of non-performers in PASS database are newsworthy.

    I keep saying that there are different classes of performers with varied employer provisions listed in the FSC safety manual…here is an example…paying for pre-employment vaccinations (the manual doesn’t go so far as to even mention employer paid testing)

    This doctor providing industry testing while personally in the database raises lots of questions.
    1. What is the arrangement between him and the producer?
    1a. With his base in SC how is he routinely testing and providing performer info for the CA performers….an arrangement with local draw station?
    2. Is this guy listed as an approved PASS provider facility? (Assuming yes if he has ability to enter data and the Facebook FSC posts)
    2a. If this guy is doing it…how many others are too?
    2b. Is it a producer relationship or is this how FSC operates?
    3. Is he violating ethics by having sex with patients for reduced testing fees to producer?
    4. Is he he paying out of pocket to non-patients introduced or booked by the producer?
    4a. Is he paying full price to include booking fee or is producer forgoing fee for reduced medical services?
    5. Is he listed in the adult film database to justify him being in the PASS database or is he another Nannula?

    Questions are in no particular order…nor is list complete and inclusive.

  4. Kink paying for some performer testing needs to be a caution to other production companies that kink may be offering proof of employer paid testing to mitigate OSHA penalties.

    For required testing I’m all for producers picking up the tab as a cost of goods..doing business. As a policy person jumping up and down about how policies get formed I’m pointing out the caution that…as an independent in the industry..unless you want someone else to speak for you, get informed about what is on the table and be ready to put in your two cents. If you can dream of a way to reduce or minimize the risk to an acceptable level then fight for inclusion of that process as an option.

    Many other industries where the risk can’t be totally eliminated ensured their survival by choosing to work with regulators vs play ostrich and pretend they didn’t apply…the ostrich players aren’t around anymore.

  5. Well, that’s stupid. He’s not even available to fuck…. wtf?
    If they’re going to include him in the PASS system, shouldn’t he at least be listed as clean?

  6. Does anyone else find it the least bit disturbing that a gynecologist has an ID# in the porn performer PASS database? Someone needs to notify the local newspaper where this guy has his practice.

  7. Well, at least he’s required to wear gloves while poking around in vaginas… and he’s a FUCKING DOCTOR.
    Maybe he’s one of those “freedom of expression” doctors who choose not to wear gloves and just gets tested… not a very good sign though considering he’s not available… I’m sure his patients would be thrilled.

    Can it get anymore fucking stupid? I swear.

  8. It’s my period.. I get wayyy too passive aggressively sarcastic while bleeding.

    It just happens… hormones. Maybe I should call the doctor. Not THIS doctor, but one who wears gloves. There is only 1 person allowed to put a hand up my vagina without a glove and I have the ability to take half of his shit should I somehow get infected with something… ok, I could actually take more than half his shit, but he’s not going to risk it… plus, he loves me. I’m going to just go with the “he loves me” theory…. 😉

  9. @Lacey

    He could be shouting “look ma..no hands..no gloves…just my unavailable dick” aren’t ya proud of me?

  10. Sometimes, every once in a while, I sit back and think “ok, I must be missing something? Let me try to assess it from an industry point of view.” I’m pretty reasonable. You have to look at both sides of an argument to determine your true opinions and where you stand on issues.

    I can’t even come up with an argument in defense of the industry. I’m left sitting there going “this can’t get anymore fucking stupid, can it?” And, it does… it just keeps getting more and more ridiculous… and desperate.

  11. LOL “No, Ms. Blake, I dont wear gloves when examining my patients vaginas, the gloves tend to cause chaffing. I’ve seen 50 patients in the last ten days, but dont worry, I had an std test two weeks ago. What, wait Ms. Blake where are you going, you have nothing to worry about, I am listed on Dianne Dukes std approval site. I have never had an in office, or should I say in orfice, std transmission. Now spead your legs.”

  12. Yes Lurk,,,i know. Fire up the popcorn maker and get some Goobers and Jelly Belly’s. This is going to be fun to watch.

  13. I don’t understand the implication? Is it bad that he works with porn to test performers? Him being in the system doesn’t mean much. The other 2 people mentioned aren’t performers and are in the system. Couldn’t it be as simple as people who have high access logins get put into the system? Almost a glitch.

  14. It reads so weird. “Let that sink in for a minute” and bringing up that he works in a conservative state.

    “Ladies, wouldn’t you like to know if your gynecologist was listed on some porn performer database?” Is this implying he’s performing? If he’s just testing, does it matter who he tests? Any evidence to suggest he performs?

  15. The implication is that, olike other non performers who use the PASS system, they do it so they can juck the talent bareback. Just like in 2004 during the Darren james outbreak, there were alot of producers and directors who were second genereation exposures, who always tested at AIM, but they didnt sign the waiver to make their results public. But they tested at AIM so they could fuck the performers bareback.

    Actually its pretty simple to see, that is if you just open your eyes and take off your industry blinders.

    And there is no glitch, nice try. Someone has to manually type your name into the system, and manually input the information. LOL,,,you mean the PASS system has a glitch that could put a persons information out there that isnt supposed to be there. Looks like you didnt think that one through to thoroghly now did you Eric. What is your implication, is it that PASS has peoples names on their by mistake

  16. In 2004 those directors and producers names did not appear on the public quarantine list, becasue they didnt sign the waivers like performers did. The public quarantie list in 2004 was 56 people, the producers and directors knocked that up to about 68.

  17. @jilted –
    *snort* I just laughed my ass off.. Obviously, we’re all on a roll today… I think the failure of common sense logic is driving us all insane… literally.

    And, you STILL have performers who are like “I had to spend 20 hours on set and I’m tired and I didn’t even get to eat and blah and bitch and whine and blah.”

    Hey dumb fuck, every one of those things are regulated you fucking idiot.
    File a complaint with OSHA. The production company will get inspected and probably fined.

    You know, so production companies can’t force you to work 24 hours a day, with no breaks, no food, no water, sitting in your own piss & shit while crying about how tired you are… Oh, you chose to do all those things? Well, freedom of choice is a wonderful thing. Too bad you suck at making choices to protect yourself including a complaint to OSHA which would have taken care of all those things…

    It’s like rules and regulations for dummies up in this bitch. Fuck.

  18. My cousin is an RN that has been occasionally following this out of pure entertainment and I read her your response and she laughed so hard so dropped the fucking phone….

    Omg. I literally can’t stop laughing so hard there are tears running down my face….

    Now I feel bad. 🙁

  19. These benefits sure do look enticing:

    1. I have to go to the bathroom.
    Here’s a bucket.

    2. Ow, that hurts.
    My dick is only half way in… wtf do you want me to do?

    3. Oh shit, I’m bleeding.
    Ah, who fucking cares. It makes the dick taste better.

    4. But, I’m hungry.
    Here, suck on this dick. It’s just like a protein shake.

    5. But, there are bumps on her genitals?
    Oh, that’s just razor burn. Duh… idiot.

    6. Dude, she’s fucking crying.
    Well, she’s not stopping me. Party on!!!

    7. Stop. I’m done. I can’t do this shit anymore…
    Ok, how much? Will $100 work to finish the scene? No? $200 maybe? I mean, we have to finish the scene or we can’t use it….

    8. Hold on, let me get a pillow for your knees before I face fuck you so hard you’re going to throw up all over my dick. But, you better not shit on the pillow or I’m docking your pay.

    9. Here are my test results.. I’m all clean.
    But, these are from 10 days ago?
    Yep. Still clean. I’ve only had unprotected sex with like 10 people.. and they all told me they were clean…

    10. But, we’ve been on set for 14 hours…
    Freedom of expression takes a long time sometimes… sorry. Suck it up.
    If you’re willing to get infected with HIV then you have no room to complain about fatigue.
    I can get you a protein shake… !!!

    I mean really?

  20. So, for those who don’t get it ….. if a school teacher performed in a porn video – even a softcore porn video – she is considered morally unfit to teach students.

    My wife’s father was a doctor. There was a time when a doctor who drank too much was considered unfit to practice medicine. Doctors, like the proverbial Bishops, were expected to be above reproach. I guarantee you that a doctor who is performing in porn, if that is indeed what is happening, will have his license questioned. Stress, if that is indeed what is happening. I have no idea if that is the case and am not accusing him. Only saying that for those who think this is no big deal ….. had he performed in porn prior to going to medical school, that in all likelihood would have been a disqualifier from admittance to med school.

  21. Forgive me if the answers to the following questions are common knowledge, since my background in is Neuropsychiatry not porn.
    1) Who and/or what entity is responsible for inputting information into the system and assigning performer status?
    2) Would a performer notification be made upon addition?
    While his current listing as a performer implies he is an unethical douche in serious need of conflict of interest education, there is a chance that of a glitch/clerical/user error.

  22. @KPTX

    PASS database inclusion happens via the FSC who administers it…that gets your name in. So unless he registered with FSC for inclusion or someone at FSC intentionally manually entered him, there isn’t a clerical error or glitch beyond business as usual at FSC.

    Performer availability is updated when they test by PASS approved facilities that offer testing and other medical services.
    The PASS database defaults to “not available” or a red x when the test is expired.
    To be marked as available or a green check requires a negative (or passing) the current STD panel determined by the FSC.

    Performers are not notified of additions, most performers can not access the PASS database, this is reserved for Agents and Producers who go through a separate “access registration” process that includes a personal porn industry reference.

  23. I haven’t had an opportunity to examine the database coding used by the FSC for the PASS database, however in my experience with databases this doesn’t look unusual at all.
    Allow me to explain. A database is made up of tables, of which each has entries (rows), and a number of fields (Columns). In order to find the correct information in a database its necessary to have an Index field. The index field allows you to find the correct entry, and you can then retrieve the information you want from its field in the corresponding entry.
    So basically what it looks like is happening here, is that everyone who may have information recorded in the database is listed in the performers database, with their ID number being the index. A simple user database in other words. If the good doctor were not recorded in the database, the PASS system would not be able to output the name of the doctor when it reports test results.
    Now you may ask “why not have two databases, one for performers and one for administrator’s?”. The simple answer is it complicates things. When you create a database you want it to be as robust as possible. Create it once, and don’t touch it. You don’t want to have to manually edit your database entries, as you may inadvertently corrupt the data (i.e. create database functions incompatible with previous iterations of the database).
    Anyway, that was long and horribly complicated so I’ll slink back into my shadows now.

  24. @lacey
    Omg roflmao this is almost as good as analyzing the nationwide OSHA reports over the last five years. Now that’s some funny shit…still trying decide aspect of hilarious to focus on first…
    TIM racked up the most violations with 30 on a single inspection.

    Did all the comps now it’s the fun of determining which complaints were the 16 filed by AHF in 2009 and in February 2013.

    Of porn garnered 38 of 86 total inspection reports in Ca over the past five years. That High Hazard unit in Oakland isn’t a new headache, for the past five years they responded to 23 of 28 porn complaints. To give perspective…only four of 51 reports nationwide could be classes as having a high risk response, even fatalities in Ca were handled by the local office.

    Nationwide there were 21 total instances where no inspection was completed…company not found, or inactive…porn had 13 of the 17 generated in CA.

    You can’t make this shit up 🙂

  25. Looking at the complaints the sequential numbers tell a story …the mass lot filed by AHF in 2009 and again last spring are lumped…then you have at least half that had nothing to do with AHF.

  26. Loaded up on goodies for the storm…seen lots of snow. Now I have to time my snacking so I don’t snort good n plenty or diet coke out my nose 🙂

  27. I must still be confused. The implication is that the doctor from SOUTH CAROLINA is having sex with porn people? This makes little sense, based on geography and lack of evidence. Even if true how is that a scandal? Having sex with someone in porn. I haven’t seen any commenter make a case for why this story is negative or bad. You can only get there working backwards from “porn is bad”.

  28. I don’t know the inter workings of PASS in the least. That’s why there is a question mark after the sentence you are referring to. I wasn’t saying accidentally. I was saying almost like “administrators” having there info in the system? It was a posited theory based on no evidence, hence the question mark.

  29. “While his current listing as a performer implies he is an unethical douche in serious need of conflict of interest education, there is a chance that of a glitch/clerical/user error.”

    Wait, why? I still don’t understand why this is different than the Duke, Cachapero and Acworth listings? Are they performers? Why then is his listing more suspicious?

  30. Employer paid testing is problematic for the porn world in general, because most of the talent are freelancers who will shoot for different production companies during any given test cycle. So the issue becomes one of “who pays, who rides for free?”.

    In my mind, it’s much better to have a system where the employer issues a reimbursement for a percentage of the test for that period, so if each cycle of (say) 14 days if the testing costs $100 then each employer might pay 33% of that test per scene, to a maximum of the testing fee. So if a performer shoots 6 scenes in a given time frame, they actually make a little benefit.

    Now, to make it even more fair, the employer could be paying that money into a testing fund under the employee’s name, sort of like a credit and debit system. So when the employee goes for testing, they deduct from the credit balance directly, so no money changes hands and there is no way that the money goes in a different direction.

    It would end the issues of funding, and at the same time would potentially get all the players on the same page as to WHERE to pay the funds.

  31. @erik2690

    Do you really not understand medical ethics or conflict of interest?

    No one is saying porn is bad…we are all saying that a MEDICAL doctor who is treating a niche clientele (porn patients) has no business violating medical ethics of sleeping with those patients (or any others for that matter) the doctor has set up the appearance of a conflict of interest at best and put himself in a position to be sanctioned by the state medical board at worst.

    As to sleeping with porn being a geographical problem…ever hear of planes trains and automobiles? Regularly testing the patients for the STD panel does create more of an issue, but easily addressed with external draw stations that could send the samples to his facility for processing…we are assuming that he tests more people than he is fucking.

    Once again your perception of our position was exactly opposite of what we were saying. Read back and find me any iota that says a performer sleeping with a doctor is bad? It isn’t there.

    As to this guy being married…even that isn’t an issue for me…what ever agreements or disagreements he has with his spouse are between them and none of my damn business.

  32. @erik

    Please go to the FSC website to read about PASS…
    how/why performers are encouraged to add their name….to get more pay checks via availability for productions
    How/why agents/producers sign up for access…to know who’s available for booking/performing

    No where will you find a place for non-performers or non-agents or non-producers to participate in the PASS program.

    It’s a given that the database takes the info off the web based registration and maps the entered data directly into the related fields. Even if a human is printing hard copies and entering by hand…why would they be entering someone who has no direct connection to actual filming and no need for participating in the industry STD testing protocol?

  33. @erik

    His listing is parallel to Duke, Cachapero, AcTworth and anyone else who isn’t a performer.

    As employers it can be sexual harassment to sleep with employees. Having met the requirements of the industry testing panel isn’t going to make it go away if a performer gets pissed anymore than it would make it go away if a producer was careless about how they interviewed a film candidate.

  34. @erik

    His listing is parallel to Duke, Cachapero, AcTworth and anyone else who isn’t a performer.

    As employers it can be sexual harassment to sleep with employees. Having met the requirements of the industry testing panel isn’t going to make it go away if a performer gets pissed anymore than it would make it go away if a producer was careless about how they interviewed a film candidate.

  35. Again for those who don’t understand why this is a potentially big deal if …. and again, no evidence that this doc has done anything, so its theoretical not claiming guilt ….. you’re coming at this from a world view that says: Hey, we should all be free to do what we want as long we we’re all making free choices and no one is hurt.

    What you’re ignoring is the real world of certain professions that involve the public trust, including the law, medicine, teaching, the ministry, and accounting (right Lacey). Doctors – and those other professions – sign ethics and morals clauses in their contracts. The promise not to put their professions or their employers in a bad light because their skills alone are not enough. They must have the public trust.

    There is nothing unethical about a physician treating individuals who are involved in the sex trade – whether they are strippers, hookers, high end escorts, web cam models or porn actors. Everyone has the right to medical care.

    Sleeping with individuals who are your patients or potential patients is unethical as all get out.

    Acting in pornography, whether you are treating porn patients or not, would be considered a violation of the public trust. I realize that many on this board would not make distinctions between Vivid and Kink, but to the general public at large, a doctor who moonlights in porn is creepy. A doctor who would choose to travel from a remote state to indulge his fetishes by participating in the kind of BDSM content created by Kink would cross the line between creepy and downright perverted or sick. His hearing before the review board at any hospital where he has privileges – remember they’re privileges and not a right – would be scheduled about 15 minutes after the first reporter starts asking questions.

    It would be looked at as unethical, a potential conflict of interest, a violation of the public trust, a morals clause violation, and demonstrate incredibly poor judgment that could reflect that kind of decisions he would make in his practice.

    That’s just a reality of the medical profession – if there’s a doctor or nurse on this board that feels different, I’d love to hear from them.

  36. Medical and research personnel are subjected to a higher standard when it comes to conflicts of interest (why his listing is different than that of Duke et al), this is done to ensure all treatments/findings are ethical and unbiased. For example, since I work for a federal and state funded non-profit University, every six months I must file a conflict of interest statement stating that no one in my family nor myself are receiving ANY outside compensation (monetary or other) from entities involved or associate with healthcare, research and development, or pharmaceutical sales or production. Any outside employment, benefits, or compensation I wish to seek or receive must get prior approval from our ethics committee (meaning I cannot wait tables at Hooters on the weekends without board approval). Being listed as a performer in an industry for which you provide unbiased medical advice, testing, and/or treatment violates ethical codes and COI. A medical testing provider who receives compensation as an adult performer, may be hesitant to report or feel pressure cover up findings/results detrimental to the adult industry, thus violating patient protection ethics and interest codes.

  37. I’ve seen too much “Dr. Office hidden camera porn” to not be bothered by the notion of a gynecologists personal testing in association with a porn testing database…

  38. I think it makes total sense and I never thought of it like that…

    The only thing that doesn’t make sense with this theory is why would some be listed as “available to work” some “unavailable to work” and some “no tests on record.” Meaning wouldn’t they all be entered as “no tests on file.” Why would they need to get personally tested in order to have their names in the system? They very well could have made a database category for administrative or something similar which included no test results because why would they need public test results other than to prove they were “clean.” But, why would they need to prove they were “clean” and “available for work” if they’re not performers or maybe fucking performers? I think that’s the main question….

  39. Actually Peter does perform occasionally in a sexual role. Diane probably is fucking talent somewhere down the line but I haven’t heard of her performing on camera. Joanne is showing never having been tested on the database, probably on there for the reasons MikeNZ states in his post. As for the good doctor I don’t know why he would be showing with test results, maybe he is fucking Lorelei Lee or Maitresse Madeline or something (I know if I had the opportunity to fuck Madeline I would jump at it).

  40. EXACTLY… Very well stated.

    Any profession that requires a “license” is for a few reasons, but the main reasons are:
    1. To prove to the public that this individual has completed testing requirements, educational training and assures the public that they have some sort of clue what they’re doing.
    2. To have a record and/or way to track someone’s ethical behavior. If you breach a code of ethics, they will pull your license.

    If a CPA gets reported for unethical behavior and the board determines an ethics violation, they will pull your license and there goes your job (and money…) many companies work the same way in their HR depts.

    The bottom line is that this system is in place for various professions to protect the PUBLIC not the professional.

  41. @lacey
    Agreed that how the field of the database are set up don’t matter with respect to this guy being included. As mikenz explained the database can only spit out what it contains. If this guy isn’t a performer why is he listed in the performer database.

    Like the neighborhood yellow pages…in the white section your number only comes up if you live there and have a phone, regardless of how many ad pages you bought in the yellow section.

    As to the question of “no tests on file” …drop boxes are very common when building a database. They contain the standardized options of information the user wants to see when they ask for a report. A common example of a drop down box is state or countries in address registrations. The drop downs standardize the input for more consistent output.

  42. Well, the reason administrator’s and performers are listed in the same database is likely in the event of a crossover. For example, there are a number of producer’s who are also performers. The most robust way to set up the database is to have a single User’s table with a boolean (yes/no) field for producer. If as suggested two tables are used, then it introduces the potential to update one table without updating the other, thereby causing corruption to the database.

  43. @mikenz

    “Boooooohoooo Boolean” blind folks like me get lost when they call it Visual Basic like we are supposed to see something 🙂

    I get the performer/producer angle…still don’t get the FSC executive director or contracted service provider inclusion. Even sharing with the membership database doesn’t explain the field data presence when considered with potential default of a blank or even “no test on file”

    By now I expect that if other PASS approved providers were also listed in the performer availability database we’d have heard. So what’s the point of this docs inclusion?

  44. @mharris

    Simply fucking talent isn’t a reason to be listed as a tested PASS participant…unless someone is trying to justify unprotected exposure off set. If they do it for this guy why not include repeat escort clients the agents/producers book for talent?

  45. Here is the main problem. It is one thing for a doctor to be part of a HARM REDUCTION program. A program of last resort for people who will continue with risky behavior, when education fails, and protection is not used. It is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT story for a doctor to be associated with an organization that promotes the unsafe acts, and actually fights to NOT have the protection to prevent disease. This is unethical at least, and just might cause the good doctor some problems with his license. He cant have it both ways, that is, provide healthcare services as part of a harm reduction program, and at the same time be part of an affiliated organization that fights against the measures that would protect the health of his patients.

    Regardign the new APAC. It should be called the Adult PRODUCERS Advocacy Committee. IF, and i said IF, this organization fights against condoms that is not for performers benefit, it is for the producers benefit.

  46. I’ve no idea, but it was suggested he was part of a beta test, which could explain his inclusion. Regardless, I’d like to see the database audited at the very least. Please bear in mind I come from an IT background, so my natural instinct is to look at the evidence and go “you’re database is screwed up” rather than “you’re doctor is a porn star”.
    I think it’s important you realize as an IT professional I am never wrong and never get laid, making me uniquely qualified to solve this mystery in the space of a single paragraph 😛

  47. Shit… who knows? They might…. Is Nanula listed in the PASS database or was he in the pass? Charlie Sheen, perhaps? Musicians, sports players? There are numerous people who have had sex with PASS porn performers… are they included in PASS as well?

  48. Oh, and if they aren’t listed in PASS is APAC going to issue a statement condemning the act of sex with persons outside the talent pool?
    Because we all know if you’re listed in the PASS system it is purely for the use of performers (or others. ..) who wish to have bareback sex… hmmm.

  49. Nanula was a corp. Entertainment bigwig who was caught doing a “private” with contract girl Samantha Saint and something involving Trinity St. Clair doing the “exchange” of money with a camera set up to make it look legit, but Nanula had been booking “privates” for awhile at that point.. other performers came forward with claims….

    $1,200 in cash was paid to Samantha Saint directly from Trinity St. Clair who got the money directly from Nanula…

    See… no prostitution. Just porn…
    There’s alot more… just search for Nanula and read the rest…

  50. Oh, and the key word here would be “contract girl.” Most contract girls don’t show up to random hotels to fuck for cash. You know, that whole “contract” thing where they get paid by the company who has them under contract…
    Not really that surprising, but if they were going to try to pass it off as if Nanula was some kind of performer then he should have been listed as available to work in the PASS system. See where this is going…… ?

  51. It appears to me that its pretty easy to see how long a person has been a part of the database by the ID….which certainly rules out his inclusion as a beta test the database is APHSS renamed there was no medical advisory board back then….not buying the whole testing purposes thing for anyone but Joanne cachepero

  52. I can assure you no one here thinks the doctor is now a porn star…

    I get what you’re saying though.. As an Accountant my answer would be something like “Can he at least write off the test as a business expense?” Otherwise, that was a dumb decision.

    I’m sorry you never get laid though… stay here long enough and at least you’ll get a good idea of how to hire a qualified escort to fulfill all your needs… (just joking… kind of…) 😉

  53. Richard Nanula is actually a great example to anyone who sees the name of a doctor associated with porn and says: So, what’s the big deal? What do I care? Nanula was a business executive, and he was forced to step down when the story leaked. Business executives are not licensed like doctors and don’t take oaths.

  54. It’s not just being part of that organization. As one of the three doctor advisers – if this is the same doc – he’s basically providing them with the medical cover to argue that wearing condoms will cause more sexually transmitted diseases and their system works. Porn is pointing to their esteemed medical panel as proof that they don’t need condoms. That’s a little like a lung cancer specialist and a cardiologist sitting on a panel funded by the tobacco industry that claims that there’s no harm from smoking – in fact, you’d be better off smoking and inhaling someone else’s second hand smoke than quitting.

  55. @rawalex

    Shared costing is not a new concept. It was around long before the crowd funding commonly promoted in the porn industry. Groupon is a simple way to explain the result of a co-op or use based fee system…the initial purchasers agree to a higher price with the hope or expectation that additional users will reduce the final cost for the product or service.

    Getting all the players on board is easy from a fiscal standpoint it would be to their advantage. (Not so easy for those who object to regulation compliance in principle) performers nationwide would seek inclusion creating a locale searchable database for agents, producers and club owners who do feature events of experienced Talent pool. Using the existing nationwide approved provider list have them bill for services on a pro-rated basis. IG a performer is booked for four scenes and four escort gigs in a 14 day period…the medical services are divided by eight and billed to the stakeholder who ordered tests/documentation during that timeframe.

    Performers who use their test documentation for non paying stakeholder activities will be quickly outed with both the performer and stakeholder being excluded from using the system. The performer would lose opportunities to work with participants because they’re testing costs couldn’t be shared…agents/producers get excluded for cheating their fellows. If the providers are concerned about stakeholder deadbeats a co-op or initial fee could be required as a deposit.

  56. @BT
    Executives may not be licensed but they do have enforceable contracts. Licensing boards offer a hearing and several rehabilitative options before closing doors a block of voting board members might never open. The option to resign is merely to save their CV.

  57. LurkingReader: Agreed that executives have enforceable contracts versus license. But, a doc can maintain his license but lose his privileges. Hospitals and medical centers do not have to extend privileges to a doctor just because he or she has a license. Hospitals are not going to want to answer news media questions about why they allow a physicians whose part of the porn industry to use their facilities. And, how does a doctor “rehabilitate himself” for taking money from the porn industry to argue that Nurse Nina Hartley is right: You wear a condom, you’re putting your health at risk. It shows incredibly bad judgment and is a violation of trust – if true.

  58. @mike
    When AIM closed and FSC had the closed meetings for APHSS rollout didn’t they include the medical advisory board as a feature? Seem to recall an in your face announcement that a former LACPH guy was on the medical advisory board and available for Q&A. Regardless it wasn’t this doc from SC.

  59. @lacey

    Lmao …waiting for you to give me shit recalling an early debate about performers living in a fantasy world 🙂

  60. @Lacey,youre right, contract girls dont show up at random hotels. They show up at the Five star hotels and charge alot more than the average porn hooker. What ever made you think that the contract girls, and they are mostly a thing of the past now, dont escort?

  61. Lol. Oh, believe me, I know they escort. But, don’t tell others that… They get deeply offended. They’re “actresses” just “acting” like they’re having sex for money… no sex going on… just “acting.” That’s all… 😉

  62. Most of the members of APAC ARE producers/directors/fucking directors/site owners/running for a seat on the FSC board, etc. Are you fucking serious? What a joke.

    There is NO fucking way APAC would be in favor of condoms for performers.. No fucking way. Will NEVER happen…..

  63. There has been ZERO evidence of sexual contact. First prove that, then get to the issues with my statement. Why is this different than the other non-performers in the system listed in this post?

  64. Why wouldn’t they get tested? Getting a test (even through PASS) doesn’t = has sex with performers, does it?

  65. @erik2690
    Confirmed sexual contact isn’t the issue here…

    Have you confused me with a lackey you can order about? Where do you get off telling me to prove something that no one…least of all myself has asserted? This game where you assign motives or intents never raised has gotten old.

    As to issues with your statement…see prior comment and feel free to respond with relevant or related comment.

  66. Oh come on… we both know APAC is nothing more than a PR campaign. They should have called it “Sex Education Without condoms.” SEWC… (Or, a fully explained testing system as well… because it’s hard to explain it in a way that doesn’t make it look like the clusterfuck that it is… I’m sooo waiting for the testing system 101 video to come out!! I have a tiny feeling that it won’t be made, but I sure do hope so!!!!)

    Then they can do cross country tours to give sex education talks to get people to stop wearing condoms and get tested every 14 days…
    I’m sure that would go well… the students would be looking at them exactly like we do:
    Are they serious? Huh? What? How in the hell did they come up with this bullshit?

  67. Lol Lacey

    PR campaign to justify another “non-profit” revenue stream….once APAC gets IRS ruling they will be done with the pointless regulators whose only function is to restrict and inhibit their day to day lives. After three years of not reporting the IRS will send out a notice to some long forgotten address notifying them that their non-profit status is revoked …and no one gives a shit. Why should they as long as the bank knows where to send the donated cash they know how to divvy it up and spend it.

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