A Candidate For the FSC Board that I Can Actually Support


I heard that Mike Kulich from Monarchy is running for the FSC Board.  I contacted him and confirmed it.   Mike and his family have been in this biz for many years and I know that he has ideas to repair the reputation of the FSC and in all honesty Mike is a guy that I can support.

My fear is that he will end up either getting completely squashed and not voted in, or if he did get in he would never be able to make any meaningful change….There have been FSC board members in the past that I know to be decent, honest people, Corey Silverstein comes to mind. The problem is that too much of the board is entrenched, ignorant and/or benefiting from the massive corruption that they simply will not vote for anything that might upset the balance.  if EVER there was an organization that needed term limits its the FSC….wastes of air and space like Mark Kernes and Jeffery Douglas should have been tossed ages ago, but it is yes men like them that keep the power structure there in place.

Good Luck Mike…yer gonna need it brother.


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A Candidate For the FSC Board that I Can Actually Support

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  1. Anyone joining the FSC at this point isn’t a good thing in my opinion.

    That’s like saying “A candidate for the Nazi Party that I can actually support”. A person getting in isn’t going to change anything and make it right. If it would then the FSC would already be different. You have to change everyone or just can it and start something new with all different people.

  2. Boards are always fun…it you bring prizes.. prep h for the biggest squirmer and cold cream for best pucker face

  3. The true problem of the FSC (and many other similar organizations) is once elected, the board members seem to spend most of the time working out how to stay on the board and to self-justify their existence. The FSC spends as much time trying to figure out what parade to stand in front of to look valid as much as actually doing anything.

  4. Any organization that represents an industry that at its core is full of unethical peices of shit,that organization will eventually become an unethical peice of shit itself. How esle can you explain Dianne Duke and Mark Kernes?

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