The Free Speech Coalition Veiled In Secrecy

One of my projects for the year 2014 was going to be to dig DEEP into the FSC, find out where the money was going and who is really pulling the strings.

So I decided to try and lay my hands on the minutes of the FSC board meetings…..Imagine my surprise in learning that they don’t exist. It was nothing compared to learning the reason why. You see almost all FSC board meetings are done in secret and get this…board members have to sign non disclosure agreements. Paranoid much Diane? or just wanting to hide your questionable activities?

In the recent Board elections there were three people running as talent advocates, Mike Kulich, Amber Lynn and Chanel Preston…no surprise that all three were passed over Mo Reese was voted in, just what Diane Needs…one more lap dog. and Mark Schecter was voted in, likely in an attempt to help stave off a power grab by LATATA. I remember telling Kulich something to the effect of good luck with THAT….

So it’ll be business as usual at The FSC who are currently paying lip service to some sort of fund to help talent that gets HIV pay the medical bills but it wont happen, if they are making noise about that its to cover their asses at some level.

I do wish someone would step up in that area though, I would love to see someone with the resources set up a fund that would be strictly administered, kept OUT of The FSC, and helped to look after our own as opposed to just dropping them on AHF or whomever.

One thing I have to say about Diane Duke is that nothing sticks to her, she is a vile and disgusting individual who has done some of the most reprehensible things imaginable yet nobody will call her out on it and someone continues to give the money to pay for this jobs program for criminals that we call The Free Speech Coalition.

90170cookie-checkThe Free Speech Coalition Veiled In Secrecy

The Free Speech Coalition Veiled In Secrecy

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  1. C(6) orgs are required to have a board and maintain minutes that are available to the membership of the organization as well as IRS if they are audited. Minutes and bank statements may also be required to purchase and maintain insurance that protects the board members from personal liability if they mis use funds.

    The minutes must be made available to any member who wishes to see what is being done for them. The organization through its board activities is accountable to its membership not the other way around. NGO means non government organization with the public disclosures are a requirement for preferred tax status. Financial documents must be made available to ANYONE who requests it if the organization seeks donations of any sort. That doesn’t change from c 3 or 6.

    Based on Diane Duke setting up a educational non profit that lost its status after three years for non reporting and past FSC president Bill Margold continuing to seek donations for PAW long after it lost its preferred tax status it is fair to say the non-compliance of self regulation is alive and well. This doesn’t even include Mark Hearnes stance on refusal to pay taxes.

    The preferred tax status of non-profits is offered with the expectation that their services will support society. The requirement for public disclosure is the trade off for a lower tax rate vs privacy of a private organization. If they are forcing board members to sign NDA and not keeping minutes then it won’t be long before they lose their status and lawyers are defending those board members who have become personally liable.

  2. @brian rea

    It is the Secretary of State at state level and the IRS at federal level to audit an organization who is using a non profit to seek lowered taxes while they act as a private organization.

    The major difference between a private foundation non-profit and a public non-profit is that the private foundation has less people it must disclose to because it does not accept membership dues or public donations.

    Those membership dues and donations aren’t free to an organization, the cost is disclosure.

  3. If the organization refuses them you can still get copies from the IRS of the last three years of records available. You may need to file a FOIA and pay a nominal fee but it doesn’t require membership at guidestar to see actual records they have filed.

  4. @mharris
    I’m not surprised…Bill Margold is still trying to solicit donation to non-profit PAW which is really his own cash.

  5. At least money donated to Bill Margold supposedly goes to buy teddy bears for those that get hurt doing porn. Money donated to Diane Duke goes for God knows what — for all we know it could be spent on cocaine and transsexual hookers for her and her board members.

  6. Lol mharris if you think that money is going anywhere besides Bill Margold pocket for what he wants to the tune if 160k according to manta you’re more gullible than the folks hitting the donate button.

    He might even be a swell guy showing up with teddy bears for hurt performers…might be nice if he kept the teddy bear and paid for the medical bill that often comes to many times what the performer was paid to do what got them hurt in the first place.

    As for FSC we there is no debate that what they take in results in inurement in violation of IRS rules.

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