Landlocked Again

Tornados and water spouts this morning….I would’t go offshore on anything smaller than the QEII. Looks like its gonna be Sunday before we get out…

Nothing Seems to be happening in porn:

Nothing is happening here, damn I don’t know what to write about. Y’all help me out here…email me some good scoop. hell make it up if ya have to…

No Fishing today but a Funny Story:

We couldn’t get offshore today due to bad weather a high seas, tomorrow looks like it might be a good day though. Instead we did some work here at the fish camp….our house in Mexico Beach. We went to the local Walmart in Panama City, it’s one of the big super Walmarts. I had to pee so I went to the restroom…while in there my buddies had Walmart page me to go to the front of the store…Twice the lady says “Mike Bukkake meet your party at aisle 13” I cracked up…

Theres a Cobia Tournament here tomorrow and Saturday, we may enter it or we may just go after snapper…rest assured I will post pictures of whatever we catch….hey theres more than one kind of “snapper” in the world….


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Landlocked Again

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