Sheena Shaw Says John Stagliano Should keep His Dick In His Pants

This came across her twitter:

Sheena Shaw ?@DirtySheenaShaw 30m

In announcing my retirement from porn, I’d like to thank Mr John Stagliano… Who, in the future, should keep his penis in his fucking pants.

I have contacted her to get the rest of the story but it sounds to me like she isn’t happy with his behavior.

[Update To This Story] It seems that Sheena and John had a relationship and this was her way of breaking up….poor choice of wording because an awful lot of people thought that she was indicating that he had either given her HIV or that he had behaved inappropriately in the end its just a lovers spat…

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Sheena Shaw Says John Stagliano Should keep His Dick In His Pants

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12 Responses

  1. Why is that fucker even getting involved with the talent on a porn set? He should keep his disease ridden cock skinners to himself.

  2. Sheena and Stagliano were in a relationship? A sexual relationship??? Is she unaware of his HIV status?

  3. KV814, Are you saying that people that are HIV positive are not allowed to have sexual relationships or that it is weird? Either way this isn’t new to most people. I think you have to be extremely careful, but you aren’t banned from having sex or being in a relationship.

  4. Yeah but He’s the the big H and shouldn’t be working with anyone like he has been doing.

  5. Somebody buy John a Fleashlight toy and send it to him.
    He would probably like that. Merry xmas John Stag.
    and about 50 of them show up at his office in Van Nuys via UPS.
    That would be really funny. All those fake pussies! and tight ones too!

  6. I was under the impression that HIV+ people were only supposed to engage in sexual activity with other HIV+ people unless they are in a strict, monogamous relationship. Sheena Shaw was a pornstar so she obvsiously wasn’t having sex with John exclusively. It just seems kind a risky…..

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