Brian Pumper Released From Evil Angel For Faking HIV Tests

A source close to Pumper called me today with the news.  Within the hour I got it again from a different source, I haven’t yet gotten any firm confirmation but apparently its the hot gossip item of the weekend.

Dont know if he was faking his tests or what the story is, maybe Karen can set it straight.

29110cookie-checkBrian Pumper Released From Evil Angel For Faking HIV Tests

Brian Pumper Released From Evil Angel For Faking HIV Tests

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  1. I dunno man if he was faking his tests for any reason thats not good.

    If you are faking a test to decieve another person you are violating that persons trust in your professional ethics and if he was doing this Evil Angel was exactly right to cut him loose.

  2. How would you “fake” an HIV test? When you say “faked” do you mean that he faked his official paperwork or what? Wouldn’t it be verifiable online? Scary situation for anyone he’s worked with lately if it’s true.

  3. EA says
    Evil Angel is announcing that director Brian Pumper is no longer being distributed through Evil Angel, effective October 2009.

    Pumper released 16 movies through Evil Angel starting in July 2008. He will continue to have the website and his entire movie catalog will be available through him after October 2009.

    Company spokesperson Karen Stagliano cites creative differences as the reason for the split. She says, “Brian’s movies sold well at Evil Angel. He has a very go-ahead approach to making movies, and we’re sure that will help him tremendously in his future endeavors. We wish him nothing but the best.”

    Now why would they release a director whose titles “sold well at Evil Angel”

    When pressed on the issue Tricia Devereaux aka Karen Stagliano said

    “I can confirm that there haven’t been any problems with HIV tests.”

    Which didn’t answer the question did Brian Pumper fake any tests.

    take it how ya want

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