Well it is time once again for the Tera Show

if you watch from my live links tonight (It’s free) you will see Monica Mayhem, Devon and Nikita Cash (sic). Here is what you can expect: Devon will Pimp Digital Playgrouind and talk about her new movie with Nic Andrews as though it were the porn equivalent of “The Ten Commandments”. I have no idea what Monica will talk about, but I am pretty sure it will be lame. Nikita (WHO?) Cash (sic) will probably NOT talk about the failed websites that her and her suitcase pimp Kevin Korey have been involved in. Tera will smile and nod a lot and eventually all the girls will show tits, if you can stay awake that long.

All the while the crack technical staff at Digital Playground will spool the audio and video out of sync, intentionally. This proves their technical expertise, I mean do you know how hard it is to make video look and sound like a poorly dubbed Japanese horror movie? Even at DSL speeds.

2020cookie-checkWell it is time once again for the Tera Show

Well it is time once again for the Tera Show

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