Raven Alexis Cancer? Bulemia? Both?

This story has been brewing for a very long time and determining the fact from the fiction is proving nearly impossible.

I have talked to many people about this including Raven Alexis herself.  My first instinct was that it was a story, my next one was that it probably is a story but maybe shouldn’t be, I have now decided to let you decide.

Long before the cancer story came out it was apparent to many people close to her, including people in the company she was contracted to that she had an eating disorder, a severe one.  One source told me that her weight had gotten to high and that her company suggested an exercise program.  Sources close to Raven said she was devastated when DP let her go and this was what jump started her eating disorder. (Raven says she asked to be let out, sources close to the situation tell me that was not the case.)

I’m intentionally leaving out things that have come from her ex boyfriend, who obviously has an axe to grind but twitter posts from him do not put Raven in a favorable light.

Apparently Raven found out she had cancer around June of 2011.  According to her it was Stage 4 metastatic cancer meaning that it has spread from it’s primary location to one or more.  Some people understood her to say that it was liver cancer that spread to her brain, others that it was brain cancer that spread to her liver and others that it was brain, liver, lungs, lymph nodes and kidneys she has told many different versions of this apparently.

It’s also equally unclear about her treatment, one account has her with no insurance and getting treatment in mexico, another has her in Cedars Sinai.

She has claimed to be getting “palliative care”. Medications and treatments are said to have a palliative effect if they relieve symptoms without having a curative effect on the underlying disease or cause.  Then she claims to be getting Chemo and radiation therapies as “palliative care”, while the two aren’t mutually exclusive, radiation and chemo therapies are NOT palliative.

She says that she now has a “baseball sized tumor” on her frontal lobe, and that is causing seizures. Her detractors claim that those seizures are a condition brought on by her eating disorder.

One of the biggest controversies stems from a photo she posted on facebook, her head obviously shaved (see the stubble) but she certainly has eyebrows and eyelashes

After being called out on this six days later she posts this one with eyebrows gone, though the lashes still appear to be there ( they could be false though)


Others are noting that more recent photos of her have her hair growing back way too thick for someone who had enough thinning to warrant shaving her head.

When I spoke to Raven she posed the question “Why would I do this?”  She notes that she hasn’t accepted any help or money from anyone and points out that she has suggested that people donate to St. Judes hospital for children instead.  She claims there is no reason for her to fake this.

I want to believe her, she is a nice, articulate and seemingly sweet girl and I have feelings about her, I don’t want to hurt her or cause her more pain than she is already in, because to me it is obvious that she is sick, either way, and she needs support and help.

I pointed out to her that this could all be put to bed easily, all she needs to do is send me just one piece of supporting documentation from any doctor indicating that she is being treated for cancer.  I even indicated that it would be for my eyes only.  She refused.  Now I completely support her right to refuse but it leaves the question why would she refuse hanging in the air.

When I spoke with a therapist who specializes in eating disorders her comments were vague and couldn’t be “applied unilaterally”, but she did say that as with any compulsive behavior people with eating disorders will do anything to hide and or deny that they have a problem.

Another question that is looming questions how, in late stage cancer, she would be going to New York City for a week (Mar 6-11) on a tour where she will be escorting for Pamela Peaks and some outfit called lourdes enterprises.

The link to her eros ad is http://www.eros-ny.com/files/259351.htm

My friend Kenny who is an enforcer for a top three Motorcycle Club went through Chemo for lymphatic cancer and he is a big, bad ass and he said that the chemo laid him out for two months, there was no way on earth he could have traveled, much less had sex.

Raven claims that she is doing what she has to to support and feed her kids.  My contact at medicaid says no way…  That in her situation her condition would not only be covered by medicaid but that Social Security Disability would kick in as well. That stage 4 cancer is pretty much “an automatic” for getting disability.

Which brings us to another contradiction.  Raven claims that this condition has put her in bankruptcy and that she has a bankruptcy attorney and is in the process.  Bankruptcy is a public record and as of now there is no record of it that I can find, It may well be too early though…BUT she also claims to have an attorney representing her in a defamation/slander/libel case…presumably against some person/persons on a porn talk forum about this very issue.  now what attorney would take on a bankrupt cancer patient on this type of legal action?  Attorneys don’t do these action on contingency unless its a slam dunk, and hers isn’t by any stretch.  And don’t think she could pay him with sex because no attorney with a brain would risk disbarment for that.

We talked quite a while and one thing I noticed is that while saying she felt that this was all coming from “one person” presumably the ex boyfriend, she wouldn’t say anything bad about him.

My gut feeling is that the whole truth is not being told.  But in another thought it can be said that the truth isn’t really of any concern.  Raven isn’t taking money or anything from anyone, she is no longer in the biz so why does it even matter.  The only connection would be if she developed it as a result of the business.

This story obviously isn’t going to go away anytime soon, so I expect eventually more will come out.

The thing that gets me is that I do feel for her and whatever is ailing her it’s serious and she needs help and support.  I hope she gets it.

I welcome any response from Raven Alexis regarding this as well as respect her right to remain silent about it.



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Raven Alexis Cancer? Bulemia? Both?

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11 Responses

  1. The sad thing is that it has long been known that Raven Alexis is a pathological liar. On the Howard Stern show she claimed she was admitted to Harvard Law School–100% false, she has never even taken the LSAT (when asked she didn’t even know what that was), and I honestly doubt she ever graduated college. She claims she is a black belt, that she is a master ballerina, was accepted to Julliard, etc. She filed a false police report against at least one person she didn’t like, and when it was proven false she quickly changed her story. She claims she is a tech wiz and builds computers. I have read that she is claiming she is a single mom and a “sole provider” of her kids (telling people her kids might be living in a cardboard box if she can’t make money), when in fact her ex-husband retains custody of the kids and she only has visitation rights.

    The girl clearly has mental problems. And I really feel bad for all the people who gave her money, or bought her fuck cancer shirts, etc.

    I don’t care if she’s been sweet to people. This kind of behavior is inexcusable. If she doesn’t suffer the full scorn of our community, then it will only encourage other pathological liars to concoct schemes like this.

    Now, to be sure, it is certainly possible that she is NOT lying about having cancer. But when you add up ALL the evidence–the ex claiming she lied, her escorting and webcamming, claiming she was miraculously cured by alkaline water, her well-known history of pathological lying, her refusal to provide any proof of any treatment, etc.–it seems pretty likely that this was all just a really gross line of bullshit.

    My money is on this being gross bullshit.

  2. DurgaJason, I totally understand where you’re coming from, if you think she’s really sick. If she is, then it’s truly very sad that she is going through this. But I mean, it was LESS than 2 months ago that she was tweeting over and over that she was on death’s door…she was just hoping to make it to Christmas…having regular seizures from the huge tumor in her brain…she just wanted to survive another few days… And now, less than 2 months later, she’s planning on flying to NY to escort? Doesn’t that sound a little funny to you? And when you consider all the other stuff that just doesn’t add up…claiming that she is the sole provider for her kids, that she was admitted to Harvard Law, the eyebrow thing in the photos, her changing diagnoses of her condition… It DOES seem very fishy, no?

    In my opinion, this is BIG news. If we don’t pay attention to this kind of thing, what’s to stop other people from doing it? IF this is a scam, it’s definitely something we all need to know about.

  3. Raven is a sociopath. She assimilates other people’s personalities and believes them to be her own. I never thought it would start to unfold. She has destroyed relationships, business relationships, embellished her lifestyle as well as claim (it’s endless):
    -she was adopted but then she posted on twitter seeing her dad and sister
    -her crippled ankle prevented her from studying at Julliard as she was a prima ballerina
    -don’t forget her black belt in hop ki do which she flaunted in her brief stint as a session wrestler. Mind you this martial art is near impossible to obtain a black belt at her age. Did she start at 4? Also it’s a male dominated Korean art with limited areas where you can test to he a black belt. Go ahead and ask her to speak some Korean as its mostly taught that way.
    – on the Howard stern show she claimed to be a Trekkie fan and when asked what was a Tribble she didn’t know. Oh yeah she said lesbian tribbing.
    -from her twitter you would see her history of close friendships going as fast as they came. And hopefully the Avluvs won’t fall victim to her victim acting. Which she does quite well.
    – oh and how about her feature dancing stint? Umm one show I’m thinking? I thought since her ankle was busted and she could never dance again let alone compete in hopkido this would be a problem.
    – What about being a gamer? And I’m sure that blog is out there still.

    My rant is fueld to point out the falsehood and hope the truth will surface. I only hope she doesnt hurt more good hearted people taking her in as she will drain you dry. She is the girl next door succubus and her soul is a cancer that gives performers a bad reputation.

  4. Well, I certainly can’t wait for her to get her day in court with the so called slanderers. I assume she would have to bring proof she had cancer in order to prove the guilt of the defendant.

    The pain from cancer eventually ends. The pain from being shown as a fraud would go on forever. Even more so when those lunatic Stern Fans get hold of the story. You think there is scum in porn, you haven’t seen anything like those people.

  5. If she had her day in court and was ask prove what kind deases she could prove she had them brain cancer she would be laugh out court. Infact her some what brain cancer does seem effect fact she do girl girl show with porn stat Raylene steamate.com.

  6. DB I think what you are seeing…ok reading here…is that people do not like being played for fools, at least unless its a Democrat or a Republican doing so.

    While Raven may have cancer of some sort I think it’s pretty obvious that her actions and the circumstances pretty well indicate that she doesn’t have stage four brain cancer that has metastasized to her liver, kidneys, lymph nodes and lungs any more than she was accepted to Harvard Law or Julliard.

    There is a lot more to this that I have chosen to leave out because it is even more inflammatory and possibly just the ex making a bad situation worse.

    I put a LOT of work into this I have even spoken with Raven’s birth mother.

    I have tried very hard to include Raven’s side of the story but even in doing so it’s very difficult to find much credibility in it.

    What is clear to me is that Raven needs some help, and I don’t say that in a bad way, I for one, hope that Raven does not have cancer but just needs some help, I hope she gets that help and lives a long, healthy, productive life.

    I have one more post I’m doing on this topic and hopefully it will be the last one.

    My personal feelings are some degree of sympathy for her, she has been very nice to me, she told me last night that she isn’t mad at me and my gut told me that was true. I guess all us guys have a little Captain Save-a-ho in us, I’d love to sit down with her where I could watch for the tells. I told her that should it turn out that she has been forthright that I would be the first to put up headlines saying I was wrong to even question her.

    On the flip side I had a brother who died from leukemia when I was 13, he was 10. I saw what drugs like Prednisone and Methatrexate do to a person, I saw first hand how brutal chemo is, and how toxic these cures are. It bothers me that someone would make up or even exaggerate this horrible condition to get attention. I keep telling myself that if it isn’t true someone who did this is still very much in need of help.

    I actually bear Raven no ill will at all but I have an obligation to the readers of this blog and the people in this industry, particularly those who have asked me to find the truth. It seems that there is a severe shortage of people in this industry that will question the things that don’t make sense, I have tried to fill that void and as a result I’m either loved or hated, very few people don’t have a strong opinion of me, not much middle ground there. oddly enough there are very few people in the industry that I do have strong feelings about, most of the people I like, some I dislike, a few I love and a few I loathe.

    I’m not sure why I went on this ramble but there ya have it!

  7. FWIW My proudest moment in this industry was my part in taking down porn wikileaks and the people associated with it and I’m proud of that because I didn’t do it for me, I was off the radar until I enjoined it. I did it for the industry because as a whole I love the industry and for the most part I have a great amount of affection for the people in it.

  8. I for one am very grateful for this website, Mike, as I am for your remarkable courage in always seeking out the truth–and for your not being afraid of saying it.

    Regarding Dirty Bob’s remark–I can only suggest to him that it’s *possible* that Raven hasn’t always been particularly sweet to everyone. In fact, it’s quite possible that she has spread a lot of false rumors and stories about other people in the industry. It’s quite possible that she has attempted to trash the reputations of other people in the industry. It’s quite possible that she has uttered a great many lies, sometimes in order to aggrandize herself, sometimes for the sole purpose of harming others. It’s possible that a lot of those people are happy to finally see some of those lies being exposed.

    It’s also quite possible that a lof of us have suffered from cancer, have suffered the horror of watching loved ones die from cancer, and thus the thought of someone faking it for attention is SO sickening that it really just can’t be tolerated. And when you consider ALL the suspicious things about Raven’s story…when you consider what at least appears to be a very long pattern of egregious lying…it makes a lot of people very angry indeed.

    The fact is that Raven was supposedly so sick from cancer LESS than 2 months ago that she couldn’t walk or even type. Her motor skills were supposedly impaired by tumors in her brain. Now, just a few weeks later, she is drinking alkaline water and doing some kind of natural treatment and she looks totally fine (she cammed today, a lot of people saw her; she looked perfectly normal). She claims she is getting better; the alkaline water is, it would seem, curing her cancer at an astonishing rate. That by itself is suspicious enough, but when you add to that the fact that her ex-fiance has said that she faked it all–an accusation that would be a SLAM-DUNK case of slander/libel if not true–it just seem too weird. At the very least, it seems very likely that she greatly exaggerated her condition for the sole purpose of winning attention/sympathy. And that, quite honestly, is going to seem pretty gross to a lot of people…

    If she is NOT lying about having cancer…if she is not exaggerating the gravity of her condition…then that is very very sad that she has had to go through this. But even if that’s the case, it seems that what we have here is a case of a girl who cried wolf a great many times in her past–so much so that no one should be too surprised if people regard her current cries with some degree of suspicion…

  9. Wow, audio on the Howard Stern Show about this now. According to her ex-fiance, they went to the hospital for stomach pains in December, and the doctor found nothing wrong with her–nothing wrong with her stomach, no cancer in her liver, no cancer in her blood. The doctor apparently thought she had psychological problems. According to the ex, Raven tried to cover by feigning joy–like, she was psyched that the cancer was now gone.

    Now, if the ex is lying about that–then that is most definitely slander. If he’s not lying, then that weighs *heavily* against Raven.

    And when asked if she would *privately* show some medical records to anyone to just put this to bed, Raven declined, saying no one could force her to disclose any medical records.

    Here is the audio, listen for yourself.

    Wow, according to her ex-fiance, they went to the hospital for stomach pains in December, and the doctor found nothing wrong with her–nothing wrong with her stomach, no cancer in her liver, no cancer in her blood. The doctor apparently said she had psychological problems. According to the ex, Raven tried to cover by feigning joy–like, she was psyched that the cancer was now gone.

    Now, if the ex is lying about that–then that is most definitely slander.

    But when asked if she would *privately* show some medical records to anyone to just put this to bed, Raven declined, saying no one could force her to disclose any medical records.

    I think the whole thing stinks to high heaven.


    I think the whole thing stinks to high heaven.


  10. I forgot to mention this. When she announced she had cancer and going thru chemo she got a huge tattoo. Umm do your research. “While undergoing chemo the drugs lower cancer patients’ white blood cell count, and white blood cells are the ones that fight infection…”

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