Pirates, Stagnettis Revenge Trailer Up and All I Can Say Is Damn.

Watch  the Standard definition Trailer Here

The first Pirates movie was ambitious, for porn, verry ambitious.  If the second one lives up to the trailer it will eclipse the first one many times over.

I haven’t seen anything other than what you see above but I can tell that the production values are likely going to set a new standard for adult, and might actually be up there with the best of mainstream, as has been hyped.

This will no doubt be huge for DP and for the undustry congrats to them for spending the time, money and effort to do something with class and quality.

I expect this to clean up at the AVN Awards and I haven’t even seen it.

23020cookie-checkPirates, Stagnettis Revenge Trailer Up and All I Can Say Is Damn.

Pirates, Stagnettis Revenge Trailer Up and All I Can Say Is Damn.

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2 Responses

  1. What a movie looks like, porn or mainstream, is a product of the money spent and the skill and creativity of its cast and crew. (Factors dictated by money in terms of getting the most skillful and creative money can buy.) The trailer looks good from a mainstream perspective and is a stunner if you remember that it’s a porn flick. Yes, it’s very mainstream-ish in many regards. But “…up there with the best of mainstream…” (???) Dude! What movies do you watch? Visually, you’re comparing it to films like, well, as an example, like the film it is imitating? Pirates of the Caribbean? (And I’m not saying that particular Pirates movie represents the “best of mainstream,” Visually, that is.)

    But what really sets many mainstream movies apart from porn and cheap “B” movies is the story and the character portrayals and those are things we’ll just have to wait to judge… i.e., wait until viewing the entire flick.

  2. Agreed.

    And in all honesty I don’t expect much in the acting department from anyone in porn, nor in the storyline department.

    Character arcs for example havent made an appearance in porn in years and as for porn performers being able to act passably…well let’s be honest here, most don’t even care enough about the craft to take rudimentary lessons.

    But in all fairness when you have 120 minutes to tell a story and 60 of them are consumed with the riquired hardcore footage your story cant get very deep anyway, and I agree with Orson Wells in that as soon as you show real sex in a movie you lose the audience altogether because the sex becomes the story.

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