Morgan Dayne Now Signed With Digital Playground As Rio Valentine

I can’t take credit for this scoop…its from Ryan Rayzer at It’s a good one too. I did verify it.


 I long thought that Morgan Dayne had a stunning look, she is a beautiful girl with a stunning face and Joon over there has an eye for that, no doubt.  In the DP tradition they are renaming her, largely so that her product doesn’t compete with herself.  Her new porn name is  Rio Valentine.

Lets hope they promote her as well as they did Tera and Jesse she’s a stunner.

She is also a solid performer, I reviewed some of her stuff for Cezar Capone, very good stuff.

26200cookie-checkMorgan Dayne Now Signed With Digital Playground As Rio Valentine

Morgan Dayne Now Signed With Digital Playground As Rio Valentine

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  1. I met Morgan Dayne by sheer chance at the Pleasure Emporium store in Hallandale while trying to find a magazine layout I was in.
    This was probably last summer sometime. She was totally cool and even gave me a contact email/name for Cesar’s admin. assistant.
    I still have her little poster on my office wall autographed promoting the Deviant line.

    She even posed for pics with me via a camera phone.
    A total hottie and awesome girl. Hope she does well as Rio Valentine.

  2. I can’t comment on the situation. Her newest movie is Johnny Loves Morgan and it is flying off the shelves.
    I also can’t speak for Digital Playground but I do talk to Joone and Samantha. They are great people and I love their movies. Cezar Capone and Digital Playground are two unique companies serving the same customers. There may be something in the works, I cant say right now but you will all see soon. Keep an eye on this situation for something different coming out from both companies in the very near future.

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