Jesse Jane Leaving Digital Playground

Rumors have been flying that Jesse Jane is leaving Digital Playground in September.

A bitter rivalry between her and fellow contract star Bibi Jones has escalated to violent behavior towards Bibi on the part of Jesse, including a scene that ended with Bibi being physically assaulted and leaving the set in tears with bruises.  My sources tell me that Jesse is very jealous of the new girl (bibi) who is arguably the prettiest and nicest girl on their roster.

Jesse has gone on to make several twitter attacks on Bibi that she later removed at the behest of DP.

Jesse has also begun rebranding herself under her real name, Cindy Taylor.  This name is no secret and when she used it instead of Jesse Jane (which DP owns)  to promote her signature brand of  Tequila it made a lot of people wonder if it wasn’t a foreshadow of her departure.

This would leave the top spot at DP open and Riley is the most likely choice to step into it, though from what I hear Bibi is far less problematic for DP.  Stoya and Kayden Kross simply don’t have the momentum or the PR skills to move into that spot.

50300cookie-checkJesse Jane Leaving Digital Playground

Jesse Jane Leaving Digital Playground

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2 Responses

  1. Hmmm, wonder if the Jesse vs Bibi thing is real or just some hype to get people to check out the next DP movie. When is DP going to sign a redhead? Way too many blondes on their roster and you know the saying – there can only be 1.

    My money’s on Kayden.

  2. OH YA Its real…and I love Kayden to death but honestly she isnt politically astute enough to pull the top slot. Kayden is way smart no doubt about it but she doesn’t understand how to deal with fans, press and things she doesn’t like doing. She isn’t exactly miss personality LOL something I’m sure she would tell you herself.

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