DP Set Shut Down For Shooting Without A Permit


According to my sources on set at Digital Playground  Demetrios Kokozos set was actually busted last week for shooting without a permit.  How does he get  “James” out of that name…he is Greek and he is NOT a US Citizen  which means if he is working here he should have a Visa and if he is breaking laws here that Visa can be revoked and his sorry ass sent back to  wherever the fuck he came from.

Don’t get too comfy here Demetrios  I have a feeling the remainder of your stay is gonna be short….

103960cookie-checkDP Set Shut Down For Shooting Without A Permit

DP Set Shut Down For Shooting Without A Permit

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  1. How he gets the name is pretty simple…

    Demetrios gets shortened to Deme, which is actually prounounced “dimi”. For many greeks, that gets converted to “Jimmy” to make it easy for english people. Jimmy is short form of James.

    Yes, he went a long way to get there, but there is a link…

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