Lisa Ann,Dan Przygoda, ‘Heaux Mentor’ Lydia Dupra, Siouxsie Q Exposed

Dan Przygoda Hit Piecea published article, post or similar work aiming to sway public opinion by presenting false or biased information in a way that appears objective and truthful. Dan Przygoda BBF of Donn y long 

Is Dan Przygoda Bestie Donny Long? Here isProof

Is Dan Associated with friends who practice the unthinkable?

Back in March, Dan Przygoda NBC Los Angeles published on its website a 75-minute. The fake news hit piece, targets the leading adult industry talent agent Derek Hay and his licensed agency, LA Direct Models. The video features outlandish and incongruous claims and accusations from axe-grinding adult star Lisa Ann, “Heaux Mentor” Lydia Dupra (f.k.a. Melina Mason), and “sex work activist” Siouxsie Q. Also included are claims made by adult starlets formerly represented by LA Direct, such as Hadley Viscara and Adria Rae.

A new video was released Tuesday that examines the various claims made in the NBC piece, which was the brainchild of a man named Dan Przygoda, and demonstrates that most are wildly distorted, fabricated, or simply wrong.

The Lies and Daniel Przygoda

Dan Przygoda. Want to put out a hit piece on someone you hate? If you are a female Porn Star, Call Dan.


The worst offenders are shown to be Lisa Ann,  Lydia Dupra, Siouxsie Q.

HIT PIECE: The Journalistic Failure of NBC Los Angeles’ Report on Derek Hay & LA Direct Models” interweaves interviews with Derek Hay, adult performers Brooke Haven and Mazzy Grace (who is as funny and charming as she is gorgeous), and LA Direct Models staff, as well as never-before-published private documents and public records.

Mazzy Grace is a standout in “HIT PIECE: The Journalistic Failure of NBC Los Angeles’ Report on Derek Hay & LA Direct Models”


It also includes a snippet of‘s “The Last Days of August”, which sheds light on Lisa Ann’s decade-long vendetta against Hay.

The Dupras

The new video exposes the unwashed underbelly of porn valley: scoundrels and scammers who weaponize lies and half truths, and accuse others of the very things of which they are guilty.

Melina Mason, before she rebranded as Lydia Dupra "The Heaux Mentor"
Melina Mason, before she rebranded as Lydia Dupra “The Heaux Mentor”


For instance: did you know that the “Dupra” in “Lydia Dupra” is a reference to adult performer Derrick Pierce (whose legal surname is Dupras, and who sometimes uses the name Dupra)?


Pierce is infamous for having a string of lady-friends who, one might say, paid for the pleasure of his company.

Among them was this young lady, a now-retired adult film star, who famously ran a top escort business in Los Angeles. That’s Derrick’s legal first name tattooed on her pubic mound.

Another form of “branding”, courtesy Derrick Pierce


Then he and Melina became an item, just as he was hit with roughly $100k in tax liens and judgements.

New Video Exposes LIES of Lisa Ann, 'Heaux Mentor' Lydia Dupra, Siouxsie Q and More

We’re going to guess he didn’t pay those off by working as a porn stud. The Lydia Dupra Dan Przygoda connection. More about this later

Where exactly does his money go?  Not to support payments, as this previously unpublished 2018 filing demonstrates:

New Video Exposes LIES of Lisa Ann, 'Heaux Mentor' Lydia Dupra, Siouxsie Q and More

Surgeries, dead sugar daddies, mortgages . . . . More to come of Lydia Dupra / Melina Mason and Derrick Pierce in a separate story. Oh lets not forget Lydia Dupra Dan Przygoda

The subtlety of Lydia Dupra f.k.a. Melina Mason
The subtlety of Lydia Dupra f.k.a. Melina Mason


18 months for this?

As far back as 2017, Hay knew that Dan Przygoda’s report was coming. In 2018, he agreed to an on-camera interview for what Mr. Przygoda claimed was a report on a ‘Jane Doe’ case filed with the California Labor Commissioner, however Mr. Przygoda refused to accept certain parameters for the interview.

Is Lydia Dupra Dan Przygoda and item?

In a highly unusual (not to mention creepy) move, Przygoda went on to send certified letters to Hay’s home and to the home of an employee of LA Direct Models which contained peculiar and sometimes offensive questions unrelated to the Labor Commissioner case that purportedly formed the basis of his report.

New Video Exposes LIES of Lisa Ann, 'Heaux Mentor' Lydia Dupra, Siouxsie Q and More

Following this strange and intrusive tactic by Mr. Przygoda, Hay sat down for a nearly hour-long interview October 20 in Las Vegas. He was not shown the questions in advance, and had no editorial control over the video other than his condition that every answer be shown in full.

That raw Q&A video was posted online shortly after NBC released Przygoda’s report (which had been 18 months or more in the making):

474550cookie-checkLisa Ann,Dan Przygoda, ‘Heaux Mentor’ Lydia Dupra, Siouxsie Q Exposed

Lisa Ann,Dan Przygoda, ‘Heaux Mentor’ Lydia Dupra, Siouxsie Q Exposed

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11 Responses

  1. This is News about Derek Pierce being a suit case pimp ?
    Its old news and its way worse than this article summed it up. He owes a long long list of girls money and the constant reoccurring figure is !

    DRUM ROLL PLEASE !!!!!!!!

    What is $5000 for starters

    Derek Dee Pee Pierce is a known motor cycle gang member. His flock have mostly aged out now or imprisoned. The new recruits are weak and lost young lads seeking his approval.

    He has ripped off Bridgette B, poor girl, sweet and super nice.
    Alexa Pierce was also Branded like cowboys bran cattle and cows with a hot iron with his Derek Pierce legacy permanently etched on them. There are many girls with a ink tattoo branding, Physically tatted with his sir name on a girl like a slave is named “Alexa Pierce” She smartened up though and told DEE PEE to get lost.
    Phoenix Marie was also rail roaded, robbed and gas lighted.
    Derek Pierce is very fond of working trans gender with a certain sense of cleaver expertise in all ways of the craft of keeping the pimp hand strong.
    God knows the limp dick psycho cannot keep any gender in line with his teeter totter limp pecker as a well endowed could, wielding a dick sword commanding respect. Mr Dupras Dee Pee Pierce fails on sets quite often.
    Mind fucking innocent unsuspecting newbies is the order of the day for this beast.
    Mr Pierce there are only two times a man should be found on his knees

    One is to pray
    Two is getting to know himself

  2. Let’s not forget her tatts — I believe one of them reads “Loyal”. That positively screams “I have a pimp who I give all my money”.

  3. So heaux mentor wants to dethrone Derek as top “referrer of girls” in the adult industry? I saw the vice doc and seemed it was weird she said she was trafficked and lo & behold, she’s running an escort service. What did lisa ann did to her face, it shows up in the 4k video, did she have her face pulled back?

  4. Fabrise, can you verify and prove this information? If you can, you have the content for one hell of an article. Unfortunately I don’t have the owner’s contact information (Mike retired a couple of years ago).

    Also, this isn’t the first I have heard of Derek Pierce ripping off Phoenix Marie but the biker gang allegations sound very interesting. However, mere speculation cannot be promoted to article status as if wrong it can cost both the owner of the site and the reporter hundreds of thousands of dollars (even if it is provably correct the subject can still sue and defending a libel/slander case usually costs at least six figures even if the reporter/site/newspaper is found to be correct at trial). I realize most of the people commenting here have never worked or known anyone working as a newspaper reporter (which is what a reporter here would be roughly equivalent to), editor or publisher and wouldn’t know this until told. Reporters (including the reporters of this site) and their journalistic employers must carry errors and omissions insurance to protect themselves and obviously the site/newspaper owners must (or damn well better, anyway) carry the same insurance in a much higher dollar amount if they are going to do any factual or investigative reporting.

  5. Lol Matthew Harris. You have industry sources yourself – Sean (if you’re still on good terms with him), Drew and Steph, flash, BONO-One, Peter from Kink…reach out, ask them what they know and report back.

  6. Kelli you say in another post “I feel like it’s my job to get the truth out there”. Is that really what you’re doing? I mean you are Derek’s PR person and in a previous story you call out known model/producer Vicky Vixxx for allegedly not have a 2257. You make false statements about her character and business based on what? False information from a known industry stalker? He even admits he harasses people when he feels he needs to. You posted about Ike and the LEGIT accusations from other porn girls. Are you going to write a story attacking them also for calling out a known harasser without any verification? “We don’t care who it hurts. We don’t care who it destroys.” is at the beginning of Derek’s video indicating that’s what she did to him. Seems that’s exactly what you’ve done to that young lady Vicky. You say you called clips4sale, Exxxotica – really? When did you become the industry investigator? Of course no one responded back, it’s not your business.

  7. BevMo the TV Guy (Hop Sing), you know damn well other than Peter Acworth none of the people you list have first hand experience with Derek Hay or LA Direct. Also, Drew and Steph do not work in production, they do have an industry forum but would not have any experience dealing with Derek in a business capacity. Bono-One does not work in the industry at all and would not make a good source for such an article, either. Flash may or may not work in the industry, I don’t know but I haven’t talked to him in years (I have nothing against him, Bono-One, Drew or Steph and would buy any one of them a beer if I ran into them in a bar; I just drifted away from ADT). Sean is a blogger with a competing site to this one and likely hasn’t worked with or met Derek, either. Other than as a fan I do not know Peter Acworth that well, either — no matter what your alcoholic mind thinks.

    Also, I watched the film attached to the article, the producer and I may have had issues with each other in the past but no matter what mine and/or his past in this case he produced a fair and balanced documentary. I agree that many of the allegations made by Dan Pryzagoda and his sources are asinine. Derek is not raping his talent, if he were it would have came out long before this. I would have written his monthly statements in a slightly different manner to make them clearer but Lisa Ann’s allegations and misinterpretation of Hadley Viscara’s statement don’t even pass the sniff test from a centimeter away! Lisa Ann (supposedly) ran a business herself (she even claims to have owned and run an adult talent agency of her own once), she should know how to read a fucking account statement (and yes, I have read her “autobiography”)!!!!! As for Derek supposedly taking fired talent out to the middle of nowhere and dumping them off, about twice of that happening and the police would be all over his ass — another of Lisa Ann’s asinine and patently untrue accusations. Thank you to Mr. Whiteacre for taking the time to produce this documentary, I have also seen the NBC documentary and find this one much closer to believable.

    As for Siouxsie Q, she mainly did fetish work, maybe things work the way she claimed with small fetish producers. My understanding was that Kink paid via payroll before they stopped all in-house production and contracted everything out, though. She is misinformed about how mainstream adult film payment practices, though. I am actually surprised that 50% of producers still pay out same-day nowadays, I would have expected all of the larger producers to pay via weekly or bi-weekly payroll.

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