Mind-Blowing! Planned Parenthood Turns its Back on Women (and Science) to Promote Radical Trans Agenda

From its inception, Planned Parenthood has been an ideologically-inspired and politically driven enterprise masquerading as nothing more than a nonprofit organization that provides reproductive and sexual healthcare, as well as sexual education.

But now, Planned Parenthood’s priorities have shifted from the eugenic pursuit of eradicating non-whites and non-Christians, to undermining science itself in the name of promoting a radical woke agenda.

How can we claim these things, you ask?

Let us begin with Margaret Sanger, the lauded “birth control advocate” who founded Planned Parenthood.

In “Margaret Sanger: Ambitious Feminist and Racist Eugenicist,” Abigail Shivers writes:

Sanger was a prominent historical figure known for her efforts toward the legalization and wide-spread usage of contraceptives in America, and her work as a nurse and life with her overworked mother were inspirations toward this goal.

However, there were far more “important” inspirations behind Sanger’s work than quick Google searches delve into. Specifically, Sanger’s writings shed light on underlying motives of Sanger in her movement toward family planning: eugenics and racism. Sanger strongly backed the field of eugenics and saw birth control as an innovative and safe way to medically allow for limiting the abilities of certain populations to reproduce. Her eugenic beliefs also found themselves rooted in race, greatly affecting African American populations in America and furthering beliefs that people of color were lesser than or appropriate for being used as test subjects for medical advancements. Both of these belief systems drove Sanger’s fight for widespread, easy access to birth control in America.

In July 2020, a New York clinic actually moved to remove Sanger’s name from a health center due to her views on eugenics, as seen in a statement by Planned Parenthood here.

Nonethelesss, it is inarguable that Sanger was a feminist who wanted to empower women, meaning females (or, as the woke now demand they be called, “non-males” or “people with vulvas,” etc.).


CUT TO: this tweet by Planned Parenthood from June 16, 2023

Actual erasure of the very concept of womanhood = good.   Theoretical “erasure” of the “identitites” of radical gender ideologues = bad.

Planned Parenthood Turns Its Back on Women (and Science) to Promote Radical Trans Agenda


Why has Planned Parenthood done this?

The most generous explanation that makes any sense is offered here:


The alternative explanation, which I believe to be the correct one, is that promoting the Marxian (actually, Maoist) woke ideology currently constitutes the group’s true priortity, not sexual health.

Let’s backtrack . . .

Wokeness is the colloquial term for “critical consciousness.”

It represents an ethnic-based postmodern form of Maoism, and through intersectionality, it becomes oriented toward other groups/classifications, such as gender.

Incidentally, the word “gender” is actually a benign and objective term.  Its root is a verb, which simply means to categorize; it isn’t the core of some construct of oppression and bigotry.




The Marxist elements of Critical Race Theory, Pluckrose tells us, derive from black feminism, inspired by (Marxist) Angela Davis.


As James Lindsay notes, Critical Race Theory has an “identity-first” doctrine.  It is also its (through intersectionality) doctrine that “positionality” (identity’s relationship to alleged systemic power dynamics by group) “must be intentionally engaged.”

This all lies at the core of Critical Theory.

In terms of tactics, what we are now seeing is akin to what happened in the LGBTQ-allied Marxist feminist movement when they came up with and promoted the term “political lesbian,” meaning that you did not need to have lesbian sex, or even be a female, in order to be classified as a lesbian. You just had to think (and vote) the “right” way.

(Marxist Feminists were also virulently anti-science: Cultural critic and best-selling author Camille Paglia recalls being “told by the founding members of the Women’s Studies Department at the State University of New York at Albany that I had been brainwashed by male scientists to believe that hormones even existed, much less had any role in the shaping of our identity and character.”)

In the current radical Hegelian/neo-Marxist dialectic, terms that have widely-accepted and undersood actual meanings are redefined (undefined) in order to promote an ideological agenda.  Step one is the destruction of objective meaning and the requirement that norms be “transcended.”  This also explains why pedophlia is also normalized by postmodernists; it goes back to Michel Foulcault himself.

The radical movement which now dominates Planned Parenthood means to convince people that all abuses in society are connected and tied together by “invisible systems of oppressive power” which are inherent in, and a result of, the social structire itself.  

The goal, as Lindsay notes above, is to undermine and tear down the social structure.

The radical trans attack on women is part of the woke intersectional attack on the concept of gender.

The first women and men to be assailed and shamed, and whose spaces were invaded and conquered, were lesbians and gays:


There’s certainly a lot more to unpack here, such as the fact that the very concept of “gender non-binary” is ridiculous because it merely creates a new binary (binary individuals and non-binary individuals), but that is a topic for another day.

Mind-Blowing! Planned Parenthood Turns Its Back on Women (and Science) to Promote Radical Trans Agenda

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Mind-Blowing! Planned Parenthood Turns its Back on Women (and Science) to Promote Radical Trans Agenda

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