By now the internet news sites and entertainment reporting are showing the Jay Leno Gay Lover shtick. He thought it was a funny joke, obviously. I don’t know who the guest is, or what he’s done, but he was honest in his reaction. As honest anyway as Leno that night, honestly showing us his ass. He enjoyed what he said, meant it. He’s scared of gay people and it showed. The Tonight Show hasn’t been funny in years, if it ever was. Johnny, Ed, & Doc are long gone; their reminiscence has to be shilled on lower tier cable channels. No one’s buying. Angry jokes about gay people were funny then, jokes about a lot of stuff USED to be funny.This won’t do anything in the short or long run; won’t run him out of a gig (He’s got enough cash to float a battleship, for Chrissakes) or God knows help anyone, or raise any dialog about how we treat people who are different from us. But we will be hammered by yet ANOTHER apology. GREAT! Just what I wanted.Truth is fleeting and subjective. If I could get a chuckle at someone’s expense, I probably would. I’ve done it here. Doesn’t make it right, and it says more about me than anyone else. (Okay, SOME of them deserved it, but back to the point) Leno wielded it like a brickbat; he’s a bully.No one wakes up and decides to be gay. No one would choose it if you showed them the job description: You WILL be unhappy. You WILL NOT be accepted by those who love you. Most of your friends, partners, mates, will deny you. You will never be normal according to others, others whose opinions dominate their relationship with you. You might be beaten to death. You must hide who you are. You will be FORCED to define your identity by sex, whether you wish to or not. We haven’t even gotten to AIDS.That’s just for the small number of people who know they’re gay, and honest and brave enough to live that way, not the overwhelming number who are willing to share themselves intimately with someone their gender. All of this being a profoundly PRIVATE matter. You remember privacy don’t you?So thanks Jay. Thanks for opening up your cold wretched heart to us. Thanks for nothing.

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Thanks Jay!

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  1. Good piece, Brian.

    The actor was Ryan Phillippe, who starred in Crash (played a cop;) and Flags of Our Fathers, as well as a few other movies.

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