Your love affair with adult entertainment

For the first time in about six months, I took a tour around the adult blogosphere today and visited some of the lesser sites. To my surprise, not a lot has changed. At all… The women in this industry are still referred to as “whores” and “bitches” and the videographers are geniuses.

I have no specific beefs with anyone in this industry. I’ve always been treated well. I just don’t understand the mentality of some of these “writers” who feel the need to degrade female talent in a public forum in order to increase their own machismo. In fact, adult entertainment is the only industry I can think of that publicly undermines the value of their products. You’re either giving it away for free to the tube sites or destroying the customers fantasy by badmouthing the talent in the scene. When it comes down to it, I will always respect the girl who does a DP with a group of guys she just met more than the guy sitting in the back room counting the money. We’re all a bunch of guys with our massive cocks blowing in the wind if it wasn’t for the female talent in this industry.

I’ll never forget “Your love affair with adult entertainment” scrolling across the screen of those poorly dubbed VHS tapes that my friends and I used to trade each other back and forth in high school. At that time, the fantasy of adult video was all about watching these completely unattainable genetically perfect super beautiful porn stars having sex right on your big screen TV. Whether your parents were gone for the evening and you were watching these movies alone or you were gathered around the TV with your friends, there was something magic about the adult video experience back then. Nowadays, the adult video experience is all about sitting in a uncomfortable desk chair staring into a 13 inch monitor while scrolling through a Hungarian tube site trying to find a free 2 minute clip of a “milf” who resembles the 45 year old mom that lives across the street.

What happened to the fantasy of adult fucking video? Why are more people reportedly searching for the 45 year old mother across the street instead of a Bree Olsen?

In closing, kudos to all the studios and independent ladies who are keeping the glamour and beauty alive by increasing the production value of their products and by not selling out to the Kmart ghetto tube sites. And by the way, I fucked the 45 year old mom across the street and she moved less than Michael Jackson moonwalking in the LA morgue freezer. The girl next door will never be able to compare to the likes of Julie Meadows and Lindsey Lovehands. I would have mentioned Goddess as well, but I haven’t seen her latest latest spread…

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Your love affair with adult entertainment

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  1. “The women in this industry are still referred to as “whores” and “bitches” and the videographers are geniuses.”

    Like that’s EVER going to change.

  2. Thank you!!! I can’t believe I am just reading this!
    I agree completely. Degrading women or men is not sexy to me. And it seems that people who jump into their roles of spraying disgusting comments about these women are not even intelligent enough to ackowledge, at least to themselves, that their venom is testament to how ruled they are by the women they feel they must verbally bash. Even subs and doms know the real person in control, is the sub.
    Awesome post!

  3. Julie, you took my thoughts and actually made them sound intelligent… Thank you as well.

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