Topco Sees Surge in Sales of Bree Olson Sex Toys

I would love to produce a documentary about guys who bought a Bree Olson sex toy as a result of all this Charlie Sheen nonsense. I want to get into their thought process to find out what makes them tick.

From AVN

CHATSWORTH, Calif.Leading sex toy manufacturer Topco Sales is seeing a huge increase in demand for the Bree Olson line of sex toys due to the recent surge in media coverage of her new housemate, Charlie Sheen.

47690cookie-checkTopco Sees Surge in Sales of Bree Olson Sex Toys

Topco Sees Surge in Sales of Bree Olson Sex Toys

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6 Responses

  1. I think you would find that in reality there isn’t a significant increase in the sale of these toys, that’s just a Topco press release….”In anticipation of….” Uh huh.

    Gotta hand it to Bree though her D&B shot up overnight, unlike Capri and Kacey she saw the value in this.

    If Bree were in my stable she’d be my bottom bitch.

  2. Steve,
    when you been in this biz long as I have spotting BS becomes second nature, matter of fact I have a much harder time spotting the truth…..mainly cuz I suspect everything that comes out of any porners mouth is bullshit.

    Take Steve Hirsch for instance, show me one statement he has made in the last 3 years that didn’t REEK of bullshit.

  3. You’re right Mike. The bullshit is thick. And if anyone in porn knows that you have money in your pocket right now, the bullshit gets even thicker.

    There are no more adults left in entertainment as a whole. It used to be that you could do a deal with an adult and build a supply chain of wealth that could last you a career. Nowadays, all you have left are “industry children” who play with their cell phones and send you messages via social media all day to let you know that they’re buying socks at Target right now. Steve Hirsch is so flattered that Warner Bros’ TMZ is willing to give him a spotlight that he has step and fetched himself into pure silliness in the name of exposure. TMZ never got anyone anywhere. And when it comes to promoting porn on TMZ, it’s just a prompt for people to go seek it out on a Brazzers tube site.

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