What if It Were Paul Fishbein, Alex Helmy or Steven Hirsch

From DWB, After being told that AIM knew of this a while back.

While the producers or male talent really don’t have anything to worry about, as a female in the industry, I would be horrified if my real name got out there like that. That was the whole argument behind fighting aspects of 2257, to protect the models privacy. Remember? But all of that is out the window now. But it doesn’t end there. Now that these names are out, people on that site are using them to track down personal information, and are posting the girls home address, her parents address (photos of parents), her parents place of employment, phone numbers, her landlord’s phone number, employment history, you name it, it’s all going online NOW because of this list, as old as it may be.

And for the girls who are having their home address (along with photos of their residence) and parents information put online for the world to see, ask them if it’s the crime of the century or not. By the looks of what I’m reading, some of these girls are completely flipping out, as they should be.

So while you’re right, this may be old news for producers in Porn Valley, this is new news to the talent. And that is who is at risk here, not any of you behind the camera. But I’d wager if someone put producers or company owners info online with photos of them, photos of their homes, kids, cars, parents, parents place of employment and phone numbers, most would flip out. People can’t even handle a message board when people TALK about their family. How do you think everyone would deal when photos of their family popped up online with their phone numbers?

Now there’s a good point, I bet if it were Paul Fishbein or Steven Hirsch or Alex Helmy’s name, address, photo, kids names, parents names, pictures of their house, pictures of their kids I bet AVN and XBiz would actually be involved instead of ignoring it and hoping it would go away.

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What if It Were Paul Fishbein, Alex Helmy or Steven Hirsch

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  1. Thank you for FINALLY addressing this. Still pro porn, but since this shit has happened, have lost support for the “industry”.

  2. I had to be sure on this one Monica.

    I am and always will be “pro-porn” I am for the performers first and foremost. This industry has lost it’s soul as a whole it needs to be flushed and reborn. Now it’s nothing more than a collection of scumbags.

  3. My Mother got a letter from Health Net telling her that customer information of people that use Health Net has been stolen. My Mother is worrying about identity theft because she has her society security number, etc. among the information she gave them. I’m mentioning this to point out that AIM is not unique when it comes to getting their information stolen. AIM did not intend this to happen. In contrast, the
    Internet Movie Database has the real names of many porn people. They intend their information to be used by the general public. Why isn’t
    Mike South mentioning that this has been going on for many years? When he owned the Luke Ford website, Luke Ford had a big list of porn star real names on his website. Darrah Ford took her last name from the man who deliberately did this.

  4. What do I have to do with this? I would never do most of what Luke did. He had a post on his blog about wanting some bitches to take his last name. One of his readers had informed him that a former porn star, who Luke had called a drug addict, had now changed her last name to Ford.

    I didn’t have a last name yet and was only going as Darrah. When I read that post, I ran the name Darrah Ford a few dozen times in my head and it sounded good together. I went to Luke’s cam and asked him if i could be one of his bitches! I asked him on cam so I could see his facial expression and see if he approved or not. He approved and seemed flattered by it. I would never use the name Ford if he was still here and we all know he’s never coming back. He says he’s happier now.

    I’m sick and tired of hearing people say how IMDB and Wikipedia have the real names. It doesn’t matter! The performers DID NOT put it there. It’s the scumbags in this industry that usually put it there.

    Is your real name Jamie Gardner? Do you want it made known to all of Porn valley what your real name is, address, phone number, a picture of your home, your children’s names, your family member’s names AND their contact information so your haters can harass your family too?

    When will something be done to stop that forum? When there’s a body? When a stalker rapes and murders a porn star? When a new 18-year-old is horrified her parents have now been told and ends up hurting herself because of that forum?

    Not related to the forum but Teagan Presley had to recently go to court to testify against her stalker. If Joshua wasn’t with her that night in their hotel room, Teagan would have answered her door by herself. What do you think could have happened if Joshua wasn’t there when her stalker had shown up?? Recently I read one new porn star on Twitter saying she had to call the police because there was a man outside her home looking through her kitchen window.

    Real names & addresses are being released and no one in this industry is helping. Where are all the industry lawyers and why aren’t they helping? On every forum I go to, there’s always a few lawyers and more so the fake lawyers as members there. Why isn’t anyone with any bit of power helping the women in this industry keep their personal information secure? It’s the women who are treated far worse than the men are in society. That’s why so many women leave porn hating it because they’re treated so badly when here. Then you complain when they start telling people about their bad experiences while in the industry.

    Didn’t AIM just go private? So doesn’t that mean Sharon will now make an obscene amount of money?? Why the hell didn’t she hire someone to keep that database secure and why didn’t she send AIM’s lawyers after that forum? Every major company emails and calls all their customers when the company’s privacy has been breached. We never heard anything about what’s happened at AIM. And because they did nothing, it got worse for them because here they are once again covering up their mistakes instead of quickly coming forward and trying to fix it.

    The FBI is now after the Hollywood hackers who got all these naked pictures of celebrities. Did you hear that. THE FBI !! And you’re telling me a MEDICAL CLINIC can’t get the FBI in on the case as to who might have possibly gotten into their database??

    Someone on that forum is now saying that of course they got their information from AIM’s database. It doesn’t mean they’re telling the truth. But it’s out there while AIM hasn’t done anything.

    If any harm comes to any porn star, or to me, because of that forum, every person who could have stopped it has blood on their hands.

  5. Jamie Gardner is my real name. As far as I know, there is no law against revealing the real name of a actress or actor. This may surprise people that it used
    to be legal to reveal people who are CIA agents. If this was the early 1970s and before, you could legally reveal the CIA statis of someone like Valerie Plame. It was the controversy over Counterspy magazine and Philip Agee revealing the names of people in the CIA that resulted in the law that makes it illegal to reveal if someone is in the Central Intelligence Agency. I don’t think porn actresses and actors have the political clout to get politicians to advocate a law to protect them from having their real names revealed. I limit my use of credit cards on the internet to protect myself from identity theft. So much personal information being on the internet is making people more and more vulnerable to identity theft. I go the Comic-Con in San Diego each year. I found out that my personal information is available through my badge. Years ago, a dealer named Bill Cole asked me if I would like to receive information about his business. I said yes and he scanned my badge. Bill Cole told me that his scanning my badge brings up my address and email address. If someone were to lose his or her badge, another person could have access to their personal information. If someone could figure out a way to hack the Comic-Con website, something similar to the AIM situation could happen.

  6. Are you a part of that forum Jamie? Is that why you see no problem with what they’re doing? How can you compare a CIA agent’s identity to a porn star’s real name being out there? A CIA agent is only in danger from their enemies. Female porn stars are stalked and harassed every single day. Men think because they have sex on camera means they’ll have sex with anyone. Then when the women are attacked, the police rarely do anything. Many women in this industry have told me how they’ve been raped and abused as porn stars or strippers and the police did nothing. It’s no one business what someone’s real name is, their children’s names, their family members names, and where any of them live & work. It’s their name and they are the only ones who get to decide if they want it linked to their stage names.

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