Update on AVN Award For Best Piracy Site

It seems a lot more than 4 or 5 of you were upset about this enough to email Theo at AVN.  I got copied on a lot of emails to that effect.  Know that if you are considering taking your business elsewhere you are NOT alone, not by a long shot.  I am sure XBiz would welcome the revenue or that you could find a place for it should you determine it doesnt even need to be spent at all.

This was a boneheaded move by AVN to be sure and the fact that nobody there has owned up to this yet just further exemplifies how out of touch with this industry they truly are.

As one company owner said it, It doesn’t just hurt AVN when they do something like this, it hurts all of us because it makes it appear that we see this as an acceptable practice, when we do not.

AVN has chosen to lay low on this and hope the storm passes.

I sincerely hope you guys don’t let the storm pass, I hope you remember and that you hold AVN and Theo accountable for this assault on our industry.

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Update on AVN Award For Best Piracy Site

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2 Responses

  1. Most porn indusrty is stupid gullible have felt effects of free porn piracy sites in there pocket books. So does suprise me that alot them would be to happy that Avn would give award very site stealing there content showing for free. I all,s read that Avn trade show award show one worst show they have had years. Some one I knew who went both said if he could get money back from attend them both he would of. That he never attend there trade show or award show again. Mike good call on this matter well some other lesser sites run fluffy storys about Avn award show trade show you ran story has real effect on indusrty.

  2. Fuck Theo and AVN. Paul just found a rich kid to pay and play CEO. His dumbass can’t even speak English and once the US hands him is first business lesson, he’ll run back to that euro-trash shithole he comes from. Fcukn’ Greek clown.

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