The Latest on The Performer That Tested Positive And Slipped Through The Cracks

While this story isn’t yet done it already raises a lot of questions, some I outlined yesterday but the big question that is on everyones minds is “Has this happened before?”

I expect everyone thinks as I do that it has likely happened several times.

You see that is what happens when an organization like The FSC or PASS has no accountability to anyone and no oversight.  People in porn are generally sheep when it comes to this sort of thing and the Free Speech Coalition and Diane Duke know it.

Why does the industry fund these people whose only job it appears, is to lie to us?  Yes I get Christian Mann using Evil Angels money to fund them after all Christian is on the FSC Board of Directors but If I were John Stagliano I would be asking myself why my company is funding this kind of duplicity.

What is Peter Acworth getting in exchange for the money he funnels into The FSC and what is the relationship between Peter, PASS and David Kulbersh? There is smoke there, and I’d bet anything its money, money that is being misdirected and funneled back into the hands of The FSC and PASS and there has to be some benefit for Peter no?  I think it’s time someone addressed this issue and told us what the hell is going on.  You can bet AVN and XBiz aint gonna run it down.

And finally performers….seriously y’all why in Gods name would you trust these people with your lives?  Do you think that little of yourselves?



93470cookie-checkThe Latest on The Performer That Tested Positive And Slipped Through The Cracks

The Latest on The Performer That Tested Positive And Slipped Through The Cracks

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  1. Mike,
    Unfortunately, the answer to your last question is YES. Performers actions speak louder than any word from the current crop of outspoken performer stooges, James Deen, Kayen Kross, Jessica Drake, How any performer, especially high profile performer who could influence the industry, and make REAL changes for performer safety, can tow the FSC line is disgusting.

    The only purpose of the current system is to keep the cameras rolling, Performer health is not even an issue for producers, as Sharon Mitchell so eloquently stated so many years ago. This joke, and the jokers promoting it need to take a good long look at themselves and what they are supporting, because every single one of these stooges know full well that if they ever spoke out in favor of REAL health reform in the industry their careers would end in an instant. The mere thought of Dianne Duke, Christian Mann, and the FSC making the policy regarding performer health issues is a fucking joke, but in the end(no pun intended) it truely is the performers who dont give a shit, so why should anybody else.

  2. You have to at least note that there are various performers who have openly stated they don’t 100% trust the testing system, but that’s all they’ve got at this point. It’s either the current testing system or nothing at all for them…

  3. Oh, and you must never forget that those “high profile” performers you’re referring to are either producers as well as performers, contract performers with different rules involved or directly connected to producers…

    It’s a little ridiculous to have performers who are also producers fighting for the rights of performers. If you are a performing producer then you should be considered a producer for all intents and purposes. Producers fighting for performer rights is a serious conflict of interest.

  4. Kind of like the FSC, the producers organization, being in charge.

    SIMPLE SOLUTION,,,go back to the very effective and great old TTS system of verifying results….The TTS system was used for years with no problem.,,,,It allows the PATIENT(performer) to easily verify their own and their partners results,,,,,,,and there is NO NEED for PASS or the FSC to get involved.

    MIKE,,,maybe we start pushing this idea again,,,,this is a SIMPLE solution to this entire problem of the fsc being involved,,,,There is NO NEED for PASS with this system,,,a system that was used, and trusted for years. CUT THE FSC OUT

  5. Derek, SPiegler, AGENTS,,,,simply go back to the TTS system and get the FSC out of this equation,,,,take power away from the FSC,,,cmon guys, this is a no brainer,,,,you could have it done in one day…..

    The TTS verification system would be simple to duplicate for any entity that does performer testing,,,it protects everyone from liability by having the performer themselves supply their own results,

    C’mon, Derek, Mark, get this done!!!!

  6. Performer goesto industry clinic for testing. Result comes back HIV+. Performer immediately rescinds the privacy waiver he/she signed. What happens now. Clinic has no legal right to inform any person or entity of this persons results.

    Has this ever happened? you can bet your sweet little bippy it has. How is that for hiding behind HIPPA, what goes around comes around.

  7. “The latest”? This was just ideas and posing questions. Not really any latest news or info.

  8. Performer goes to industry clinic, and tests HIV+. Performer “claims” he rescinded privacy waiver, but clinic publishes his name on the internet anyway. Performer sues clinic. Clinic settles out of court(the waiver was worthless to begin with)

    Has this ever happened,,,you can double down on your sweet little bippy it has.

  9. FSC “control” over health issues is an illusion they play better than copperfield or Houdini.

  10. @jilted

    These performers aren’t doing it for free…even if it’s only promoting brand recognition the FSC is paying them back. IG FSC PASS tweeting stoya.

    Lol see performers if you get on board we might tweet your name too…wouldn’t it be nice to have FSC, and it’s cronies tweeting your name?

  11. What a fucking joke the FSC has and will always be. The FuckingStupidClowns at their best.

    Now, lets see how many answers to this question.
    Do you think it would be better run by Uncle Peg and replace Mark “cheeseburger” Kernes with Sean Matthew Tomkins?

  12. Industry talent is very scared because of the 2 stalkers harassing the Talent and the want to get into the FSC really bad. Who can they be?

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