Sasha Grey’s Keynote Speech At AVN

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Part 1

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Ok for starters….damn AVN is that the best you could do location wise?  At least drag in a couple of fucking plants or something, people shelled out MONEY for this…

Now Sasha, honey I know yer the smartest girl in porn and all but really…. did you even look up “keynote speech” to see what it means?  Your disjointed self promoting ramblings had no theme, no flow and most importantly no value to the people who endured it. Once again porn shows that when it comes to actually doing anything, “as little as possible” is the modus operandi.

31480cookie-checkSasha Grey’s Keynote Speech At AVN

Sasha Grey’s Keynote Speech At AVN

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  1. I made it to about the 3:30 mark before I’d heard enough to know I had better things to do with my time than listen to the remaining 12 minutes, and that was before I’d read anyone elses comments about it.

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