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I’m so glad that the AVN convention is over!!! YIIIIPPPPIIIIIEEEEE!!!!
This year was such a disappointing year there. The convention was quite a bit smaller with big names like Playboy, Jenna Jameson, Score, and quite a few smaller companies not present. It was obvious in the disappointing attendance that the fans had been notified that many of there faves would not be attending. The lack of fans could have also been in part to the increase in entrance fee. It was also apparent that AVN was attempting to fill a very empty convention floor with 2 booths that sold bed linens, 2 booths that did teeth whitening, and 1 that sold cheap knock-off purses!! It was an embarrassment to the entire industry. There was tons of space between booths too. What happened? I can only assume that companies are doing poorly enough that they are cutting corners. Getting a booth at AVN can be as expensive as buying a car, as it keeps going up every year!
The award show was even more disappointing than the convention. The show started at 9:30pm, so we arrived around 8 to walk down the traditional red carpet. I went with Jeff and Raven from Trashy Ent. As we entered the Mandalay Bay fans mobbed us, with no security in sight. They were pulling on us and trying to get our pictures. We kept walking toward the events center and when we finally reached a security guard he asked for our “Red Carpet Badges”. Huh?? No one I knew had them. We never needed anything like that before. Even nominees didn’t get the correct badge to be photographed by the press! Even some of the press didn’t get them!!!! I was sitting next to one photographer who has been in the industry as long as there has been an industry and he even had his camera taken away!!! I couldn’t believe it. Once we got in the place was crawling with cops standing around. When I say a lot of cops I mean like 50 or so!! None of which were controlling the crowd outside the events center, where they were needed. All of LVPD’s finest standing around with their thumb up their butts looking at the pornstars. I’m sure that there were several meth labs in Vegas that went undisturbed that night. We found our seats in the bleachers. Yes, I said bleachers. This is the second year that the AVN has had the awards at the Mandalay Bay. Last year there was quite an uproar when many stars were seated in the stadium seating. This year was the same, to complete the cheap baseball game feel was a concession of nachos, beer and hot dogs. Classy. The show used to be at the Venetian prior to 07 where we were served pretty good catered food – hors d’overs, prime rib, vegetables, rolls, etc…
I realize they have grown and expanded the awards show to seat many many more people, but are nachos and hot dogs really appropriate? I’d rather they not serve any food. The first clip that was shown as the show began was a skit of a producer saying he doesn’t advertise enough in AVN to get an award. How was that funny? It seemed sad to me, especially considering it is true. Then the comedian came out and made a reference to the “amateurs in the bleachers”. One of the first awards was given out for best interactive DVD. Won by Hustler and Tera Patrick. Larry Flint came out and made the announcement that “DVD sales have dropped 70% and 50% of production companies will go out of business” Wow!! I knew this, but was this the right time to be bringing that up? I always have felt that AVN was a time to celebrate a good years work and look forward to new and exciting products and productions for the up coming year. His comment, while true, was morbid. That is when I decided to spare myself the agony of sitting through any more of the show and I went to enjoy a nice big grown-up dinner in the company of my positive friends/colleges. 2008 WILL be GREAT with or without AVN.

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Sara Jay Writes on her Myspace Blog

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  1. Jeff and Raven from Trashy Ent. have a ton of webmaster affiliates looking for them concerning non payment on what they have earned.

    Good to see that they can afford to hang out at the AVN awards with a whiney assed myspacer.

    I had a red carpet pass and a AVN awards ticket bbut I opted to take a nap instead.

  2. I just wanted to follow up on this post regarding the ton of webmasters looking for us for payment. I read the thread completely. I do not see where a ton of webmasters are looking to get paid from us. In fact it is only one webmaster located out of the United States, and we have contacted them about the missing payment. Their checks has been sent and we are waiting for their verification that they have been received. If the post is read correctly, you will see that most of the people who replied to the post were in fact paid by us, and the rest are not even affiliates. We went through a period last year where we were not able to pay because we were out of the country. We explained this to our affiliates in a follow up letter that was sent with all of the checks required to bring their accounts up to date. The reason I did not post this on GFY is because I did not want to give reason for people like Gonzo who had nothing to do with the post to attack us. Anyone who has spent time with my wife and I know that we are very honest people, and we understand that our affiliates are very important to us. As far as the My Space comments, Sara has every right to be upset, as the show has definitely gone downhill the last few years. Our opinion on AVN is that they are forgetting the very people who put them where they are today. It is evident in the fact that they book a venue that holds twice as many people, but alienates those that are not deemed worthy enough to sit on the main floor. When you work as hard as Sara does, a little recognition is very much appreciated….
    Trashy Entertainment

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