Reader Mail – AVN Awards for sale Nothing New for Peter Warren

Hi Mike.
Sex in exchange for AVN Award consideration is nothing new and not to Peter Warren, of course.
Years ago (circa 2006) I had solid evidence of certain former editor (bald, bearded, fancied himself a BDSM “Lord” and “Master”) working with a studio owner to secure the use of some rather famous vagina at the time in exchange for award consideration.
Granted, this was about the same time that he was sent packing. But the notion that Fish didn’t know about this kind of thing and didn’t tolerate it to some capacity for years prior is ludicrous. Things get around, especially in Chatsworth. Keeping a secret in that town is like trying to nail jello to a wall – utterly fucking futile.
Peter Warren has been around at AVN for about a decade, so he’s one of the older guard who worked under the former editor I mentioned earlier. So if the accusations against Peter are true, one can only say he learned from the “Master” right?
Zaphod Beeblebrox


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Reader Mail – AVN Awards for sale Nothing New for Peter Warren

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  1. i swear everyones so damned narrow minded these days, ive been telling girls for two years now. if you want to get ahead in your career then you have to work on your image. its foolish to believe that shooting for a lot of producers or even every producer is enough to get you a nomination or an award. yes it is your performance, and yes it is how you look. the AVN’s are the Academy Awards of porn. And if you are supposed to stand up there on stage and be christened with your award then you should really deserve it. you should be undeniably deserving of it. any adult film actresses paying attention ill toss you a bone. Your branding will contribute greatly to your deserving value in the eyes of the AVN Award Nominators.
    Example: have you tried to do anything mainstream? your agent/manager or bf/husband/fiance/dom/master/pimp hasnt booked you for anything mainstream? well spiegler didnt book jesse andrews for american apparel and he didnt book sasha grey for entourage. so maybe you have to take it upon yourself to brand yourself.
    I cant tell you how many times girls have said they wouldnt lift a finger if they didnt get paid money when the subject of doing TFP shoots came up. Or doing interviews for various porn media personalities, websites and blogs.
    use the money that you make to reinvest into yourself. do you really need a vape pen? how many of those little plastic bottles of medical marijuana do you need to smoke a day? you met a pretty boy, thats cool i get it, what i dont get is why you told him you have money in the first place?
    why not , oh i dont know invest into getting your vision corrected so you dont have to bum it in glasses all the time, get your teeth fixed (braces will always get you more work in porn), take your pale ass to the tanning salon so your stretch marks start to clear up when your on camera. hell higher a photographer to take tasteful pictures of you that make you look good so you dont have to deal with another GWC (guy with a camera) trying to fuck you cause he thinks your easy. update your social media, and leave out the pics of you and your boyfriend because no one wants to see that shit that pays to watch you get fucked. also no one wants to see the food you eat, your new kitten or puppy (i do love puppies though they are awesome).

    sorry for the long winded rant mike*

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