OK Had Server Problems Earlier Updates Coming:

If you must know the motherboard on my server had to be replaced.

As Promised:

That Fifi with Danny Lohner, as in the Bass player for Nine Inch Nails Danny Lohner! Super nice guy, he hung with us at the awards show and we all had a blast!

(Compliments of AVN.com) Felicia Fox wins!

Remeber the story I told last week about the chick that got 2 free passes to the AVN Awards cuz someone thought she was Guage…This is the two of them together! How cute are they? BTW I reported she was asian…she isn’t she is hispanic…guess I been watching too much asian themed porn where they try to pass hispanics off as asians….I do have one question though, how could anyone mistake them? they only share stature in common well they ARE both cute as all hell but they don’t look anything alike.

11430cookie-checkOK Had Server Problems Earlier Updates Coming:

OK Had Server Problems Earlier Updates Coming:

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