Mark Kernes Made My Day


Mark Kernes over at AVN wrote an article about the new changes to Cal-OSHAs rules and regulations for adult companies.  because he doesn’t have the great sources that I do he couldn’t find these rules and regulations online and he had to source me.

That hurt him SO badly to have to source me he actually insinuated that I may have made them up, seeing that he was too stupid to be able to find them himself.

Like I actually made that up….That kills me….what a buffoon.



86120cookie-checkMark Kernes Made My Day

Mark Kernes Made My Day

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9 Responses

  1. Someone who works at AVN IS stupid? NOT surprised!!
    Mark Kernes IS a freaking idiot!! Thanks for the laugh, Mark!! 😀

  2. There is an idea. Send Mark Kernes to the Chatsworth In and Out with Diane Duke to taste everything on their “secret” menu including their 100 patty cheeseburger. That should keep them out of porn’s hair for a few days. After that we can send him to the Chatsworth McDonalds to try their secret Mc10:35 menu (called that because it mixes the breakfast and lunch menus and is only available between 10:30 and 10:35 in the morning).

  3. AVN can be really funny. There are times when they need to run a story so they run it and the story poorly questions what is in front of them. I’m sure Mark had trouble writing this because I don’t think he believes it is false. He just has to make AVN and the FSC look good.

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