James Deen Wasnt Exactly Shut Out At AVN Awards

But he didn’t win any major awards,  nominations that he was in with other people picked up two awards.  I got an email from someone at AVN that I have known for many years and he/she said it was simple “It wasn’t fair to other performers in a scene to punish them for something James did wrong”.

James told Time that the onlt award that meant anything to him was male performer of the year, he didn’t win that one.

I think it was pretty clear that both AVN and XBiz distanced themselves from Deen in terms of  awards.  I don’t think 2016 is going to fare well for James, nor should it.

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James Deen Wasnt Exactly Shut Out At AVN Awards

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  1. When even a large percentage of Deen defenders admit that he is abusive at times and he does cross lines, not winning an award one year for a scene you did with him really doesn’t rise to an ‘unfair’ level. At a minimum the most recognizable male performer in the industry is now synonymous with rape and abuse. Don’t these people complaining about unfairness understand what is happening in the real world?

    The industry is facing immense legislative. For any argument against the ballot initiative to actually succeed, the industry needs to be able to say ‘precautions are taken to protect the performers already’ (And I don’t want to get into the merits of that). To have have someone of Deens stature be faced with such numerous and extreme charges as he has been and have him not blacklisted would destroy any argument in the industries defense.

    IF AVN and XBIZ fixed the awards so he didn’t win then at least they’re thinking clearly. It is at a minimum, a PR battle. The immaturity and ignorance of those complaining about it as well as with those who continue to openly associate with him is astounding and is going have terrible long term damage. Yeah Stockholm Syndrome didn’t win an award, boo fucking hoo, keep complaining about it and all that will happen is in a few years you’ll actually have to go to Stockholm to shoot that kind of content legally. Support him privately, publicly speak of how wells he’s always been with you if you must, but shut up otherwise.

    Any other industry would have found a bus to throw him under. Anyone smart would have said get off the internet, shut the fuck up for a year or two, stick to directing and producing until it blows over.

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