It’s Weird How Often I Get Miscategorized


I Don’t know if porners are just that stupid or if maybe I’m not clear.

I tell porners hey  we got a problem with STDs in Porn Valley and we might wanna use condoms til we address that and suddenly that means I’m on the side of Michael Weinstein and AHF.

Or I say maybe we should consider putting hardcore material behind a wall that requires a credit card to get through, suddenly that means I am for a law to accomplish that.

Of course neither is true, I simply try to point out problems that I see waiting to bite us in the ass and my detractors try to use that to twist my views so that they might discredit me.

Ya know why they do that?  One of my readers pointed it out in a private email….They do it because they are afraid of what I am saying.  The thing that puzzles me is why…Do they somehow think that I am tipping off authorities or whomever, that if it weren’t for me these things would go unnoticed?  Surely they aren’t that naive.

Another reader pointed out that they will go to great lengths to distract the attention that is falling on The FSC and Doctor Kulbersh and Dr Pirani, what’s interesting about that one is that this person works for…AVN, and has direct ties to people in The FSC.

I get it,  but I aint going anywhere and I aint changin nothing. And for the record, if you have any questions about where I stand on an issue…all ya gotta do is ask.




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It’s Weird How Often I Get Miscategorized

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  1. Right now there is an article on AVN regarding the accusations made against Mike regarding testing. But those making the accusations seem to have left our a VERY IMPORTANT peice of this puzzle.
    The female performer claims that a number of people she shot with were not tested, or she didnt see the results, and somehow this is Mikes fault. But those making the accusations dont even mention that this female performer admits to working with 6 or 9 men, did not see any tests, claims some werent even tested, but she made the CHOICE to do the scene anyway.

    I wonder what APAC would tell a female performer who worked with 8 people and didnt verify their tests. Why no condemnation of this female performer who worked bareback with untested talent?

    And Mikes response to the accusations was classic, “Consider the source” You pegged that one Mike.

  2. And then the very next article on AVN is about a new release coming out, with anal creampies. Hows that for healthy? ONLY IN PORN

  3. @jilted –
    You left out the fact that she wasn’t even sure how many dicks she sucked in one day… how do actually forget that?

    I will say I did find it rather humorous how they included OSHA threats in there along with the legality of porn in GA. Hello Florida and various other states… plus, the fact that it has been stated an OSHA rep. is on set.

  4. It’s Weird How Often I Get Miscategorized as a “porner”. I am not. Was there a single other person who was arguing against you on the paywall? Who are you referring to?

    This is not you saying “serious advantage to” creating a law? What are you openly considering there if not a law?:

    “For a long time I have have wrestled with the idea of government legislation that would force any hardcore content to be behind a portal that requires a credit card or debit card to open. I see serious advantages”

    I don’t see “serious advantages”. That was my position.

  5. @Brooke –
    I understand exactly what you’re saying, but if you want to be completely honest most have no fucking idea whether the shooting of pornography outside CA and NH is actually legal or not other than by default because no one has or wants to challenge the law and get guidelines and or specific regulations in place to protect the industry as a whole…

    So, at this point it’s just a bunch of “should do this” or “it would be nice if you did that.”

    The only enforced regulation at the moment is condom mandatory in CA/LA and they can’t even be bothered with that… the FSC can’t enforce shit. It’s a bunch of companies and people running around telling each other what to do…

    I don’t remember the specifics about the OSHA rep. on set… we discussed it awhile ago. Either one was called to set or somehow showed up on set. I’ll have to try to find it…

  6. “If he or she decides to take the risk,,,then so be it.” And there is the entire problem in a nutshell. Not attacking you personally Brooke, but the “so be it’ attitude that way to many performers have is the reason for so many of the stds in the industry. The risk YOU decide to take is meaningless,,,its the risk that your partner takes, that you have no idea about that is going to get ya.
    how would you like to work with this girl the day after she supposedly worked with 8 untested guys? But she could just say thats the risk i decided to take,,,forgetting the whole time that she passes that risk on to everyone else in the next few days.

    EVERY SINGLE PERFORMER IS AT THE SAME RISK LEVEL AS THE RISKIEST PERSON IN THE PERFORMER POOL. And with all the crossovers, and girls willing to work with 8 untested guys, well you figure it out.

    The degrees of seperation in the porn pool are too small to think any one performer is safer than another. You are all at in an exremely high risk group, actually, beyond extremely high risk.

  7. Thats fair enough erik…the advantage would be what it does to piracy sites and tubesites….at least to some degree. Id be the first to tell you that the better solution is to redo the safe harbor in copyright law but that nowhere near as popular in an election cycle as lets protect the children…

  8. So was I the “porner” you were talking about? I kinda think it’s valid to know if you were miscategorizing me in a post about getting miscategorized. If not was there someone else pushing back on the paywall issue that I didn’t see? I think we just fundamentally disagree on the severity and size of the problem of underage viewing. I think that’s what it comes down to. When considering children’s unprotected status online do you rank seeing porn/sex as more damaging than violence? Where does it stop? When you say “serious advantage” to legislating paywalls, I just see a step in the wrong direction. Anyway, I appreciate the explanation, we probably won’t agree on the severity and thus the solution.

  9. Fair enough, I saw this part: “Or I say maybe we should consider putting hardcore material behind a wall that requires a credit card to get through, suddenly that means I am for a law to accomplish that.” as directed at me, but I guess our minds let us think thing’s are about us specifically. Ego I suppose. Well, just to be clear for future reference: I have zero direct or tangential link to “porn” or in fact any porn person. As far as I know I’ve never even met someone who worked in porn. My link is that I watch and follow a few on Twitter. My checking in on the issues on this site is not easily logically explained, but it isn’t because I’m a “porner”.

  10. @Jilted

    Deny, deflect, distort and if that doesn’t work retaliate!

    Lots of problems with this smear campaign..and the folks running it!

    It’s a habit to skim then read for detail retention…I stopped reading the AVN linked article at
    “She recalls, “I went through Talent Testing on my own accord (he had actually told me not to waste the money because he tests everyone with an OraQuick HIV test).”

    The credibility of this performer as a reliable source is zip, she knows before she leaves home the FIRST time what she is walking into…decided to do it then cry foul after she goes back for a second time and willingly participates in the situation.

    I’m not saying that all she says isn’t true…I’m saying..
    1. You’re pretty desperate to discredit someone with this type of source
    2. The article really got ridiculous with the BF going along for the fun on second trip and as a secondary source…
    3. The smear campaign and story would have worked IF she and her BF showed up with the FSC testing panel, asked for condoms, got refused, and walked away because they were only offered Ora-Quick.
    4. As a self appointed chief FSC barker Whiteacre has no clue how fucking stupid his deep throat shit comes across
    5. The purely retaliatory nature of his increasing smear campaigns discredits the “copy & paste” distortions he tries to pass off as truth
    6. kernes Whiteacre quote screws both of their credibility as FSC barkers…ooops

    “This claim, however, is one Whiteacre takes direct issue with in his piece: “[W]ithout a universal testing AND monitoring/surveillance system that could access records of the test results of all performers with whom he worked both before AND AFTER they worked with him, South could not possibly know for certain whether any of his performers had ever contracted an STI.”

    Aww shucks for a smart guy…sure is stupid to use the intentional flaw in the system you promote to discredit the enemy.

    OTH…if there’s any truth in this…Ora-quick is in no way sufficient testing for BB performance!

  11. My personal take is that periodic full panel testing is required I cant say i do it every 30 days because I sometimes dont shoot for more than 30 days but i prefer the tests to be recent which is why I generally shoot in bursts. That said the overriding factor is what makes the girl comfy…for instance if you shot and you wanted everyone to have a full panel less than a week old AND a same day oraquick test (which i also do regardless) then thats fine…

    Also remember my guys work ONLY for me, they arent in that porn talent pool being exposed every day every one of my guys has been doing this for a minimum of 3 years some much longer so that long history of negative tests also factors in (for me) because I know these guys and what they do. AVN said I dont use industry standard testing and that is true….and thats why i am not “up to my ass in Chlamydia and Gonorrhea” like porn valley is. if there is no penetration or even a solo scene with a dildo I don’t care if she is tested or not (i dont reuse toys except for glass dildos). If I shot a husband and wife in a boy girl scene together i dont care if they are tested or not, I think common sense kinda prevails

  12. First off Mike, there are things you learn in the porn world. In (damn) more than 15 years of the online world, one thing is constant: The race to the bottom. No matter how obviously bad that is, someone is always willing to go too far. No matter the risks, people will do unsafe things, and they will make bad business choices today that will hurt them tomorrow, as long as they get paid today.

    Second, it’s also the sad nature to lump people into two groups, the “with us” or “against us”. When you are against them, the other side generally uses the most extreme case as the poster child and defacto leader of the idiots, and tags you with them.

    Apparently, there is no greyscale in porn, just black and white. It’s why people can’t understand that some porn obscenity prosecutions are actually a good thing, they are free learning experiences for the rest of us.

    So your problem will always be that when you take a position that is say 25% towards one side, the people at the other end shove your views to the extreme, and you end up lumped in with people you don’t like.

    I blame Karl Rove for this, but it would take a while to explain why.

  13. I appreciate you saying so but that completely contradicts just about everything you have been saying for the last year or so. I just can’t see the logic nor do I doubt that any medical professional would see any logic in using your personal judgement of people as part of a method you use to screen for STDs. I just can’t get behind calling people out when you’re doing the same and arguably worse. Watching the blame being shifted to the girls or attacking their credibility when what they claim is true is mind completely mind boggling.

  14. @Mike

    Agree about safe harbor and let’s protect the children as election themes. Beyond the election cycle are dueling coalitions and alliances over ?????reform to meet social and tech advances, then ya got politicians signing on here and there for this and that …then bits and pieces get passed in a separate unrelated but popular bipartisan Bill.

    Most of those bits and pieces have only been weighed against existing directly related policy to meet here and now issues and more than half of them are to fix issues created by the last package of bit & pieces.

  15. “because I know these guys and what they do” Really Mike? I’m sure that’s what the producer who shot Mr. Marcus in that now infamous Bang Bro scene thought.

  16. @rawalex

    I’m scared now…this is like a gate in the fence were normally batting a ball of words over.

    Love to hear the Karl Rove thing…totally intrigued.

  17. Yeah, we’re going to agree to disagree. Just looked up the people you suggested. They are “porn ruins your marriage” article writes. I don’t find them reliable in the least. Sorry we don’t agree.

    “exposure to sex tends to result in higher levels of compulsive behavior and lower impulse control”. These factual statements just flat out require sourcing for me to believe them.

    Well, that commenter I guess deleted their comment so this makes little sense now.

  18. I get what yer saying…its a complex issue for example sometimes I shoot gangbangs when i do no matter what the testing I always strongly recommend the girl require condoms. I dont shoot much boy girl but when i do if we are having unprotected sex off camera Im fine without condoms when it comes to any other situation I leave it up to performers. now that may seem at odds with what I say but it isnt…Im in a microcosm what works for me isnt going to work in porn valley and vice versa. The reason I have advocated for condoms in the short term…and let me reemphasize that in the short term…is because the industry has a problem and until that problem is brought under control and a reasonable and workable solution is worked out then we need to do the responsible thing because it is best for the industry to do so. Had we done so we wouldnt be having the problems we are now….no point in passing a condom law on an industry that using them…

  19. @mike

    “no point in passing a condom law on an industry that using them…”

    In theory you’d be correct…in reality going all condom is the quickest way to get mandated condoms. Policy development is a fine art of balancing existing laws and best practices. Those best practices are most often based on the most effective means currently in place by the affected entities.

    Going all condom for a time to get OSHA and/or local legislators off your back would have the same effect as a moratorium does on stopping those already infected from testing positive. Its also the reason that I’m very specific in saying…develop an effective alternative to the one size fits all barrier being thrown at the industry.

    Condoms are not a one size fits all product, nor will they offer the adult industry a one size fits all solution.

    In its simplest form, labor & Osha best practices = Pre-employment fitness screening, safety training, ongoing risk assessment with commensurate response implementation…as a standard applied to all businesses.

  20. No, that doesn’t work. Not only does it not work, about the only acceptable answer here would be “I don’t practice what I preach.” Sorry. If you say you ride a high horse and show up on miniature pony…people are going to notice. The procedures your using are so bad it makes Porn Valley look good. In addition, I cannot believe the little band of regulars, who seem to have found a home here, who throw out all their little facts and figures condemning everyone under the sun yet they dance around this issue with very, very careful steps. Some of these anonymous warriors even have the gall to run around telling people they are industry writers, even though they have never set a foot on a porn set. They anonymously toss grenades at anyone or anything for any reason and then argue back and forth among themselves and sometimes, oddly enough, all by themselves. Nevertheless, here is the biggest story that ever broke on your site…and I do mean ever, and they sit quietly and pat you on the back. Don’t you find the ass kissing a bit nauseating? I can assure you everyone else does at this point. Maybe you simply don’t see it, and that’s OK. But, just by virtue of what this little band of anonymous compadres have accused, condemned, vilified, of just about everyone in porn valley at this point, they should be all over you like pit bulls chasing a rabbit. Funny thing. They aren’t. They just deflect, agree, ignore, and change the subject. Suddenly, completely fucked-up health screening procedures aren’t that big of a deal. I almost can’t wait to see a reply to this from one of them. One could pull up countless posts and arguments from any of them that you can just toss in their face as to why they should be outraged and ripping you to shreds like they have so many others. They have absolutely zero credibility and whatever credibility you have left is quickly being sucked away by every post they make. I suppose if I were them, and my house was burning down; I would be looking for a bucket of water, but that bucket is empty Mike. I’m thinking the advertisers on this site are going to start running and fast. I don’t blame them. I would too. I don’t know where you can go from here but championing talent and talent issues as well as taking digs at the rest of the industry is not just out for you, it’s completely out.

  21. Short term memory. When the testing system was first put into place in 1999 it was all about the PERFORMERS. Producers wanted nothing to do with it, in fact, many fought the idea from the beginning.

    It was performers who checked each others tests, and performers who decided what was acceptable, THen Darren James happened in 2004 and suddently it became PRODUCERS who were demanding tests. That is when it changed from performers looking out for eachother to producers covering their asses.

    And now Mike gets shit for allowing PERFORMERS to decide what is right for them when working for him. IF youre a performer and you dont feel comfortable in any situation, be it Mike’s set or anywhere else then you simply walk out the door,

    How the fuck does this girl blame MIKE, when SHE is the one who made the CHOICE(isnt this all about choice) to suck the dicks without seeing the tests.

    If producers want a say in the testing, them let them PAY FOR IT.

  22. Are you some kind of retard? Your statement is so beyond moronic it’s almost hard to fathom you were able to type it. Apparently you come with your own shovel though because your just digging a bigger hole. If I was Mike I would ban your ass this second just so you don’t drag him down even faster. Furthermore, your anonymously posting so you don’t count. Just sit to the side and nod your head.

  23. @eric2690
    Regarding yours: “These factual statements just flat out require sourcing for me to believe them.”

    An article in Monday’s Washington Post (“‘Porn Studies’: The world’s newest scholarly journal’) announced the inaugural issue of the first peer reviewed scholarly journal dedicated to porn: “Porn Studies”. Its about time that a body of peer reviewed ‘science’ develops to figure out what the ‘facts’ are.
    Here’s the link to the WaPo article:

    More helpful the journal is free on-line (don’t have to pirate it). Here’s the link to the first issue:

  24. It works very well. My safety record speaks for itself since 1992 (my first year) I have had ZERO STD transmissions…not one and yes I would know, the people I shoot arent transient like they are in porn.

    In most regards my testing is more stringent that what is being used in porn valley

    What you are seeing here is a smear campaign by a well known scumbag to discredit me to take the pressure OFF The FSC and this whole Dr Kulbersh thing…it isnt going to work

  25. you seem to be assuming that everything she says is true…truth is most of it is not.
    It should be pretty evident that she has an axe to grind

  26. @brooke,
    My real name has been written on this site several times. The industry cant have it both ways. You either believe in personal responsibility, and personal choice, or you dont, I do beieve in personal responsibility, and personal choice. If you dont, well, as someone once said on this site,”So be it.”

    The sad fact is alot of performers make the same choices this performer did every day, and that puts ALL of you at risk, You all know this yet you still make the choice to continue doing what youre doing, The choices others make have a direct impact on everybody elese,,,You all know this yet you still make the CHOICE, as adults, to continue doing what youre doing. Trying to blame somebody else, after the fact, because YOU didnt walk away is bullshit. Yes, do the scene, CASH the CHECK, then cry foul=total bullshit.

  27. @ Brooke
    Regarding “where do you stand on using legitimate full panel testing for all porn shoots whether there is penetration or not”, etc.

    To err on the side of safety, there should be national industry standard for testing for any shoot and a full panel should be it. None of the STI’s operate differently whether a performer is in CA, FL or GA. Maybe the only exception should be a purely solo shoot without toys (unless the talent provides his/her own toys).

    When I was at FSC’s July 2012 meeting rolling out APHSS, it was readily apparent from Dr. Miao’s presentation that the 28 day testing standard left a big safety hole. It’s good to see the industry has adopted a 14 day test standard. At the 2012 meeting I floated an idea that still may have merit: add a porn “star” rating into the APHSS/PASS system for talent based on if they do testing above the industry minimum. That way if a particular talent wants to do testing on a more frequent and/or more extensive basis that person gets an additional star rating based on a defined scale (for example 5 star rating for testing every 5 days, etc.). It would be a way for talent to have more control of their health and careers – if you only want to work with 5 star talent (persons who go above and beyond health safety wise) you can make that decision. Some people prefer to only ‘eat out’ at restaurants with an A or B health department score, you should also have a way, as a performer, of making the same decision in you career.

  28. “ok, lets be honest here” Performers make the choice to do what they do. Performers are the ones at risk for catching diseases. Performers are all well aware of what others do. Performers choose to keep doing what they are doing. NOW LETS BE REAL HONEST, there is NO ONE to blame except performers. If performers want things to be better it is up to them, and if they dont, well, “so be it.”

    Performeres ger all in a tizzy because they get screwed out of winning the Twistys contests….they boycot, got on twitter rampages, and cry foul. But when a performer decides to work with 8 untested people you dont here shit. When a performer gets HIV they do a fundraiser and raise a grand total of $2,300,,,the ajority of that coming from civilians.

    When performers start to care aout themselves, then things will get better, until then, SO BE IT!!!!

  29. @ted,
    Darren James routinely tested more often than the industry standard back in 2004. And people with Hep C should be banned from performing, but theyre not. Ask your PASS representative why this is,,of course they wont answer because they dont answer to the talent, they answer to producers.

  30. Just because you say it doesn’t make it so. Especially at this point and time. I get that people are after you, I really do. You chased them down and pursued them relentlessly for the very thing that by your own admission your doing yourself. Of course they are going to chase you down when you give them the opportunity, and you gave them an enormous opportunity. Your argument is basically you’re better at working around the system then they are. That doesn’t work in any industry and certainly not in STI screening in the adult industry. The well-known scumbag didn’t discredit anything. You did it for him just fine all by yourself. I guess you can go back and forth with this until the cows come home but do you think people can or will take you seriously again if you maintain this point? I guess the question is, are you going to continue to shoot scenes with the ever trusty Oraquick STI honor system, and that’s it? Or is this a wake-up call of sorts? I mean you don’t have to answer a thing. You can ban me right now, say, “consider the source,” but silly me. I thought that was what this whole blog was for. I could be wrong.

  31. Again, your posting anonymously, if your real name has been posted, then there is no reason to not write it out, post it up and put a picture with it as well as link to your email. Till then, no ones listening, you don’t count.

  32. Brooke,,,i can totally see your point, and your outrage towards Mike on this issue. Your points are valid.

    But there are two sides to every coin, and there is certainly another person involved here. Where is your outrage at this PERFORMER, who made the choice to work without seein any tests,,,and work with MULTIPLE men without seeing any tests? Why is there no performers voicing their outrage at this FELLOW PERFORMER who made the choice to put YOU all at a higher risk?

    I agree, Mike opened himself up to criticism here, nodoubt.

    @Brooke, please let us know how you feel about this other performer.

  33. @ted I don’t have the answer for the industry. Well I do but it’s not in the industry’s future anytime soon. I use tests and condoms. I never let anyone shoot with me unless they see my test. If they don’t ask, I show it to them anyway. I make everyone present their tests whether I am in the scene or not. Don’t want to wear condoms? Well we can all just go home. I’m not interested in taking advantage of girls who think their phone cases are more important than health insurance. Nor am I interested in putting their health at risk because they weren’t smart enough to ask.

  34. LOL,,,,I dont want this to be about ME. Its not about ME. Its about the issues, health and safety,,,that is more important than me. I guess it didnt count when I(that is me) personally paid out of my own pocket for EVERY SINGLE test that EVERY SINGLE performer on the 2004 quarantine list had done at AIM. YES I PAID FOR EVERY SINGLE ONE FOR ALL 56 PEOPLE, most of whom tested at least three times. I guess arranging for the care of three HIV infected girls doesnt count either. Three girls that the industry threw away like used peices of toilet paper.

    And remeber that article that Mike printed a month before Isadore Hall announced his first bill,,,,I wrote it,,,,but I guess no one was listening.

  35. I know Jessica, I knew her when I lived in Dayton and had the studio next to Cheeks in Miamisburg. She came in many times with other dancers. She shot photo sets in there with several photographers. I’m not saying she’s the perfect pornstar and I’m not saying there isn’t an axe to grind. What I am saying is that what she claims you yourself have backed it up. I don’t have an axe to grind but the point is you championed this site as pro testing, pro condoms, pro performers safety, but didn’t follow your own advice. If the chairs were reversed, you would be all over me for the very same thing.

  36. She doesn’t put me at risk. She wouldn’t shoot with me unless she had a valid test less than 10 days old. Just ask several girls who wanted to shoot with me this week in LA but didn’t want to provide the paperwork. We didn’t shoot. It’s that simple. And look, I know it’s not perfect but its a way better system than anything Mike is remotely doing. I probably wouldn’t shoot with her anyway. Nothing personal. Truthfully, I’m more concerned about the girls than I am the guys. Girl Girl doesn’t sell and condoms work just fine for me with guys. Wheres your rage for Mike allowing a performer to put herself in that position when he could of easily stopped it in the first place? Not his concern I guess. I hope he would pull her back if she stepped out in front of a bus but maybe that doesn’t concern him either.

  37. So, what do you think of Jessicas decision to work with 8 guys and not see any tests? Or does she get a pass because she’s your friend?

    Do you think jessica is “pro perforer safety’ after working with 8 guys with no tests? Where the outrage at Jessica, your friend? LETS BE HONEST HERE.

  38. No it doesn’t count one bit. If you post anonymously and try and sell a point, it’s straight to the you don’t count bench. You either have a horse in the race or you don’t.

  39. LOL. She doesnt put you at risk so it doesnt matte that she puts others at risk,,,as long as its not you. As far as Mike goes,,,we have had plenty of converstations about his protocols, and he knows exactly where I stand.

    I see, Jessica is your friend, so she can work with 8 untested guys, and since you wont work with her its not your problem, that is, until she works with someone else who then works with you.

    testing is no protection,,,testing is something you do AFTER you put yourself at risk to see if you caught something. Testing is not a protection sytem,,,,its an alarm system.

    I am outraged at Mike for allowing a performer to make the personal choice to do what she does,,,truely outrageous. How dare Mike allow this girl to make the personal decision by herself, dam you to hell Mike.

  40. Im not sure I understand really what yer asking…when you asked if I require tests for non penetration shoots the simple answer is no but I consider oral to be penetration maybe I didnt make that clear. as I said if the girl is doing solo or solo with a toy no i dont require tests

  41. My horse is all over this race, whether you like it or not is irrelevant.
    You make the choice to test and use condoms, good for you, actually, very good for you,,,,Except the people you work with dont have the same standards. your standards go out the window when you work with someone with lower standards, dont you get that?

  42. Performer gets tested on the first of the month, In the next 7 days they work with 9 different people(in most cases no condoms) Now comes the tenth day,,,,How good is that test now??? How much protection does that test give you now???

  43. Shes not my friend. Business acquaintance from 5 maybe 6 years ago. I owned a studio that producers rented out. She came in with one of them. Zoe Zayn and her husband did pics with her. You can’t win an argument on this post if your defending the actions. If you think you can your an idiot…so either you are or I don’t know what your trying to do but your brains in a fuzz and your just wasting time.

  44. I agree with using tests and condoms. At the same 2012 FSC meeting, when the proposed LA condom mandate issue came up (this was fairly early on, but it was apparent the FSC was going to do what it could to oppose it), I made the comment that the smart players (talent, agents, producers) needed to start looking into condom endorsement deals with condom manufacturers/distributors. Are the wheels turning Brooke, Vicky Vette and others???

  45. i am the guy who sat in the room with Jessica Dee, Missy Arroyo, and Lara Roxx when they were told they tested HIV+. I am the guy who arranged for their treatment. I am the guy who helped fight the departation order for two of them after someone tipped the INS that they were in the county illegally. I am the guy who has a visible scar on his wrist from one of these girls fingernails digging so deep into my skin that it left that scar. I am the guy who kept AIM in business for much longer that theyshould have had their doors open.

    now maybe you tell me what haveyou ever done to help and promote the safety of OTHERS?

    So you use condoms,,,that is great for you, and I truely applaud you for holding yourself to a higher standard that 99% of all performers.

    So, lets ask this question about all the other performers who dont use condoms,,,,,How good is that ten day old test after working with 10 different people,,,,. Leave yourself out of the equation.

  46. Actually I knew that she ranted about you to me. She didn’t say anything nicer about you than she has me LOL It should have been a clue…I had several girls tell me to steer way clear of her….prolly shoulda listened but on the flip side the attention has actually made me a lot of money….guess every cloud has a silver lining

  47. @Brooke

    Which issue…the top post referring to the current retaliatory smear campaign …Mike as an independent producer not following the FSC self-regulatory party line…mike as an independent producer following his own ideas of how to address performer safety and OSHA regulations…

    Ass kissing? Name one fucking independent producer I’ve taken to task…okay then..there’s your answer as to why I’m not jumping on this smear campaign party line. Btw…at the bottom of my comment you’ll notice…oraquick isn’t sufficient for BB..

    My goal is performer safety. It serves no purpose to call out independent producers when the FSC and its stakeholders as the industry watchdogs have created a nationwide revenue stream to facilitate performer exploitation…yeah I said it…they and every other joe blow independent producer who doesn’t create, implement and PAY FOR effective industry appropriate means to PREVENT Sexually transmitted disease is exploiting performers to one degree or another.

    How dare the FSC and its pet barkers speak about the RIGHTS of sex workers or demand social acceptability as they deny those same workers the RIGHTS they demand on top of rejecting socially accepted norm of workplace standards.

    “Some of these anonymous warriors even have the gall to run around telling people they are industry writers, even though they have never set a foot on a porn set.”

    Not sure who this references..if it’s me you got some explaining to do…outside my immediate family, legal advisors and this site owner only one other entity has ever been told that I comment on this site or might present the result of my personal research as an article on this site…and it was clear that I am an individual doing personal research…not an industry writer.

    As for never stepping foot on a porn set…I started walking on to porn sets before I was ten years old, even got paid to do set staging…granted I did minimal work and got paid a premium…but that’s how families roll. If you said …never performed on a porn set…that would be true with respect to myself.

  48. Because the test is now worhless,,,right? So how does that bode for the VAST majority of performers who dont use condoms? LOL

    But the question is,,,how good is that test? On a scale on 1 to 10 is say zero. What about you brooke, how good is the test. The condom is good, it is great,,but how good is the test? LETS BE HONEST NOW!!!!!

  49. @ted,
    As soon as someone learns how to make a buck off it you will see it happen, As long as its a safety and health issue nobody cares,,,but once the money angle comes in you can bet people will be all over it.

    Just like the tube sites,,,,at first everybody hated them,,,,now those same hater say,,,if you cant beat them, join them,,,,and now they advertise on those same tube sites. ONLY IN PORN

  50. Well, this is entertaining.

    There’s nothing better than those who bitch about what we say, when we say it, to who we say it to and then thrown in “you don’t get to have an opinion.. you’ve never been fucked on camera or booked an escort gig…”

    Yeah, because that makes sense…

    The adult industry is a big ball of fucked up at the moment, but make sure you don’t consider outside opinions because the industry is so fucking great at solving their own problems..

    I think we’re supposed to just sit back and watch it implode on itself, but that seems quite mean to me.. I can’t think of one industry that’s currently as fucked up as the adult industry and their ONLY concerns are who is and isn’t allowed to voice an opinion based on a fucking name and whether they’ve fucked on camera…

    It defies logic. But, just keep on going while sitting around bitching that you don’t have a solution and can handle it all by yourselves….. you’re doing such a great job so far. 🙂

  51. Now which one are you? The one who pretends to be the stay at home mom or whatever it is your selling? Honestly, I can’t remember. You’re really going to try and defend the now famous Mike South Walgreens testing procedure?…after all that fine and wonderful research you’ve done? You do see not only the hypocrisy but the idiocy behind that move don’t you? Well maybe you don’t.

  52. Im gonna give you benefit of the doubt here in that you are not reading this right I do the quicktest same day IN ADDITION TO the other testing the only real difference other than than day of testing is that my guys are NOT and never will be in APHSS I always make this known UP FRONT

  53. Oh, I definitely don’t doubt it Mike and I believe she does have an axe to grind with you for whatever reasons but none of that is my point in any of this. What happened here is you pissed off someone for whatever reason who brought your testing procedures out in the light for all to see. To your credit, you owned it but that’s about all you did right. You misled and attacked people for years all while you’re treating the performers health who worked for you with total lack of regard for safety and the very same protections you were preaching so loudly about to everyone else. I hate to say it but if this is how you proudly make money, well, your cloud is definitely a dark one. I think that money thing might change a bit. I could be wrong.

  54. Look, your a dude. Go away. Oh wait a sec, I forgot, you’re a stuntwoman sometimes…when your not being an accountant who likes to be whipped or something like that. No you’re not. Your a dude. Go away.

  55. @Brooke,
    Despite this little back and forth here let me get this on the record, I truely do applaud that you hold yourself to the standards that you do. It woould be great if more, many more performers held themselves to the same standard.

    Nothing will make this industry safe, as far as health issues go. But it can be made safer, and condoms would be a huge part of that. I sincerely applaud you for your personal standards, regardless if we disagree on other issues, NOTHING should be more important to you than your own health.

    During my involvement in the industry I always wanted to look out for the girls, but I soon discovered that to look out for the girls you had to look out for the guys who were putting them at risk. Todays use of crossover talent scares the hell out of me, and it should scare the hell out of female performers but for some reason it doesnt, I just dont get it.

    A bunch of performers are rallying around a rigged contest by Twistys, but there is no movement to improve safety. Kind of a fucked up sense of priorities, in my opinion.

    And as far as,,”You have never sef foot on a porn set so your opinion doesnt count” So does that mean if you have never worked in the medical field your opinion about health issues doesnt count, or if youve never run for office your opinion of politics doesnt count,,,or if you arent a catholic then your opinion about religion doesnt count,,,or if youve never had children then your opinion about family matters dont count?

    It is obvios that no change is going to come from within the industry, and thats just the way producers want to keep it. So somebody else is goint to do it for you,,,,Look, you have already switched to two week testing, as mandated by PRODUCERD and the FSC,,,do you think they did this to help performers,,,of couse not, they did it to provide themselves more cover for their own asses, from the OUTSIDE political forces rallying against them,,,it wasnt for performers,,,if it was for performers then the producers would pay for it,.

  56. For someone who actually looks like a “dude,” I find this comment rather humorous.
    I’ll make sure to take a few dicks up my ass on film before I utter another opinion…. it never ceases to amaze me. Never.
    Also, don’t discriminate against kink you fucking prude. 😉

  57. The only reason I am going to answer you Tim is because I know your name. I bitched about the bitching of that stupid boycott a thousand times which is irrelevant anyway. If you had an morals and or scruples and or wanted to look out for the girls then this what you would say. Feel free to copy and paste it for conveniance. Mike South, you cannot be trusted as your actions have proven to be immoral and dishonest and all credibility is lost. Feel free to follow that with Amen Brooke. You won’t however because then where would you go to post? I mean unless you are that dumb, that is the only thing left for you to do if your a champion of the adult industry.

  58. @jilted
    I’ve got believe that some producer has thought of the following:
    (1) To underwrite production costs, product placement deals, particularly with condom, lube, other sex item manufacturers
    (2) Strike a deal with a manufacturer to make private label condoms, etc. then market them (use them in your scenes, e.g. the dialogue:
    Her (female talent): Are you going to fuck me with that big, hard cock?
    Him (male talent): Yeah
    Her: You have to use a condom?
    Him: Shit – do I have to?
    Her: Yes, and if you want to fuck me you’re going to have to use [fill in private label name, for example, “Vivid” condoms, “Brooke Tyler tickler” condoms, etc.]

  59. Mike South, you cannot be trusted as your actions have proven to be immoral and dishonest and all credibility is lost.
    Amen to Brooke.

    Oh shit. Now I’m going to get banned. It was nice knowing you, Mike. Good luck in the future.
    It’s like 5th grade all over again…

  60. Thanks Brooke,,,,So now that you know who I am,,,as I suspect you have all along, you know that I know a hell of alot about the health situation in the industry, actually the UNhealth situation in the industry. Being the person who personally handled every industry test for eight years, who complied the monthly stats for AIM, and who also had access to the test results from a dozen other clinics used by performers in the valley,,,Brooke knows full well that I know EVERYTHING about the industry health issue,,,,EVERYTHING!!!! I have more industry secrets than swiss cheese has holes. Brooke, did you ever test at AIM and use a credit card,,,,did you know ALL of aims records were stolen(oops destroyed) and all information, social security numbers, copies of ID.s, credit card numbers, and YOUR medical records all “vanished” mysteriously?

    You are in the vast MINORITY in the industry, using condoms and all.
    Actually Brooke, the standards to work for Mike are at least equal, if not more stringent than the current PASS standards, which, as you well know, are a joke.

    I can tell Mike anything I want,,,unlike other industry forums where I have been banned multiple times for merely speaking the truth.

    I Have had many disagreements with Mike, on this board and in private conversations. Nobody, Mike included, does the right thing in realtion to performer health and safety,,,NOBODY.

    If immorality and dishonesy is the measure youre using to judge Mikes actions then there would be nobody left in the porn business.

    Am i that dumb,,,well lets put it this way brookey,,,I will put my IQ up against yours any day of the week, I will even give you a 50 point head start. And the last name is Tritch(so many people spell it wrong) It rhymes with bitch,,,im sure youve heard that before.

    But no matter what,,,i still applaud you holding yourself to the higher standard!!!! More performers should do the same, and I encourage you to encourage others to do the same.

  61. I’ve been taking for the team for a long fucking time. I do applaud her holding herself to a higher standard, but yes, she is pissing me off a bit.

    I got a challenge for you Brooke,,,,you answer the question,,,how good is that ten day old test on a scale of one to ten,,,,and I will take Mike to task, as you well know I can. Time to put up or shut up brooke, or just go away.

  62. And those stolen records i referred to are not the pornvikilleak thing,,,,of course i don know who is responsible for it but thats for another time and another place.

    Brooke answer this one,,,,how many people were infected in 2004, Darren, missy,lara, and jessica,,is that your answer(the standard industry answer) Is that the answer you want to stick with. LOL

  63. @Brooke Knock it off…lacey isnt a guy and this has devolved into childish nonsense. Her opinion is every bit as valuable as yours. It seems that you are skipping over and ignoring the facts lets get this back on track pls

  64. Now Larry Blake you’re the guy who pretends to be a woman during the day but then turns into super stunt woman who likes to be whipped at night…I don’t care who you are. ..that is funny ????

  65. In 2010, lukeisback had an OP/ED by Tim Tritch in which he defends AIM Healthcare “in my 20 plus years of laboratory experience I can honestly say that I never had a client who dotted the “I”s and crossed the “T”s the way that AIM did, and does to this day.” Tritch also mentions having worked as a paid consultant for Aids Healthcare. Foundation. Tritch was for AIM Healthcare before he was against it.

  66. @brooke

    My outrage that Mike as a producer allowed her and the unnamed men on set to be put in that position…is clear and consistent with my statements all along…he is not exempt from the facts and references I routinely spew.

    As for this performer or any other not putting you at risk because you require a ten day test…not so. Despite your proactive stance and laudable standard the reality is…

    Upfront disclaimer …using the details of current events to outline what could happen in now way implies it did happen.

    This performer got her industry panel on January 6th, B/G with untested B on the 10th, Bukkake with her BF who was untested like the numerous other participants on the 11th….her test by your more stringent standards than industry best practices…made her available to perform with you on the 12th..13th..14th..and 15th.

    That ten day test in and of itself as a standard…in no way guarantees or provides reliable information for accurate risk assessment.

    I gotta wonder…a performer who worked with untested talent on day five, then worked with six or more untested talent on day six likely to tell you on day 7 she did so as you tell her your consent is based on an even more rigorous standard endorsed by the FSC?

    Lets say she did the honorable thing and told you…you don’t work with her…you might think and say you’re safe…until we take it further…fully tested “dick” works with her on day 9 assumes she like him doesn’t engage in on/off set risky behavior…day 17 she goes for routine test panel…day 18 you work with “dick” and feel confident with his day 2 test totally unaware that she is on her way back to the lab to rule out HIV test contamination….day 19 word that test might have been contaminated makes the rounds…initial reaction…Whew..if it’s the real thing, so glad I didn’t let her bring that shit near me…day 21 it’s the real thing…day 29 you find out ….you only thought you were safe now your goose is cooked and FSC is gonna shout from the rooftops…no onset transmission …the “independent” set you filmed your cam content on with more stringent protocol than the FSC didn’t happen on a FSC stakeholder set…so it didn’t happen.

    Stay safe….

  67. Im pretty sure that the only difference in how I test and how everyone else tests is that I use an additional same day test and that my guys are not and never will be in any performer database. Everyone who shoots for me knows that UP FRONT.

    The other difference is I am and always have been condom neutral

  68. Ps…the nine day exposure to transmission is medically unrealistic for HIV…please don’t dismiss this condensed timeline version out of hand.

  69. I was NEVER against AIM,,,hell I helped uild the place with my own hands….I was against the way the industry used AIM, and that Mitch allowed it….I was also against them stiffing me for $650,000.00, who wouldnt be.

    AIM was very good at what they did,,,it is what the industry did with it that wasnt good. now, you have the producers,oops AHF in charge of the testing,,,,and that can never be good. THe biggest mistake Mitch ever made was letting producers call the shots.

    Dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s when it comes to procedure is one thing, and that is what that statement was in reference to. Health care policy, in reference to a Harm Reduction program is something completely different. For the industry to claim a Harm Reduction program as their first line of defense is a fucking joke, I am sure you already know this Jamie, you arent stupid.

    So I will ask you the same questions I asked Brooke, and see if you will answer them,,,,,how good is a ten day old test for someone who had had unprotected sex with 10 people in the last ten days?
    And,,,how many people got infected in the spring of 2004,,,dareen jessica, missy, and lara is the standard industry answer,,,,is that your answer? LOL

  70. I also worked a s paid consultant for LATATA.
    And working with AHF,,,I had several meetings with current lawyer memers of the FSC to get legal advice on what i could and could not say, as well as Mitch’s blessing. I am actually the person who stopped the AHF protests in front of AIM after the very first one,,,they had planned to do more but I put an end to it,

    Jaimie, why didnt you mention i worked for laTATA,,,,If i recall correctly i wrote that in the very same sentence that I wrote that I worked for AHF? Just wondering,,,,,hey, you gonna answer those questions?

  71. @Brooke

    Guess your memory is as reliable as your rigorous testing protocols.
    Don’t want to tax your faulty memory but I sure am curious…who are you calling out here?
    “Some of these anonymous warriors even have the gall to run around telling people they are industry writers, even though they have never set a foot on a porn set”

    Oh I see plenty of idiotic hypocrisy…and trust me…you don’t want me to do an Uncle Peg on you and your hypocrisy.

    Where in any way shape or form have I defended the testing protocol as presented in this smear campaign?

    Btw…in case you missed it….Oraquick isn’t sufficient…entirely consistent with all the research I’ve spewed.

  72. @Ted
    i agree,,,it would be a great buisness move,,,but then again, most porn companies arent known for their great business sense now are they. PornoDan is using condoms,,,,maybe he will do it.

  73. oops. My very well known mistyping skills got me again. Of course I meant the FSC now in charge of testing,,,and I DO know who was responsble for the pornwikileaks “Hack”(lol)
    You know, on porn boards if you spell something wrong that means you lose the argument.

  74. I thought of mentioning LATATA but then I figured it did not matter much in relation to your having worked for both AIM Healthcare and Aids Healthcare Foundation. My real name is Jamie Gardner and my main involvement in the x-rated industry is working for Carnal Comics, which has done x-rated comic book biographies of porn actresses. I interviewed Aurora Snow for the Aurora Snow comic book and co-wrote the Aurora Snow comic book. I also work for Remove Your Content.

  75. @BrookeTyler

    When you put up documents to verify this as your true and legal name I’ll start posting under my true and legal name…till then I’m sure the nice folks who hacked into my devices because I don’t count can tell you my legal name.

  76. @jilted

    If a producer does condom endorsement to defray the cost of production it’s a safe bet he won’t include testing talent as as production cost.

  77. but theres the problem lurk,,,procuders and testing….What about the PErFoMrER. Do you think the performers are going to stop testing,,,,these are adults,,,they are having sex with multiple partners,,,do you think they will stop testing. And it is the legal responsibility of the producers to pay for testing.

    If performers dont give shit, which ovioulsy they dont, then who am I or you to tell them different?

    All this talk about testing going by the wayside if condoms become mandatory are bullshit. In the new bill from Hall TESTING is mandated, and so is producers paying for it and keeping records. Of couse the new industry line is that keeping all of those records is too burdensome, and an invasion of privacy, which of course is bullshit., every other industry that does any kind of testing has to keep the same records. Hell, the bus companies have to keep the records of all the drug testing they do for their drivers,,,schools have to keep records of the TB testing they do on teachers, so it really isnt a big deal,

  78. @jilted

    No secret that were on the same side of this debate. Neither testing or condoms is a one size fits all solution.

    Workers are obligated to meet the standards of their employer who is obligated to meet the standards of the profession.

    Who knows maybe the talent will boycott the producers until they pay for testing….when the producers retaliate the talent can hit the mainstream media circuit…there’s got to be a couple media outlets that aren’t beholden to porn bucks. 😉

  79. Brooke and Mike. What is going on with girls not testing in LA to do
    Girl/Girl shoots without testing before and not at all?
    Heard a rumor that is happening a lot now in Porn Valley and
    Vegas and possibly Miami.

  80. In my mind it was a bigger conflict to have worked with(not for) AIM and LATATA than AIM and AHF….Mitch, and several FSC lawyer members knew from the get go that I was working with AHF. My purpose was to eduacte AHF on the realities of the industry, not the mythological industry that gets portrayed in the press, especially the industry press. Hell, for a long time Mitch had a very good relationship with AHF,,,seeing as how they are the ones who provide the care for a majority of perfomers who have HIV(both gay and straight),,and more than just the ones who go public with them. Contrary to standard industry bullshit, AHF does not put the condition of going public as a pre requisite for recieving treatment.

    So, Ive worked for AIM, LATATA and AHF,,,Yep, I think that pretty much puts me in a catagory all by myself when it comes to having a very well rounded view of this situation, dont ya think? Now if I could just get that $122,000.oo I am owed that would be great, but like Mike always says, “when you lay down with dogs you get fleas.” And I got left holding the entire flea bag,,,oh well, life goes on, and revenge is a dish best served cold, very cold, ice cold.

    I also worked with IZZY, but not for money, That was a freebie.

  81. Sounds like you all got it going on here today. All you need is the PWL associate who helped develop it and break it on here, and you really got this board rockin’ and rolling.
    Where is that Devil man at?

  82. That has always happened what it really comes down to is that HIV is the hot button issue and everyone just assumes you cant get it from girl girl. Thats why all the emphasis on HIV and all that but truthfully HIV in porn isnt that big of a problem….Its the other STDs that are so dominant and of course, they are easily passed via girl/girl.

    As an industry we should do what we can but the truth is the only real safe sex is masturbation, and even that is probably arguable.

  83. Happens everywhere and all the time. The problem is the established names are selling the new girls on the notion that you don’t need tests for girl girl, that you can’t catch anything.

  84. @Brooke ;
    That’s is crazy. They just reported a HIV case the other day from Girl/Girl sex. And the girls in porn(LA) don’t share and or test for those shoots? Is see lawyers lining up at the doors for those litigation cases.

  85. Maybe APAC will address this issue,and then again, maybe monkeys will fly out of Steve Hirsh’s ass, or into Steve Hirsh’s ass.

  86. first I have never ever sold myself as any expert I have stated many times that I do what works for me thats it. second i am not going to defend myself against nonsense that simply draws more attention to what is nothing more than performer with an axe to grind because A I called her a bimbo on my site and B she gave me the wrong address and never got her stuff. Its currently in lost and found at UPS i tried several times to get it returned to me but i no longer feel inclined to make that effort.

    the reason they arent in aphss should be clear to anyone with half a brain…I dealt with that shit once before remember

    So its time to let this nonsense die seeing that it has devolved into worthless innuendo

  87. I decided those little tidbits of information are better saved for another day. Lots more where that came from too. you know the last time I got this pissed off at someone on one of these boards i called a guy named Isadore. And we all know how well thats working out for the industry these days dont we?

    “Pilot to bombadier, open the hatch and drop the nuke” Very soon porn valley is going to look like Nagasaki.

  88. You and a whole bunch of other folks Lurk, Just rest assured, “Their will be time enough for countin’ when the dealing’s done.”

    Phony tests and suicide,,,,its going to be a wild ride
    Hold on close and close your eyes, your in for a big surprise
    Blood will spill, walls will fall, and right here you will hear it all,
    I have a very VIVID imagination, and the evidence to back the facts up.
    Going once, going twice, sold to the man with the signed documents in his hand.,
    Yep, I’m gonna sell you all out for 30 peices of silver. Any more bidders?

  89. Nick East actually posted on here for a while before you got here, Lacey. Nick’s posts had a lot more vitriol than Lurking’s does. If Lurking is actually Nick East he has toned it down a lot.

    As for the controversy started by Michael Whiteacre’s article and continued by AVN’s since I haven’t ever been on a Mike South set I really can’t confirm one way or the other. However, with the situation regarding Michael Whiteacre needling Mike South for the past year almost without response from Mike (other than two or three Uncle Peg comments referencing Whiteacre’s rightful campaign against Pink Cross and Shelley “Lub-And-Hate” Lubben) I tend to believe Mike South. As for the comments on Mike South not using the same protocol as Porn Valley from what he has said he pretty much does except for not testing husband and wife duos when no other talent is involved (I probably wouldn’t either — likely whatever one has the other does as well and they aren’t spreading it on set if no other talent is involved) and the use of Ora Quick HIV test the day of the scene (not an issue to me as long as a full VD panel is done as well — granted the same day test is not approved for use in Michigan so I haven’t even seen an Ora Quick test). Of course Mike’s talent would not be in APHSS/PASS as they aren’t working with multiple producers. I admit I am going out on a limb here but can’t imagine Mike (or any other porn producer) not requiring a full VD panel from non-married talent, especially after reporting on the Mr. Syphilis scandal.

    BTW my first and last name is known as well (first name thanks to Hop Sing and Tara Akinlose). It isn’t really a big deal to me but no one can accuse me of hiding under a false name now.

  90. I am not going to knock you for working with both AIM and AHF here. It sounds like you attempted to educate AHF in order to try to prevent their attempt to run porn out of California (unfortunately unsuccessfully). As for the $122K AIM owed you before the Bankruptcy Court wiped it out (and having worked in the credit union industry including collections and compliance, seeing multiple people wipe out their debts to my employers) I get it that there are hard feelings. I have actually seen part of the financial statements of AIM as sent to the court and if I recall it looks like the secured creditors will get less than a penny on the dollar with unsecured creditors like yourself getting nothing. They ripped off their labs for $650K so you aren’t the largest bill they left if it makes you feel better.

    BTW Jamie and Brooke wouldn’t it have been possible that Tim Tritich was an alias used in the porn industry (evidently it is not but still, think about it)? Luke is Back is a porn site, of all people the owner Cindy Loftus admits that that isn’t her legal name (I don’t know if Kelly uses an alias as well), 75% of the porn industry uses an alias of some form. Don’t assume that a name you hear in porn is a legal one.

  91. I think not testing for girl/girl is questionable at best and ruinous at worst (note I am not accusing anyone here of that practice, I am just responding to Ricco’s and Mike’s comment). The chance of getting HIV licking vaginas may be low but the chances of getting syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, etc. is much higher assuming one of the chicks has it to pass on. If a dildo is used in an infected chick and then used in a non-infected chick the non-infected chick is almost guaranteed to get whatever VD is left on that dildo and it won’t likely be HIV. That is why it is important to test even for girl/girl scenes (you could even take it one step further as Kink does and use condoms on dildos, changing them before changing orifices).

  92. That is my name Harris, That 650K was owed to the lab(s), My cut of that 650k was 122k,,,,plus the money that I was assured I would be repaid for all of the tests that I paid for in 2004, which of course, I never saw, Healthline merged with Westcliff,,,and took on the name Westcliff. Westcliff was purchased by Labcorp, and for a while did business as Labwest. For years AIM had an account with Labcorp that did all of their out of state testing, That is why the bankruptcy papers show mone owed to westcliff, labwest, and labcorp,,but they were all the same company eventually

    In late 2004 I believe, AVN ran an article about the HIV outbreak that containted the line, “Dozens of companies poured thousands of dollars into AIM.’ That is completely FALSE. Photographer Suze Randall donated $4,000,,and came to the clinic and volunteered her time, other than that there was not one single substantial conribuion, except for mine. When I showed that article to the AIM bookeeper at the time her exact words were, “Thats news to me.”

    Heres a little kicker for y’all. In 2004 the strain of HIV we were dealilng with was not one that the Roche 1.0 kit was NOT designed to detect, and it was the ELISA that caught the infections. As a result of the research we did, the FDA approved the Roche 1.5 PCR kit in May 2005, which had already been in widespread use around the world, including y the Red Cross to screen blood donations. At that time my lab, Healthline, won the prestigious Molecualr Biology Lab of the Year, and became the west coast Center of Excellence for ROche Diagnostics. Had I not personally known that Darren had been in Brazil there is a very very good chance that his test would have been released Not Detected, I was at AIM when Darren came in and myself and the AIM employee ad a long casual conversation about that trip to Brazil. Darren was devastated, he is good guy, It could have happened to anyone. The genetic sequencing tests we did proved beyond ALL doubt that the infections all came fron the same source, and no, Lara Roxx was NOT the index patient. I personally delivered samples to a jet at LAX that were sent to the WHO(world health organization) in switzerland for research.
    We had the perfect experiment, four patients recently infected. In fact, we knew right down to the minute of the day that they were infected, and our lab always kept past samples for up to 7 months. A HUGE research opportunity eventually fell apart from lack of cooperation because 2 patients who were encouraged to “keep .” Two patients does not a perfect experiment make,,,but four would have. We were able to do some research that benefited the entire medical industry, but nothing compared to what could have been done.

    AIM, and now PASS are both Harm Reduction programs. For a supposed multi billion dollar industry to use a harm reduction program as its first line of defense is so beyond ridiculous it boggles the mind.
    And if producers want to argue in court, in Measure B, that testing is sufficient to cover their legal responsibility, then they have to PAY for it. How nice for the that over the past decade or so performers have paid out of their own pocket over 13milllion dollars for things that producers are legally required to pay for. There is no INDUSTRY testing system, there is a voluntary PERFORMER testing system, and producers WILL NOT be allowed to claim that the voluntary PERFORMER testing program is sufficient to cover their legal asses.

  93. And the motives of AHF,OSHA and county health was never to run porn out of california. OSHA and county health were perfectly fine with virtually ignoring the adult industry for DECADES. Actually County Health was very involved with AIM in the early years, and worked very closely with them providing testing and treatment, back when the industry standard was just HIV. OSHA never really got involved until AHF began filing legal complaints that OSHA was legally obligated to respond to. Contrary to populare opinion, AHF is not friends with OSHA and County Health. AHF pisses everybody off,thats how politics works, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    MHarris,,,the complete AIM bk papers are pulicly availbe, the AIM non profit, and the private corperation AIM. Performers paid for their tests at the time their blood was taken, cash or credit card. The ONLY reason AIM’s doors stayed open as long as they did was because they only made absolute minial payments to the lab, eventually being cut of by the lab,,,oh wait, they closed for remodeling. Nobody else would pick them up knowing that their existing lab was getting stiffed for over half a million. THATS WHY THEY CLOSED. They even stiffed their own long term employees for thousands of dollars, its all in the BK papers.

    PS,,aout 98% of all the money that ever came into AIM was from performers. ALL othe donations combined, from the “industry” from fundraisers, and just regualr donations was less than 2% over all the years.

  94. And that is the problem with this so called Self Regulation, That meand everybody makes their own rules, NOBODY enforces any of these so called protocols,. What ever happened to retesting people who go out of the county,,,or newbies waiting until they have two tests before working,,,NOBODY ever enforced any of these things.

    So you have some people picking and choosing what is necessary under their own circumstances. Performer XX says I demand a five day old test,,,thats fine, except the person with that 5 day old test worked with someone with a three week old test yesterday.

    NO ONSET TRANSMISSIONs, unless you include the gay industry, which is FULL of HIV. The number of crossovers being used these days brings the risk level to an all time high. The degrees of seperation between performers is too small to claim that their is a seperation between the two industries. FUNNY how Dianne Duke NEVER talks about HIV and stds in the gay industry, as if they are seperate entities. I think Rod daily and Derrik Burts are proof enough of the risk. And both of these guys were doing NOTHING that a huge number of other performers werent doing,,,and are still doing to this very day. It can happen to anybody, and it will happen again. And then the industry will throw whoever it is to the wolves, and make it out like whoever it is was doing something out of the ordinary and is not typical of most performers. Then those individuals will go to AHF and get taken care of. As sure as the sun sets in the west this will happen again.

  95. The protocol for porn STI prevention is NO protocol!

    Protocol: per oxford dictionary NOUN
    1The official procedure or system of rules governing affairs of state or diplomatic occasions:
    1.1The accepted or established code of procedure or behavior in any group, organization, or situation:

    The only rule the adult industry is willing to accept is the rule exempting them from the rules. Dress it up, dress it down…tack on fifty pages of details and this truth won’t change.

    “The accepted or established code of procedure or behavior in any group, organization, or situation:”

    “Peer Review” is the protocol of academic study. Peer Review like protocols offer veracity not impartiality. Impartiality is determined with ‘check and balance’ process…pro/con, true/false, yes/no. A standard or code is considered true when repeating the same process will produce the same effect.

    FSC is the voice of the Adult Industry, just as the President is the voice of USA. Doesn’t matter if we agree or disagree with the current administration or office holders this is the established code of the USA and Adult Industry.

    Industry voice as a check to balance or mitigate US Governmental regulation is a vital industry role. FSC promotes Self-regulation as an alternative to established protocols which is where the defective nature of their policies becomes evident. There can be no standard without checks and balances.

    FSC/Pass is a self-regulatory program with voluntary participation to BUY into THEIR ideal for YOUR SAFETY, is presented as THE INDUSTRY alternative to intrusive governmental regulations. That isn’t a’s a profitable product and in no way offers an effective solution to Industry STI issues.

    OS in the tech industry is a standard with numerous effective methods to meet the basic need of any device. Regardless of which OS you choose we rely on the quality control and essentially uniform brand standards the tech industry has created. The tech industry developed and created EFFECTIVE self-regulatory standards of computing.

    Would you buy or rely on a device or OS using the same self-regulatory voluntary buy-in protocol FSC says is effective to prevent STI?

  96. I don’t think OSHA and the state originally wanted to run out porn using the condumb issue. AHF (pissed that they got stuck with the treatment costs for a couple of porn performers at $10,000 plus per performer per month) forced the issue along with Izzy Hall, then OSHA decided it was less trouble to do AHF’s bidding and run the biz out rather than come up with a workable solution. There has to be a workable solution short of requiring condoms which cause even more problems getting stuck deep into women’s pussies and requiring an ER visit, a doctor and a specially made set of tongs to remove. That along with the “rugburn” from the rubber scraping against women’s pussies is why a condom mandate will run the industry out of the state (and country if pushed in enough states) and AHF, Izzy and Cal-OSHA all know it. Add the religious aspect of Izzy’s electorate and you have the perfect storm for porn in California.

    As for the AIM bankruptcy, I feel badly that you got fucked by Sharon Mitchell (either by her stealing from AIM herself or by her incompetence for not catching whomever did). I suspect that there is a can of worms there that will never be found, certainly not opened. I do believe that someone high-up at AIM stole a large sum of money which caused the bankruptcy. $650K is a lot of testing, probably at least six months worth — the performers paid for those tests up front so the money disappeared somehow. Unfortunately that person evidently covered his/her tracks well and will probably never be found out. I suspect that is why the locker of AIM records vanished — not the signed agreements allowing access to the performer database. I can’t prove that Sharon Mitchell stole the money herself but if I were the FBI agent in charge here that is where I would start my investigation, if she didn’t do it she should at least have information to lead to whomever did if she has any competence as a CEO at all.

  97. Michael Whiteacre does sort of look like a devilish figure with that facial hair, doesn’t he?

    It is too bad Whiteacre took that chick’s story (he identifies her as Jessica Chase) and ran with it, he may have lost a lot of credibility with that one. It is too bad, he does seem to truly care about the adult industry and the people in it and from my interactions with him he seems to actually be a decent guy. Whatever caused this one-sided feud between Michael Whiteacre and Mike South (I don’t see South making any accusations and very few remarks until he was forced to — at least publicly but Whiteacre and Sean Thompkins have made a few remarks in the comment section of Thompkins’ blog as well as one article that tell me there is at least a one-sided feud here) I don’t know but if I were Whiteacre I would have made doubly sure the facts passed the smell test before publishing his articles regarding South’s supposed testing practices knowing what has transpired the past year or so. I think Whiteacre was drawn into an issue between Jessica Chase and Mike South here, getting played in the process by Chase. It is really too bad — Whiteacre, South and Thompkins worked so well together taking down Donkey Long and PWL. I will entertain the possibility that I am wrong here with my comments but I tend to doubt it. I really hope this dies down and things can be patched up here but I may not be privy to the whole issue as things do happen in private that don’t get posted on a public blog (which I understand is necessary). I wish all involved well and hope Mike South continues with this site (and continues to make porn). When I read the “bimbo” post here a few days ago I could not even have imagined this would blow up into the depths of Hell.

    As for Jessica Chase — no one would have known except you and Mike that you were the “bimbo” referenced in the post if you would have kept your damn mouth zipped! I will be blunt — Jessica, I think you made up a lot of shit and played Michael Whiteacre into taking your side. Michael, I have been played similarly a couple of times in my life so I can understand the mechanics behind it, thank God the internet wasn’t involved back then. Jessica, if I am proven wrong I will gladly apologize but your claims go against a twenty year reputation as a good guy who follows the rules as best he can. That means you need one hell of a lot more back-up to your accusations than you and your boyfriend, Ms. Chase!

  98. @Mharris,
    PWL is up and running today. They even have the article about Mike up there right now. It was actually just shut down for a very short time,,the whole thing is up right now and being updated everyday.

    And Mitch was not the culprit at AIM. Of course I know exactly who was/is, and rest assured, what goes around comes around. As far as cans of worms,,I have tubs full of big huge nightcrawlers just waiting to open up. What I mentioned before about the PCR test not working in 2004, thats nothing. And all those public statements made on the internet back then, well, isnt the internet great,,you say something years ago and its still there to come back and bite ya.

    And those indemnity agreements were exactly what the lawyers for desi and eli were looking for, after Mitch mentioned their existence in a pretrial deposition. They were also looking for the AIM insurance policies. Now seeing as how those agreements were to have access to the laboratory results who else do ya think might have copies of those? Paper gold!!!!

    Same with emails,,a few years ago there was the big nonscandal of the leaked AHF emails, some of them between me and members of AHF. The best part is they didnt realease ALL of the emails, like the ones where we discuss all of the Hep C positive performers. There is no way those little douchebags were going to release all of them,,,maybe I should release them. Oh, did I ever mention that another one of my lab clients was a large county Hep C program, and wouldnt ya know it, some of those names and birthdays matched exactly with AIM paitients. HMMMM.

    Lots of worms Mharris,,,lots of em.

  99. Karl Rove is to me the master of creating the “us against them” mentality that runs rampant in the US. Essentially, it’s defining every issue as black and white and trying to remove every suggestion of grey, such that if someone doesn’t entirely agree with you, then they must oppose you.

    While you would think that it would make “we” smaller by making everyone with an objection into an opponent, it in fact has the opposite effect. Basically, the logic is “you can’t be we unless you agree totally”, and that leads a lot of people to stop thinking and just nod their heads to be part of the group. People don’t want to risk being left out of being on the positive, “we” side of the argument, so they capitulate with the extreme view taken.

    Moreover, it also creates the secondary effects of making “they” have to take fairly extreme positions of their own to be different. Since the grey is taken out of the discussion, the opposing side is often left defending the indefensible. It’s what happens to Mike, since he doesn’t entirely agree with X, he must be part of the really nasty group that entirely opposes it and eats babies for breakfast or something like that.

    Karl Rove didn’t create the concept, but he mastered it, and used it to great effect. You can still hear it echoing in the words of crackpots like Rush Limbaugh (one of the few people who actually makes me scream at the radio!)

  100. @raw

    For all the stuff we’re on the opposite side of the fence on…the we vs didn’t beat my tom tom of the week so you’re uninvited to my party kind of shit is a place we seem to see eye to eye on.

    The collateral damage of we vs them is incredible…IG Being blasted as a hypocrite for not joining the party and beating someone up. WTF? so the only way to prove I haven’t changed my stance is to kick the guy you’re mad at?

    Fuck that…I’m the fifth of six kids with over 100 cousins…if we beat every tom tom or added our kicks to every fray..that’s all we’d be doing and nothing that we really cared about would ever matter.

    Early on I commented that boycotts aren’t my cup of tea…you won’t see me say..yeah boycott..but I’m behind you standing up for yourself and ideals…

  101. For the record,,, I DO NOT POST UNDER FAKE NAMES, PERIOD! I was also the first performer to expose the rampant STD’s (the reason I quit performing) in the ‘business’ when EVERYONE else was talking about HIV! And vitriol? Hell yes!!! Skanks came in and started spreading disease because the losers couldn’t afford to go to the doctor and didn’t care about spreading them so they could buy their fucking crack cocaine! Fuck them (Brandon Irons with molluscum whipping his dick out comes to mind here) and the whore they rode in on! Ari Bass (uncle Peg because he likes a strap-on up his ass) and Sean Thompkins are being PAID by the FSC to attack me and anyone else who exposes the skankiness in the adult film industry (Mike is now on their list too!) and I just don’t care anymore! Hell, I doubt Mike will even let this post go public anyway, but lets see, eh? Just so ya’all know, though, I now have a REAL job (Ari Bass a/k/a Michael Whiteacre would try to get me fired if he could find out my employer) and make good money and have somewhat regained my anonymity (anonymity rocks!) and am ENJOYING IT immensely! So I am NOT trolling under ANY fake names and if you hear my words being repeated by others it is because I spoke the truth and the truth sticks to things whether you like it or not!!! Now, to the few commentors left on this blog, let me say “Good job!”!!! You have all been saying what I would be saying if I were still posting here (I’m only posting because of my name being mentioned and I HAVE NEVER POSTED UNDER A FAKE NAME)! I am done with all of this since I have already WON! Performer safety is NOW on the horizon and laws are being put in place to compell the fucking producers to protect their talent!!! Oh, and yes I like exclamation points too!!! So as a send-off (if Mike lets this be posted) let me just say that the companies could not care less about the talent and have knowingly allowed them to be exposed to STD’s claiming “that’s the risk they take!” Gay male prostitutes have taken over the straight side thanks to viagra and caverject which gives them the ability to get it up for ‘yucky girls’ and the whole thing makes me want to vomit. Goodbye to you all! Stop mentioning me because nobody of any real importance is reading this shit anyway!

  102. Bye Nick East. And if you ever get fired because of The Devilman,
    Knock the living shit out of him. He’s got one coming. Big time.

  103. Hey Kazoo,
    youre just figuring out who I am. Shit, I had a sit down lunch with your attorney buyy Robert Starr a few months ago. Of course when I told him that he was listed as the secretary of UAWA his named disappeared the very next day as did the name of the other lawyer you had listed on their.. And for the record,,I had several meetings with Mitch before my contract with AHF,even had a few meetings with FSC lawyers to go over things that i could and could not say legally.

    ps, what you know about testing could fit on the head of a pin.
    LOL,,all this time I just assumed you knew who I was seeing as how I had meetings with your lawyers.

    And the AIM bankruptcy documents can verify all the money that I got stiffed out of. They are publicly available but you have to pay TEN CENTS per page, so that probably puts them out of your reach.

  104. Hey kazoo,,,I also wrote about 20 articles that appeared on you butt buddy gene ross’ site back when your little show was just getting started. hey, hows that UAWA thing working out?

  105. @jilted

    Ya done it now….uncle peg is gonna give yer old party invitations to kazoo and kazoo is calling Kati to scratch yer name off her invite lists. 😉

  106. I didn’t mean to imply that there couldn’t be trouble from the indemnity paperwork, especially for the attorney that drew them up and advised how to use them and maybe even the companies that signed them. However, the financial paperwork could be damning to whoever stole the money from AIM and was IMO probably the main reason the papers disappeared. Desi and Co. can’t get money out of a dead bankrupt horse (AIM) and the corporate veil in law for many years now protects Sharon Mitchell’s personal assets from seizure. The chances of getting more than peanuts from the producers is low. The attorney is more liable IMO. However the financial paperwork would probably have damned whoever stole the money that caused AIM to go under to at least ten years getting fucked up the ass by five bubbas/guards (commonly called a California prison).

    BTW if you know who stole the money the statute of limitations is likely going to run out very soon. Some states have a three year statute of limitations on matters like this. Some have up to seven years. Either way if you really know who stole the money and brought AIM down, please talk to a friendly detective at the LA County Sheriff’s Office and get the case rolling. It is also your best chance at getting some of your $122K back through a criminal judgement that never goes away (unlike civil judgements that eventually do) even if the embezzler takes 30 years to pay. Good luck.

  107. BTW I know PWL is up now. Donkey Long put it back up but the power he had before has slowly dissipated due to his info being old and everyone now knowing what a jerk he is ignores him and laughs at his posted delusions. I am sure his life is a living hell right now with no money and stuck in a country where there aren’t any social services to support him, likely forcing him to live and sleep on the streets. I have heard other things but I will leave those out of this post as it doesn’t really matter at this point. Just note that I expect Donkey to die from starvation or HIV within five years.

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