If It Doesn’t Come As A Press Release With A Check AVN and XBiz Don’t Know What To Do With It

Reader Mail:

Tell your reader that no one is surprised.  If the news doesn’t come as a press release with a check attached to it AVN and XBIZ dont have a clue what to do with it.


73080cookie-checkIf It Doesn’t Come As A Press Release With A Check AVN and XBiz Don’t Know What To Do With It

If It Doesn’t Come As A Press Release With A Check AVN and XBiz Don’t Know What To Do With It

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  1. Golks have said the same thing about Miss Free Ones where girls no one ever heard of appear in the top 10.

  2. Sherry,
    I’d like your opinion on this as a publicist in the adult industry. I think it is pretty funny that the most constantly talked about porn star these days is James Deen. Nothing against JD, but doesnt it strike you as odd that the most famous current pornstar is a guy, and what do you think that says for the current pulicists of todays top female stars, not one of whom seems to be getting anywhere near the publicity that JD is. Is JD’s pulicist Adelle just that much better than all the others. I would think that alot of top female stars today are shaking their heads and wondering what they are paying for.

  3. jilted, I’m assuming that you are asking about mainstream notoriety of adult performers?

    There are three hallmarks that will make an adult performer stand out as having POSITIVE cross over potential, like James Deen has earned:
    They are well spoken
    They are able to commit time and effort into following through on interviews/appearances/etc
    They have done something noteworthy enough to garner the positive attention of mainstream.

    James has all of those qualities, as Sasha Gray did (who was Brian Gross’ client – BTW.) However, yes Adella IS that good and has a very deep contact list. Other adult publicists could do as much with the right client. The reality is It isn’t just in what the publicist does or doesn’t do, it’s whether the performer has the ability to fulfill the part. If they can’t achieve at least the noteworthy actions and the availability qualifications, then no matter what the publicist does, there isn’t much chance they will become the next James Deen, Sasha Gray, Ron Jeremy, Jenna, etc.

    And I won’t even start on the other side of the issue . . . performers famous for being emotional/mental/societal train-wrecks.

  4. I wonder how Mike gone feel about James Deen talk about doing porn about gun control??Sent James Deen just claim he for gun control.

  5. BBMedia,
    Great,informative answer. I think any male performer who can position himself like JD deserves all the accolades he gets. One would think that a female, who had all of the marketable qualities you mentioned, well spoken, commitment,, and something noteworthy, would be an easier sell than a male. But with the whole emotional, mental, trainwreck qualities of a good portion of female, and male performers for that matter, would make a publicists job difficult, if not nearly impossible.

    One thing I might note, there are so many in the industry that talk about these ‘adults'(18-23) females, who are making choices to do this work, and they all know what they’re doing, and they all know the consequenses, and they are professionals. But it is refreshing to see more people who are breaking these myths, and not afraid to talk about the emotional, mental, societal trainwecks that populate this industry. People who directly deal with performers telling it like it really is. Not to say there arent some very well adjusted and successful performers, but I beleive the trainwrecks out number the very successful, and then the majority are just somwhere in between.

    Do you think there will ever be another to rival Jenna, given the current state of the industry and the overall change in the entire structure of the industry in the past 5-10 years?

  6. This is only my opinion, based on experience granted, but most of the women (and men) adult performers do not want to be the next Jenna or Tera. They want to make as much money as possible, and get out without any more people associating their face with “porn” as possible and still being able to command modeling top rates while they are in the industry. Unless they want the stigma of being an adult performer to follow them all of their lives, the choice to become a household name can be very undesirable.

    Personally, I wish that wasn’t the case, but I’m not naive either. . . . I know that once anyone becomes known as an adult industry professional (especially a performer) it will haunt them. Only the strong and unfazed will attempt it. LOL Such is why Deen, Gray, Nina Hartley, Tera, Jenna and Ron Jeremy were able to go for it.

    As for the possibility of a new Jenna? Yes, I believe it can happen. The thing is that the person has to either claim their faults upfront and outright, or not have any. Above all, the qualifications I mentioned have to be in place. Otherwise, there is no actual victory in the “crossing-over” and the performer becomes yet another “pretty face” just bumping up the ratings of some mainstream show. 😉 I’m not entirely sure that is worth the time and effort for someone that truly wants the mainstream fame of a Tera or Jenna, or even Deen.

    As an aside, what strikes me as funny is that Deen has become such a media darling because he played opposite LiLo, and of the two the “porn stud” is more presentable, likeable and well spoken. Now that’s a grand slam in the PR realm, turning the “beast” into the beauty of the pair. LOL Then again Adella had a great client to work with; Deen is willing to be up a 4AM to field morning show calls from outside California, travel on his own dime to NY or Bulgaria (kidding) to attend some event and isn’t being some diva that refuses to take calls before 3PM and won’t show up at the airport for the flight to CBS’s NY offices . . . . That is the reality with the “somewhere in between” performer that you speak of. 😉

    Off to get dinner and work on another project. Thanks for the great question jilted!

  7. BBMedia, thaks for your very well thought opinons. Might I ask another question, that regarding porn performers successfully crossing over to the mainstream. Sasha Grey and JD have done a few, what could be called relatively low budget mainstream work. Jenna has noteriaty, and has appeared in a few mainstream programs. Ron has had his successes. But in many of these projects that porn performers appear in they are playing some type of sex worker. Katie Morgan in Zach and Miri. I thought it was kind of funny that it made front page adult industry news that Ron Jeremy’s name was mentioned at the Oscars.

    I think the adult industry has overstated the cross over success of a few of these performers, and the mainstream considers most of the performers they use as more props than actors. Their really are only a small handful of performers who have ever done any mainstream work where they have portrayed anything other than sex workers.

    Do you ever see any performer having real cross over success, maybe starring in a mainstream show, sticom, or cop show? Do you ever see any performer being a guest on The Tonight Show, or Letterman?

  8. I don’t think Mike is from Boston — he doesn’t come across as a pansy or a kinky lawyer (We had a professor at the university that was a very attractive and MILFy attorney/professor who earned her law degree at Boston College IIRC — damn I wanted to tie her up and fuck her six ways from Sunday). Mike may have earned his doctorate at Harvard in neighboring Cambridge, though. Or was it MIT? 🙂

  9. Asa Akira and Jenna Haze have had some crossover modeling success, I believe…

  10. While I agree with you, jilted, that some of the mainstream success of certain adult entertainers is a bit hyped, I think a few have started to break that mold. Since I haven’t seen ‘Canyons’, I can’t comment in Deen’s role, however it was announced Tommy Gunn (‘Spartacus XXX’) is working on a mainstream horror movie, and is in a supporting role. . . . but yes many of the cross-over parts for adult performers are often eye candy/a sex worker role.

    Stereotypes, and casting performers by stereotype, are/is not new to the acting profession and I can’t say it only affects adult entertainers, as no one can. There are many mainstream actors/performers that are also stereotyped. Some do it to themselves, and in a way that’s why I believe a lot of the adult performers end up typecast. And for women, whether they are “porn stars” or general actors, they will likely end up playing the pretty face and rarely get the chance to play something other than that. Even the “Lara Croft” type roles are little more than action hero eye candy. Until the women get older, and then they rarely find good roles at all.

    This is only my opinion, but I believe the reason why we won’t see many adult performers on Leno or Letterman has more to do with personalities and the good old “ethics and standards” FCC rules. You have to be very careful of what you are putting out there on an unscripted show. IF the performer was available, presentable, could avoid dropping F/C/S Bombs and overly sexual references, then yes it may happen. There are some mainstream performers (musicians included) that they don’t like to book for the same reason. I’d think it more likely on one of the after midnight shows, though. I’m not sure that there haven’t been adult performers on any of those talk shows in the past, no way to confirm or negate that I know of either. And if it was tied to a mainstream movie, then the future appearance of someone from porn on one of them is practically a given.

    And as far as actors being considered as props? That can be said for mainstream actors, as well as those that started out in adult and then get a mainstream part. There are a few directors that are notorious for not even speaking directlyto the actors on set, and many more that just want an actor to shut up and follow directions, unless they are actually saying written lines. 😉

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