I May Be A Jerk But AVN And Mark Kernes Are Just Plain Stupid:

Heres a quote from Kernes latest uneducated editorializing in AVN Magazine

“There’s at least one website out there, run by a director with no medical training whatsoever, who claims that the PCR-DNA is no more accurate than the ELISA (antibody) test. for porn star screening, and that the ELISA is the way to go. AIM founder Sharon Mitchell, on the other hand has a Ph. D. in human sexuality and knows what she’s talking about when it comes to HIV. So add to the above list of people who must be tested: Anyone who works for this jerk in Georgia (or L.A.) ….”

I love it when Kernes resorts to name calling, what it means is that I have him cornered and he has no logical or scientific rebuttal. Let’s look at what he wrote.

First he has no idea if I have any medical training or not, in many ways I do, I guarantee you I am more educated about HIV, how you get it, how it works and how the tests work and how protease inhibitors work than he does, apparently also more than Sharon Mitchell does. But thats pretty irrelevant because I am not my source. Nope he doesn’t tell you that my sources are the CDC and the AIDS Foundation….oooops.

I have never maintained that the ELISA is the way to go, I most recently maintained that a the Orasure test prior to every scene along with the 30 day testing now in place is a better alternative but he ignores that. Of course he would because anyone with a modicum of intelligence can see that I am right on that one.

Here we go with the “Sharon Mitchell has a Ph.D.” routine. First of all she DOES NOT POSSESS a Ph.D. from ANY accredited University, she does not even have a bachelors degree, anyone who has a real post graduate degree knows that a bachelors degree is required. What Sharon has is the equivalent of a store bought diploma. I am sure she did some small degree of work and paid out a huge sum of money (compliments, by the way of AIMs purse) to get it, but it is in NO WAY equivalent to even a 2 year associate degree.

Second, her so called degree is in Human Sexuality, not epidemiology, not virology, not public health, she doesn’t even have the necessary skills to acquire a boy scout merit badge in simple first aid.

For AVN To Promote This Garbage that he is spewing forth is indicative of the depths to which they have sunk. They want to make a push into mainstream publishing, they won’t go anywhere with this type of journalism, Luke Ford has more integrity. Hell, Gene Ross has more integrity than this.

If AVN wishes to make an enemy out of me so be it. My integrity speaks for itself. I challenge Mark Kernes to fill in this chart

Since 1993 (The year I started in porn)

HIV contracted on one of my sets ZERO HIV contracted using AIM TESTING ????

Syphilis contracted on one of my sets ZERO Syphilis contracted using AIM TESTING ????

Gonnorhea contracted on one of my sets ZERO Gonnorhea contracted using AIM TESTING ????

Chlamydia contracted on one of my sets ZERO Chlamydia contracted using AIM TESTING ????

HPV contracted on one of my sets ZERO HPV contracted using AIM TESTING ????

Herpes contracted on one of my sets ZERO Herpes contracted using AIM TESTING ????

Crabs contracted on one of my sets ZERO Crabs contracted using AIM TESTING ????

Hepatitis contracted on one of my sets ZERO Hepatitis contracted using AIM TESTING ????

In other words in over ten years shooting regularly in this biz nobody has caught anything on one of my sets, luck? maybe a little but theres a lot more than luck at play here.

So My Final Word To Mark Kernes and the Brain Trust Over There At AVN:

Don’t you people have enough problems right now? why are you idiots concerning yourself with me? Is THIS the best you can do? Personally if AVN were my magazine I would be embarrassed.

12550cookie-checkI May Be A Jerk But AVN And Mark Kernes Are Just Plain Stupid:

I May Be A Jerk But AVN And Mark Kernes Are Just Plain Stupid:

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